Powered by the CryENGINE®3, fast paced arena multiplayer first person shooting comes back to Xbox Live Arcade this week with THQ and IllFonic’s Nexuiz.  Rather than sit on its laurels and play by the same rules as previous genre predecessors, Nexuiz spices up the gameplay with Dynamic Mutators: game changing power-ups that can turn the tide of battle instantly. 

Gamers can enjoy Nexuiz when it joins the Xbox Live House Party later this week on Wednesday February 29 for 800 Microsoft Points.


Star Citizen: Illfonic Grenade Effects (FPS Module)

AnythingFPS has done it again. Delving deep into the Star Citizen files we currently have on our drives he has pulled out the grenade effects and displayed them in engine. Still a lot to be done to them (the frag grenade one for example) but a first look at the kind of things that Illfonic/CIG is contemplating for the FPS portion of the game. 

Neuer Gameplay-Trailer zu Nexuiz für PC, PS3 und XBox 360

Neuer Gameplay-Trailer zu Nexuiz für PC, PS3 und XBox 360

Der Shooter Nexuiz soll noch diesen Winter für die PlayStation 3 und XBox 360 umgesetzt werden. Illfonic setzt dabei auf die neue CryEngine 3. Wie das aussehen kann, zeigt man aktuell in einem neuen Gameplay-Trailer.

Es ist Vorsicht geboten, bei den bewegten Bildern, die Illfonic kürzlich veröffentlichte. Zumindest lautet so die Maßgabe des Herstellers, denn die Gameplay-Szenen, die wir im neuen…

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It’s full speed ahead with PAX East approaching in a few short weeks! We’re sending our best and brightest to bring you the latest information about the FPS module being developed by Illfonic. -CIG


Hello everybody, here’s a set of screenshots from a recently announced open world Lovecraftian horror game called Revival.

This game looks quite intriguing (and beautifully detailed too). Below you’ll find a bit of information about the game to go along with the announcement

(Denver, CO) - February 17, 2015 — Independent developer IllFonic today announced that Revival will release the first stage of its development this February. The studio has announced that they will be utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4 to achieve the rather ambitious goal of creating a living-world that provides an uncompromising dark-fantasy role-playing experience.

IllFonic will be releasing Revival in multiple phases, with the initial phase introducing player housing and rewards for in-game characters. In this first phase, Illfonic will open a small piece of Revival to its ardent supporters in the form of player housing. This unique development plan will give pioneering players the chance to be involved from the beginning as they explore their new homes, customizing and upgrading them in preparation for the limitless adventure to come.

“I’ve spent a decade working in the MMO space,” Chris Holtorf, one of Revival’s Lead Designers and Lead Lore added, “and Revival represents the lessons learned throughout the development of three previous online titles. My roots are in tabletop gaming, so the focus on directed play and the dynamic content, made possible by a Live Storytelling team, is right up my alley.”

IllFonic’s unique combination of old-school role-playing, Lovecraftian horror and live storytelling invites players to take their place alongside gods and heroes in an epic new world of exploration, magic, commerce, and villainy. Revival promises ongoing storylines and content that changes in concert with the players’ actions, directed by a 24/7 staff of storytellers and content creators.

Revival is a passion project that is born from love and pain within this genre”, added Kedhrin Gonzalez, Creative Director at IllFonic. “Revival is insanely innovative and charges against the grain with trends in the MMO genre. It’s not innovative just to be different, it’s innovative because that’s what this genre and gamers need.”

IllFonic is realizing this massive endeavor with the help of the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4. The studio is leveraging the next-gen features of the Unreal Engine to produce unparalleled visual quality and engaging gameplay in a rapid development cycle.

"IllFonic’s edgy vibe and dedication reminds me how the best game development often happens with a sleeping bag in your office,” said Joe Kreiner, head of Unreal Engine licensing for the Americas. “With their long history of technical excellence and hard core sensibilities, it’s about time we won these guys over to UE4."

