anonymous said:

Could you please request me some good DBSK blogs? Thank you~ Btw, i love your blog ♥ :3

thank you anon bb :) 

did you mean recommend some DBSk blogs?

hmmm well i dont follow much blogs but here are the most nicest ppl i follow

chang5oul | sharingmyobsession | yunhorny | iitsumademo | pearlredballoon | forgotten-seasonjyj6002 | max-pression

iitsumademo said:

Hi, I just want to ask. When I use the Bom theme, all the text are in bold. I mean the text are strong. How do I fix this? Thanks!

it shouldn’t be in bold because i have never set that in the codes

is it because you’re not using pixel font? if the pixel text option isn’t checked off that means you’re using georgia font and that can look like it’s bold


iitsumademo replied to your post: next time my shits will look like this, bcuz you…

omg hahahahaha. don’t waste ur time on those reposters -__- they’ll get what they deserve -__-

ive been trying to ignore them or look at the bright side that at least someone think my craps are worth reposting! what i hate the most are those ppl who reblog reposted shits!!! theyre just condoning such act! its completely disrespectful specially when the fuqin watermark are slapping them straight to their faces!!!