BTOB covering Brand New (by Shinhwa)

I want the concept of BTOB’s next comeback to be something like this pleaaaaaase. PLEASE.


“God has said this before. There are 3 things that humans would not understand, with the first being a child wanting to become an adult yet wanting to go back to being a kid once he/she become an adult. Second being one harming their own health in order to earn money yet ending up utilizing all of the money they have earned to regain a healthy body. And the third where one is too obsessed about the future and ends up messing up their present and future. I guess there isn’t a single thing that’s wrong…”

It is Coming of Age Day in Korea, and it’s been a year since Ilhoon has celebrated this day and became an adult. After this episode of Vitamin was broadcasted, Ilhoon posted the message above on Instagram, as he “was warned about potentially being at risk of lung cancer.”

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Hi! I want to get more into btob. Is there anything you know of that I should watch or just stuff I should know in general about them?

Ahhh, I wrote out a long post in response to this but then Firefox crashed :/ I’ll try to redo as much as possible!

I’m so excited btw, because BtoB are wonderful people and really talented and they were my first non-EXO group and I really got into kpop for real because of them. Unfortunately, Cube mismanages them to the point that they’re way less popular than they deserve and their songs and mvs really don’t do their talent justice. They’re lovely people though, really funny and incredibly vocally talented!

Videos (Music-related)

Now, as for videos, some of their music videos are kinda terrible but I’d suggest Insane and Irresistible Lips for the vocals and Thriller and Wow for the overall effect. Thriller’s my favorite because I love dramatic and cheesy concepts (it’s a zombie concept and they’re all dressed in leather), but the Wow dance practice is literally one of my favorite happy kpop videos ever.

Since their mvs don’t really do them justice, I’d also suggest checking out their vocal covers because all of the members can sing (although Peniel doesn’t sing quite as much and neither does Ilhoon). Some of my favorites are:

Videos (Non-Music)

BtoB actually has a lot of really great videos, but I don’t want to overwhelm you so I’ll tell you the video series that personally got me into them:

  • BtoB Diary (one of my favorite kpop series because they’re so genuine-I’d suggest starting here)
  • BtoB B+ Diary (includes my favorite part where half the band dresses in drag and basically goes on a fake dating show with the other half)
  • Sik’s Sense (cute little backstage show hosted by Hyunsik)
  • BtoB on Weekly Idol (they’ve been on at least four times and Ilhoon is a regular MC with Bomi)

BtoB is super sweet and they’re very dorky and silly and they’re friends with like, everyone. Hyunsik is high school friends with Kyungsoo, Minhyuk and N are BFFs and BtoB seems pretty close to VIXX in general, Peniel is friends with Rome and Amber and basically every English speaking idol and Eunkwang claimed to be friends with Zico once but I kinda doubt it.

The point is other idols seem to like them and I hope that you will too! I don’t want this to get any longer than it already is, but let me know what you think and if you want any more info on specific members or anything, let me know!


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