"…but we won last year…"


"…you like them because they are hot…"


"…but they’re ugly…"


"…you can’t like both…"


"…it’s all because of him not the whole squad just him…"


"…sell him…"


"…he’s a dolphin…"


"…he missed that goal that means he’s a bad player…"



Training | September 19, 2014 

All fit players were involved in the last session before facing Depor. Pepe (muscle fatigue) stayed indoors.

Squad list | Coruña arrival | Autographs

Absences: Jesé, Khedira, Pepe (injury)

Ancelotti press conference 

- Carvajal (hamstring) is fit to play; Pepe (muscle strain) wasn’t called up so Varane will start in his place.

- Illarra has the mister’s confidence; all he needs is time on the pitch.

- There will be more rotation coming up because there are a lot of games coming up in the next few weeks.

- Kroos and Ronaldo are in top condition; Bale and Modrić aren’t there yet.


- The club won a €20K lawsuit against TV3 for the hyena ad the channel ran last year; the club had filed a €6m claim.

- Benzema’s 1st brace came at the Riazor & his 1st goal came via Guti’s back heel.

- Chicharito interviewed by Claro Sports

- Mourinho admits he would return to RM; also discusses his relationship with Ronaldo

- Pérez would like to reduce the youth academy; also talked about James and the stadium renovation

- Marcelo wasn’t called up for Brazil’s Asia friendlies next month.

Kickoff vs Depor (A) is Saturday, 4 pm CEST | 10 am EDT.

What do you want me to say? If Mourinho doesn’t want to come back here, he has other options. He is a great manager and could manage anywhere. He didn’t create a good atmosphere here so it’s normal that he wouldn’t want to come back.
I don’t know what his relationship with Ronaldo is like and I’m not interested in knowing. It is a personal relationship and has nothing to do with Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti press conference 19.09.14 (x)

Ah yes, so it’s only Mou to blame for the bad atmosphere? Not the hateful media campaign, not Casillas who made club politics through his journalist-girlfriend? (x)
At least Mourinho didn’t put the interests of one player above the club’s needs.
Mou was brave enough to bench ‘San Iker’. Now Ancelotti kicked out Diego Lopez, because he was a rival for Casillas. Lopez was treated in the most disrespectful way. Then Navas was signed, someone who can’t demand anything. All that with the purpose to reestablish Casillas as the No. 1, to eliminate competition, may he play well or not.

Because he is false. He appears so quiet, nice and calm, but then he stabs from behind. Unlike Mou who always speaks his mind and who is not afraid of big names. Not only regarding Casillas, but for example he also benched Cristiano when it was necessary.

Regarding the non-existent relationship Mou-Cristiano (see here): I believe that this will change in the future. Cristiano will realise how much Mou really helped him in his career by not always giving in to his wishes to play. At the moment at least they feel mutual respect. But I’m sure the affection will come back. Both are a bit stubborn sometimes, isn’t it?

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