Shadow Priest (Psyence) with Holy Pally Twisted against a Frost DK and a Resto Shaman. Moar dots, Moar procs!

swamiswampy replied to your post: My mind was just blown.

HAHA! I was just…”comics do not come out today…what is she getting on about?” I was laughing so hard.

I really had to sit there and think about what I had said. Just stop and stare into space. I am a dumb.

iknowwhatflclment replied to your post: My mind was just blown.

I’ve been all off today. I knew yesterday was Monday but I kept referring to tomorrow as Wednesday….yesterday. It just Feeels like a Wednesday.

I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! I don’t feel so alone anymore!


Tera Online “Let’s Play!” Ep. 3 - Raggedy Ann

We head deeper into Sinestra Manor, where the gruesome sights insight madness and hilarity, as Raggedy Ann and I explore fashion and food, and we see demonstrations of how NOT to tank.