Sword of William Henry McNary

This sword belonged last to Gordon Clark Ramsey who passed away on June 2007. His father Clark McNary Ramsey had given him this sword along with other pieces. Clark McNary Ramsey was the grandson of William Henry McNary who served as a Lieutenant Colonel with the 158th NY Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. He was made a brigadier General after the war.

The Scottish basket-hilt sword was made by Nathaniel Jeffrey’s, St. Martin’s, a sword-cutter to his majesty during the 1750’s. Nathaniel Jeffrey’s was also a jeweller. In its current state the sword has a padding that was later added. Originally, it probably had a leather liner. It is a well balanced sword and light, while the blade is flexible around the tip. The grip is wire bound. The 127 years old sword has a 32 inch blade, 37 1/2 inches overall length. 


  • Willian Henry McNary (September 1st, 1831 - March 6th, 1890) was a Lieutenant Colonel with the 158th NY Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. He was made a Brigadier General after the war. He Purchased this sword during his stay in Europe during the 19th century.
  • The general went on to become an inventor of knitting machines and sold patents in Germany, France and England. Selling the patents took him to Europe every year and in 1881 he and his wife and daughter Adelaide (Clark McNary Ramsey’s mother/Gordon’s grandmother) went to Europe and stayed for 9 years. They returned in 1890 bringing with them a collection of souvenirs which included this sword.

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#illiam from Sioux City (at Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso)

This is a playlist for Illiam and Lamorak, lovers until Lamorak realizes they aren’t even allies anymore.

I owe special thanks to zoldszegfu, who took part in the making of this mix by compiling her own Ilmorak playlist for me. Here I used some of the tracks from her list.

Illiam and Lamorak are my OCs (Lamorak is vaguely based on an Arthurian knight). The people on the cover are Charlie Hunnam and Kirill Gordeev.

Patric Wolf - A Divine Intervention * Marina & the Diamonds - Power & Control * The Pierces - Love You More * Adam Lambert - Can’t Let You Go * Muse - Time Is Running Out * The Pierces - Ruin * Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker * Adele - Turning Tables * Glee Cast - Bye Bye Bye / I Want It That Way * Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out * Mumford & Sons - Broken Crown

Lamorak és Illiam színre lépnek

Részlet az Esküszegők első fejezetéből


- Neked nem volt különös, hogy ennyi időn át nem kaptunk hírt Navarrisból?

- Ugye azonnal visszaküldted azt a hírnököt? - Lamorak körbefuttatta az ujját a kupája peremén, és felnézett a belépő Illiamre.

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