Revival promises an uncompromising vision for the ultimate online RPG experience, offering a world that is always on and always evolving. Every moment not spent in the world of Theleston is one that you’re missing out on, but don’t worry, keeping up with Revival will always be as close as your PC, tablet, or mobile device.

About IllFonic

IllFonic, LLC is a video game studio based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in Next-Gen game development. Started in 2007, IllFonic grew from a small team working in a garage into a fully staffed triple A studio. In 2012, IllFonic released Nexuiz on PC and Xbox 360. Since then, IllFonic has worked on various projects across multiple platforms, including the FPS mechanics of the highly anticipated Star Citizen (PC).


Developed by Epic Games, the award-winning Unreal Engine is known for world-class graphics, tools and scalability across PC, console, mobile, Web and VR. Unreal Engine technology is designed to accelerate developers’ productivity for creating high-quality games, applications, simulations, visualizations, digital films and more. Visit to access Unreal Engine 4, and follow @UnrealEngine for updates.

No release date was included in the press release but I’ll keep you posted on any news that I get on the game, I love Lovecraftian horror games haha.

Happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara)

Nexuiz für PS3 und XBox 360 mit CryEngine 3

Nexuiz für PS3 und XBox 360 mit CryEngine 3

IllFonic und Crytek haben jüngst verkündet, dass ihr euch auf einen neuen First-Person-Shooter namens Nexuiz freuen dürft, der auf der brandneuen CryEngine 3 basiert. Für Realitätsnähe und beste grafische Darstellung ist von technischer Seite aus also schonmal gesorgt.

Bei “Nexuiz” wird es sich um einen waschechten Arena-FPS handeln. Die Entwickler von IllFonic haben die Games…

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RSI Comm-Link: Help The Herald

Help the Herald

It’s full speed ahead with PAX East approaching in a few short weeks! We’re sending our best and brightest to bring you the latest information about the FPS module being developed by Illfonic.

We are itching to show you some of the cool stuff we’ve got cooking, but our Herald carrying the information has been damaged in transit! We need your help restoring power to the damaged generator to decrypt the image below. Boost the power of the Herald’s generator by supporting CIG at PAX East!

HOW TO #HelpTheHerald

1. Attend our PAX East event! You can buy tickets HERE.
2. Like and share the image from Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HelpTheHerald.
3. Send us your best guess for what the image is!

As PAX East approaches, the image will come into focus. We currently have 25% of the image decrypted and are working towards 50% clarity, but we need your assistance. Our systems show that if we sell another 100 tickets we will have enough power to give the decryption process another chance. So let’s #HelpTheHerald!


Major Nelson broke the news on this year’s Xbox Live House Party promotion coming this next month.  From February 15 - March 13 the promotion will run and if you purchase all four titles during this time frame, you’ll receive 800 Microsoft Points back in return.  The release dates and prices are as follows:

Warp - February 15 (800 Microsoft Points)
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare - February 22 (1200 Microsoft Points)
Nexuiz - February 29 (800 Microsoft Points)
I Am Alive - March 7 (1200 Microsoft Points)

(via Major Nelson)

Indie Interview - Adam Maxwell Revival Storytelling

Indie Interview – Adam Maxwell Revival Storytelling

Welcome back to our Interview with Adam Maxwell on Revivalthe MMO currently in development by Illfonic Studios. Adam is one of the Lead designers on the game, and last time our interview talked with him about many of the mechanics in Revival.

This part discusses politics, housing, and storytelling in Revival!

TR: Player politicsis an interesting idea – are you planning on using the guilds and…

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Indie Interview - Adam Maxwell Revival Mechanics

Indie Interview – Adam Maxwell Revival Mechanics

When we were tipped about the existence of Revival – an MMO game in development – by a fan of the game and Techraptor, I went and took a look. I wasn’t expecting a ton, a lot of MMO’s are very similar. What I found there was an incredibly ambitious project taken on by Illfonic, and so as I looked around, I reached out to them to talk about their game. I was able to get an interview with Adam…

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