I think the reason why people are so reluctant to voice their opinion on here is because there really isn’t a safe space. As much as we like to believe that our own blog is our safe space, it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, if a person says a racist, sexist or homophobic comment, then idc if they get dragged all the way down to hell. I actually enjoy seeing that. But as for the other people, the situation sucks mainly because there are a lot of people out there who have some very valid points to say but are to shy or afraid to say them for fear of people shitting on them.

lmao wen ur parents ruin literally every item of clothing that isnt 10 inches thick and a nun outfit bc its too short and  “suggestive” :)


My parents are lovely, and I honest to god care for them and they are able to support me and I’m the Rich friend but because of my parents being wealthy I can’t help but feel like I’m just this spoiled brat. Every time I get upset or something affects me I feel as if I’m just over reacting and being over dramatic because I do have it a lot better than others, I have a family willing to support and care for me and I feel so horrible and selfish most the time because I constantly feel as though I have no right to be upset, I have everything and I’m usually just overreacting and I’m honestly just a crybaby.

I’m honestly a spoiled brat and I’m sorry I’m so fucking sorry I’m sorry

if i become an actress im gonna get fired from all my jobs bc im just gonna be like “so… dont you think THIS character should be with THIS character” and everyone will hate me

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what's your slutty confession😜

I met this guy at college and I only knew him for a couple hours and we went back to his and had sex for the rest of the day and now we’re in a relationship ☺️ I do have more and worse ones but I don’t have anon and ill probably get hate😂💗

Send me your slutty confessions

I’ve seen a couple posts about the Charlie Charlie challenge along the lines of “white people are summoning Mexicans demons but can’t accept me, a Mexican, into their society” and other things along that line but here’s the thing… I’ve watched a few videos and literally 90% of the people in them are not white?!?! Only four videos I’ve seen of the challenge have white people in it. Don’t make this silly fad about race.

What Superhero Genre Tropes do you hate?