Illicitizen of Charlotte, N.C. is the duo of Eric Cavanaugh and Maria Zaccaro, who make New Wave electronica they’re quick to admit in their bio earns them comparison to the Talking Heads. But wait, there’s more! Their quirky songs also nod to modern hip-hop and ‘50s slow-dance-in-the-gym songs.
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Stan Says: Illicitizen has a great sound that isn’t heard often anymore. Very much a new wave sound yet not in a bad way. I say that because I almost feel like I’m insulting them by calling them a “new wave” band, as they’re so much more than that. Initially I did hear a distinct Talking Heads sound, with Elvis Costello thrown in and some Joe Jackson (minus the piano). Illicitizen consists of two members, Maria Zaccaro and Eric Cavanaugh. Maria plays  bass and has programmed the sequencer (and so much more) and is responsible for a large portion of their sound. Eric plays guitar and sings… (read more)

  • Chased by the Sun
  • illicitizen
  • 2011 demos

(now w/ demo audio)

Chased by the Sun

chased by the sun

murdered every one

virgins in their guns

shines for the ones

They came for the gold and ate off the copper

Worked in the mines an dug what was offered

The silver that they drank mourns the motion to proffer

Indecent forgiving replacing the stopper

Oh    oh   you can’t make them

Oh oh no no you won’t  touch them

silver in their loins

fire in their joints

chaste are the sons

breathing in the dust

They came for the blood and got all the pages

Work  in the fields and lust for their wages

The silver that they spent frees the birds from their cages

Indecent advising replacing the sages

Oh    oh    you can’t make them

Oh oh no no you won’t  touch them

Solitary thoughts

Things that they’re not

Worried about lice

Eating like birds

There’s one on the rope and one in the oven

Resolving the pills work better than carbon

The garage is parked and fence needs rebuilding

The wasps keep on singing to birds in the building

©2011 illicitizen