The fresh-faced and gorgeous Shailene Woodley wore Donna Karan Atelier to the Madrid premiere of Divergent tonight. She was styled by the amazing Ilaria Urbinati.

The gown is a poppy-red stretch four ply crepe with sheer chiffon godets in the skirt and sheer chiffon side bodice panels. There’s also an invisible corset built in there too. Not that she needs it!

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Fashion Film // Lizzy Caplan

hipster shit!

WARNING: Do not come too close or you may get burned.

Last night was The Avenger’s premiere in LA. Sure Scar Jo is the lead and you may not know Miss Cobie Smulders just yet, but boy did she show everyone. In this Donna Karan Spring 2012 gown she looked modern, sexy and powerful. Ilaria Urbinati (also stylist to Nina Dobrev), styled Cobie for her big night and wow did she kill it.

#Repost from @ilariaurbinati looking extra fine! One of my favorite super talents Lizzy Caplan 👌 —- Detail shot from Lizzy Caplan’s look last night at Women in Film - plum heel booties by Christian Louboutin and gold butterfly wing earrings by @LinaNoel

#Repost from @ilariaurbinati —- I remember those assholes. And where are they now. Have integrity - stick up for those who might need a little help and don’t mistake being a bully for being cool. Being popular in school means exactly zero in the real world. In fact, most of the popular kids I knew turned out to be spoiled losers, and most of the nerds turned out to be the rad creative geniuses doing cool shit now.

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