If you like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you might like the people on this list

I posted this on Reddit but I figured other people would be interested here.

I’ve seen a few requests about Kyary before, and I always end up typing out a long list, so here it is for future reference!

Technically this type of music is called technopop, though i it has bled over into mainstream jpop now. Sometimes the term Jtek (Japanese Techno) is used, though that’s usually in reference to the first couple of artists on this list. Most of these songs are heavily influenced by electrohouse styles (i.e., Birdy Nam Nam, Daft Punk, Justice, etc).

There is also Picopop, which has more of an 8-bit feel, kind of like a cousin of chiptune. Examples: Sonic Coaster Pop , YMCK

And the genre that the current trend of Japanese technopop was influenced by, Shibuya-Kei. Examples: Copter 4016882 (yup, another Nakata project), old Capsule

Here’s a close cousin, Vocaloid music, which is music composed around samples from Vocaloid voice bank software. This type of music tends to have a lot more “noise”. Examples: AVTechNO! , anything TeddyLoid produces

Other Asian Artists:

Hope this post was useful! Please feel free to add anything I may have overlooked.

Coloring of this picture!

omg i wanted to try and do a painterly thing of this but as u can see it didnt turn out so painterly om g ;;

bUT this is also a birthday gift for noah!  This is actually a picture he drew and ever since i saw it i wanted to color it wuwuwuwuwu i hOPE I DID OKAY NOAH….  i dont think i did the actual picture any justice thO;;;;  BUT YEAH hopefully this makes up for my jank lineart in those other pictures!!

anonymous asked:

Geçen yolda gidiyodum baktım iki hidrojen bir oksijeni sıkıştırıyolar çektim bunları kenara lan dedim yaptığınız size hiç haşikio mu ?😱

Bende olsam aynını yaparıdım

Happy New Years Noah!

For new years, I drew Ikio for you a bunch!  This was actually going to be your passing-finals picture, but I figured it’d make a good christmas picture, but I never finished everyones so I waited until new years 9v9  I know you’ve told me that Ikio is your little babbu out of your OCs, so I drew him a bunch!  It was hard to find any other ocs on your blog tho…….  [weh]

Also that random guy was going to be hidetoshi but i dont know his personality or what he looked like so this toolbag was born ehe;;  

I hope you like him!!



sorry for the funky pictures, my tablet isnt as sensitive as it used to be so all my lineart is thick and poopy looking weH;;;;

i wanted to draw ocs that i have never drawn for your birthday, which is why i told you to upload more ocs, and yet i still ended up drawing ikio god darn it goD DARN IT LITTLE BOY

sO to try and draw more ocs for you I drew Tomas and Bunko!!  uVu  I didn’t know either of their colors as far as clothes go so i kinda guessed 9v6;;;;

as for the other guy down there, he’s an OC of mine uhuhu;;;  he can read people’s deaths and change them if he wants, so i was like “haha he’d probably be interested in the fact that ikio cant die”.  he’s 7’4 tho cause hes secretly a demon in disguise so ikio would be like.  a shrimp.  hAH.  height differences.


Congrats on finishing your finals Noah!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

i cant believe i forgot to post these oh my god iM SO LATE.  

but yea!!  i wanted to draw some chibis for people who were strugglin with finals ehehe.  First one is for Noah, of his cutie booty OC Ikio!  uvu  I don’t know his personality very well sO I HOPE THIS ISNT TOO FAR OFF……

I hope you’re relaxin now Noah!  ; v ;