Mini Brain Explosion: Meanies on the Internet

Mini Brain Explosion: Meanies on the Internet

Why do people say mean things? And when I say mean, I’m not referring to constructive criticism such as ‘I didn’t enjoy this because___” but instead to ‘this person is such a ___.’

With a job that lives on the internet, it’s no surprise that I’m exposed to huge amounts of hate. Some of the top comments under my videos are horrible things about me. And hundreds of people have given that comment a thumbs up. Awkward.

Having said that, I’ve had a lot of time to think about why people write mean things on the internet or say mean things in person. And this is what I’ve come up with. Look at me being such a psychologist!

I feel like people usually do things that make them FEEL good. It’s why we drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, cheat on lovers and lash out at people we love. We know all of these things are bad but in that moment it makes us feel good. It releases some sort of tension we hold within. I believe the same goes for people who write mean things on the internet. Bringing someone down, often a complete stranger, makes them feel good and possibly superior. The question really is: Why does saying something mean make you feel good?

And that’s the sad part. That’s the part that needs focus. If you’ve ever written something mean to someone on the internet, think about why? And I mean ANYONE. This includes a random YouTuber you’ve never met to an A-list celebrity. Why does bringing this complete stranger down make you feel good? Well firstly, it’s the internet, so you assume they’ll never see it and feel protected behind a screen. But beyond that, isn’t that a bit strange? 

In the most humble way possible, maybe you write a mean comment under a YouTube video because deep down you’re a bit upset that you aren’t following your dreams…so you put others down. 

Maybe you hate on Justin Bieber because he’s young and rich and successful and you’re frustrated at a career you absolutely hate. 

Maybe you make racist, sexist comments because an Indian girl has the support of 4.5 million people and you lack support in your life.

And I know for a fact that some people will comment below saying ‘no I hate Justin Bieber because so and so,” and “no Lilly I actually think you’re annoying and hate you (i just like your fanpage for fun).” I’m going to ask you to stop and actually think about what I’m saying. Why do you feel the need to put people down? Address YOUR reason for having to comment such things. I mean, if you think about it, what you’re really doing is yelling out mean things in an auditorium full of 1000 people who are also yelling. You’re standing there yelling and Justin Bieber and I are doing what we love. Yes I just made JB and I friends. 

When I see something I don’t like, you know what I do? I stop watching it. If I’m offended, I voice my opinion in an appropriate way. If someone on Facebook is writing statuses about things that upset me, I unfriend them. And you know how I make myself feel good? I work really hard. If I feel some part of me is lacking, I don’t put others down to make myself feel better. Instead I try to improve myself. And there’s a vast amount of people who do the same. Because working on yourself makes WAY more sense then writing 140 characters of mean stuff. 

For those of you who feed off hating other people, you should try it. Stop. And think. 

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