Wholeheartedly feat. Reol with ill.bell, nqrse

Original video (NND)
Original song & Lyrics: Umetora
Additional lyrics and vocals: Reol feat. ill.bell and nqrse
Mix: Giga
Movie: Okiku

Reol’s version of this song hit 1,000,000 views! So here’s a translation with lots of liberties. This song is very dirty.

Lyrics are here.


Umetora 5/7 - 一心不乱 (Isshinfuran - Wholeheartedly) - cover by Reol feat ill.bell & nqrse | Original version with subtitles | Original NicoNico upload | Uploaded: Mar 03, 2012

Isshinfuran is seen as the first ‘Divine Diva’ song, even if it is not sung by the whole group (just Luka, Gumi and Miku) it fits the mold of the other songs (a four-kanji idiom for a title, motivational lyrics with an obvious sexual meaning). It was umetora’s first big hit, and it has been covered many times. I chose reol’s cover for the additionnal rapping by ill.bell and nqrse.

Umetora on Vocaloid wili | NicoNico Mylist | tagged : umetora

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ありがとうPTA 【ill.bell】

(Arigatou PTA by ill.bell)

This is a rap cover of the Hatsune Miku original, Kutabare PTA, by NashimotoP


ill.bell - “the way we were”

Ohgod these movies I need to watch them. Why have I only seen the first one? Oh my heart.