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  • I CANT
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  • wow everyone on this website is so smooth
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  • literally me

50 Days of Doctor Who | Who is your OTP?

"The Doctor & Rose"

Stereotype that are COMPLETELY stupid.

All men are rapists
All women are weak
All mras want to destroy feminism
All Feminists hate all men
All straight people are assholes
All gay people are girly
All Christians hate women and gays
All atheists think they’re better than than religious people.


im back again with another lovely post about fckh8. today one of my friends told me that fckh8 made a few new posts on fb yesterday apologizing for the things they have said about ace and pan people i was kinda happy when i heard that but still suspicious of them so just awhile ago i went to check them out. the photos above are of the posts they made here are the links if you wanna check them out yourself (i couldnt find a direct link to the first one so just go right on their fb and youll find it) 2 3.

i think its a good thing that they are trying to apologize and stuff but i am still really iffy with them for several reasons. one of the reasons i dont like fckh8 is because they steal peoples things and dont source but as you can see in the second photo they put a link that says via which i guess is “better” than not giving a link at all but they really should be linking to where that quote actually came from. the person whos tumblr they linked didnt write that quote they simply just reblogged it (link here to them saying they didnt write it) that quote actually comes right from this lovely website and tbh it was not hard to find that link at all so i dont know why they couldnt take the time to google search it. 

also i still feel like i cannot trust them because of what they have done in the past like yeah i know they “apologized” but i honestly think they did that cause they didnt want people to look badly upon them and they want people to buy their shit and what not. i dont actually believe that they fully care cause if they did they wouldnt have been so rude about it for so long me and several other people wouldnt have to be arguing with them. they should have just seen that they made a mistake and fixed it, instead of taking 3 months to fix it.

they are several other reasons i do not want to support them including their misgendering of trans people, terrible stereotypes, and their involvement with a certain transphobic,biphobic,fat shaming terrible asshole.

so anyway basically what im saying is you can forgive them and what not if you want to and thats totally fine go right ahead its your choice cause they did “apologize”. but im just saying that until i see big improvements from these people i will never support them. im only one person so why does it even matter tho right?


No but this is why Kuvira can’t underestimate Korra and sacrificed Baatar to kill her.

The entire time they were fighting Kuvira was beating Korra. She’s landed so many hits and blows to her. Korra was literally losing this fight but she never stopped trying. Even though Kuvira was “winning”, it must’ve been frustrating for her that Korra kept on fighting and never gave up. And then the second Korra got into the Avatar state, Kuvira was down. It took Korra two hits to knock her out long enough to “kill” her.

Kuvira says that the Avatar can’t stand in her way but does she mean it? I feel like she says that to reassure herself that she won the fight for Zaofu. Deep down inside she must know that Korra has the ability to stop her because she was so close to doing so before.

For Kuvira, it doesn’t matter that Korra didn’t win this fight, it’s just knowing that she could’ve won this fight that keeps her on her toes.

Math project, i weep for the other children in my class

(not really cause i bullshitted all the info on the project but pRETTY COLORS)

It’s really starting to disturb me how some people are stalking Ryan’s wife on Facebook.

Her facebook is private. Yet some people are still getting pictures & posting them on social media without consent from Ryan.
Guys, it’s one thing to love them & it’s another thing to stalk them & their personal lives.

And, out of all the guys, Ryan is the one who does not at all involve his personal life with his work. He barely ever mentions his family. This is getting very creepy. Imagine how uncomfortable this would make Ryan. Plus, it is disrespectful to him.

171. Every Christmas Snape would disappear for a few hours and only Dumbledore knew where he went. He was bringing a rose to Lily Potter's grave. During Harry's first year he quietly whispered "He has your eyes."

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