I honestly don’t think that Gaga is completely over Luc yet. I mean she’s been dating several guys since she left him six years ago but she still went back to him. Just listen to You and I or Stuck on Fuckin You, she was so in love. Besides, he has been her muse since she was 19, she’s not gonna let go that easily. Everyone’s like: oh look at her with Taylor, she’s so happy. But remember, that’s what we said when she was back with Luc. I just don’t want to see her get hurt again :(
And all this Luc talk is actually making me fucking upset :’)


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I just feel really overprotective of her & so he’s not allowed to call her those things without first proving the extent of his love & going through rigorous tests to make sure he’s worthy of her. And yeah, if he breaks her heart, I’ll break his neck

saaaame……. i really don’t want gaga getting hurt, taylor seems to make her really happy but that’s the same thing we said about luc


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him calling her ‘Stefani’ and ‘the love of his life’ and ‘his baby’ and ‘his love’ and ‘the most important person in his life’ and ‘Stef’ makes me really uncomfortable. I feel like I need an official document written and signed by her, approving.

OMG hahaha “an official document”, i laughed so hard

i agree though, i hope she really really loves him, i don’t want him to break her heart again


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it’s perfectly fine to like other artists. I love Gaga with all my heart, but Lana is cool, and so are some other artists, even if they’ll never come near my love for Gaga. So feel free to like Lana. There’s even a rumor they used to work together :)

I love a bunch of other artists but the only reason I said that about Lana is because I just said I hated her like 3 days ago lol!