Confession: I totally go through + read the tags of those who reblog my poetry. There’s something beautiful in reading the comments people make when they don’t think anyone is listening, creating a dialogue they never knew existed.


more often than not, you melt like wax in my hands. more often than not, i drip from your fingertips. this is how oceans are created — two bodies drifting apart until the inches become miles and everything is lost in translation. i’m a mouthful of thorns, i know my love is hard to swallow. we’re fraying at the edges like aged, yellowing photographs. you don’t know how to be gentle. i think i’ve had enough of the way you pry me open to get to the heart of things. i know you don’t mean to be rough but i always end up feeling dissected. loving you is exhausting. i only feel whole when you’re touching me, you’ve taught me emptiness. my body is a wishing well for beggars and thieves, and most days you are both. you take more from me than i have to give. nothing impresses you, love. you roll planets around in your palms like marbles. i’m dark-eyed and restless. you’re not moved by the gravitational forces that pull tides to shore — some nights it’s all i can do to keep still. i remember everything you say because your words build nests in my ears for their squawking children. you are sturdy, warm-blooded. i try very hard not to be reptilian, but i’m poisonous to the touch. you’re too sentimental for my liking. i shed and discard even the sweetest memories like old skins. at our best, we’re unstable substances. crazy science happens when we collide, equal parts chemistry and magic. think of thunderstorms. lightning striking sand to leave glass sculptures scattered across deserted beaches. we spark like exposed wires, repel each other like the disagreeing ends of a horseshoe magnet. our shadows dance without music. you think of ghosts when curtains whisper and billow, there’s so much here that is haunted. between love and darkness, you prefer the silence of mountains. between love and darkness, i will always choose the sea. the distance between us swells like a diseased lung.