Image: Detail of Morpheus in Morpheus Awakening as Iris Draws Near by René-Antoine Houasse (1690)

In Greek mythology, the Oneiroi (“dreams”) are three gods or daimones of dreams. They are called the Somnia in Roman mythology.
According to Hesiod’s Theogony, they are sons of Nyx (no father), and are therefore brothers of Hypnos, Thanatos, the Moirai, the Hesperides, and the other offspring Nyx conceived and birthed by herself.
In Ovid’s Metamorphoses (be aware that this is a Roman source, not Greek), the Oneiroi are supposedly some of Hypnos’ thousand sons, and Ovid mentions them by name: Morpheus, Phantasos, and Phobetor (or Ikelos). The latter, Ovid states, mortals call Phobetor while gods call him Ikelos.

Morpheus is thought (by some) to be the leader of the Oneiroi. His name comes from the Greek word morphê (meaning “form” or “shape”). He shapes dreams, and has the ability to take human form and appear in dreams.

The name Phantasos comes from the word phantasioô (“bring images to the mind”).
Ikelos translates to “like” or “resembling”, and Phobetor stems from the word phobêtos (meaning “to be feared”).

In Homer’s Odyssey, the gates dreams travel through are described as two in number - one gate is fashioned of ivory, the other of horn. False or meaningless dreams are said to pass through the gate of ivory, while truthful, prophetic dreams wings their way out through the gate of horn.

Excerpt from book 19 of Homer’s Odyssey (trans. Shewring). Penelope to the disguised Odysseus:

"‘Dear guest, Oneiroi (Dreams) are beyond our unravelling - who can be sure what tale they tell? Not all that men look for comes to pass. Two gates there are that give passage to fleeting Oneiroi (Dreams); one is made of horn, one of ivory. The Oneiroi that pass through sawn ivory are deceitful, bearing a message that will not be fulfilled; those that come out through polished horn have truth behind them, to be accomplished for men who see them. But I cannot hope that this Oneiros (Dream) that bewilders me came from there.’"


**-Dormireis…es verdad, pero vuestra alma caera entre fuego y tormentas que no cesaran, cada sueño e ilusión que poseais la veréis hundirse en el lodo, sentiréis mil navajas que atravesaran vuestra voluntad y deseareis despertar mas el sueño no tendrá fin y vuestra alma ya no distinguirá entre la realidad y lo inexistente-**

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can u plz draw me ikelos ok

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You don’t mind that I totally ripped off your design (although yours was more modern. I tried to think of something mundane for the ancients and what is more mundane than watching sheep all day I’m sure there are other things but still)

Behold Ikelos god of really boring dreams

He’s the one that makes you dream that you are going to school and then you wake up and you have to go to school.


Palette: The Mundane

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Ikerlos: -el pequeño ikelos llega corriendo hasta donde estaba Pandora y la da vueltas corriendo- Pandora, pandora Pandora, Pandoraaaaa..... -le sigue dando vueltas-

Pandora se sorprendió al verlo, más no evito sonreír y estiró las manos. “¿Ikelos? Eres pequeño…”

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"Your horns... I haven't seen anything like them. They look really... Cool."





Ikelos stood there at the top of the rock and blinked looking at the girl and straighten up clearing his throat “a-ah…you like them?” he said touching his horns and smiling a bit “thanks” he said sitting back down awkwardly embarrassed to have reacted the way he did.

Milo Bloom - 22 - … - Morpheus - Jeremy Allen White - OPEN


To Forget The Past

Morpheus was one of the Oneiroi, the most powerful sons of Hypnos, gods of dreams. Although Hypnos had many children, it was only Morpheus and his brothers, Phantasus and Ikelos, that could plant visions in the minds of sleeping humans. Phantasus was a trickster, often sending false dreams or illusions, Ikelos (or ‘Phobetor’, as humans came to know him) was the personification of nightmares and caused terror wherever he went. Morpheus was different from the others, often shedding his form as a winged daemon and presenting as human, in order to pass on information.

The three brothers lived together in Demos Oneiroi, a part of the Underworld where they were largely undisturbed, and sent their dreams through two large gates- ivory for false visions, and buckhorn for the truth.

You Have To Build A Future

Milo Bloom had always suffered with nightmares, ever since he was a baby. Terrible, distorted creatures would await the boy every time he closed his eyes, and most nights he would try to avoid going to sleep.

High school was the first time he tried drugs. To start with it was just one pill at a party, everyone was doing it, but the effect of ecstasy on his already confused mind was seductive. For a moment, it felt like the crazy dreams that plagued him made sense, they were beautiful and he couldn’t imagine what he’d ever been afraid off. But drugs wear off, and eventually Milo would be back to jolting himself awake to escape the nightmarish faces that wouldn’t leave him be.

It soon became necessary for him to use as often as he could afford (which was often, as he would sell his things or even steal money from his parents). Every night he’d be off his face, out getting into trouble, only to be dragged home to his mortified parents at some ungodly hour by the local police. And so the cycle repeated until they finally had enough.

Desperate to get their son back, the Blooms begged their son to seek treatment, but Milo grew defensive and paranoid. He couldn’t be okay without the drugs, he couldn’t sleep knowing that things were waiting for him in the dark. So he left home, managing to take his inheritance from the bank before his parents could cut him off. He moved into a dingy apartment in Harlem, and has been slowly baking there ever since.

5 facts about Milo Bloom

1. He loves art, and will go traipsing around galleries as often as he can.

2. He’s afraid of the dark.

3. His favourite band is the Arctic Monkeys.

4. He likes to paint when he’s high. The things he paints are disturbing, and when he sobers up, they frighten him.

5. He’s a trust fund baby, which is good because he can never hold down a job due to his addiction.



OC written by Emily

the-bravest-queens reblogged your post:"excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to be the prince of nightmares, would you?" chris asked as her crown’s garent sparkled

"well, some call me the queen of chaos," she stepped forward, "but my name’s chris, im here on royal business"


"queen of chaos…..royal business?" Ikelos seemed curious eyeing Chris still slightly unsure of how to treat her.

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Apollo was actually genuinely excited, he had never gotten a present before , least of all one from his supposed best friend , although he would probably grudgingly admit that he was friends with this low rabble, his stuck up air seemed to be more humble around him , if only slightly “I’ve gotten so many presents before you know , I’ll probably forget yours soon.” He gushed happily , totally lying. Apollo opened it and let out a yelp dropping it , flying about 50 yards high “it’s horrendous! Ikelus! Someone put a spider in your present!!”

Ikelos blinked and chuckled “its just chocolate” he said looking up closing the box anyways, waiting for him to float back down. He sat on the grass stretching “hey do you know people around here?”