STO Fan Theory Time

So the most recent announcement from Arc games for Star Trek Online has been the upcoming 5 player STF named Brotherhood of the Sword. This is cool and I’m definitely looking forward to it and to proudly wearing my Klingon Honor Guard Armor in it. KDF FOR LIFE!

But what I find most interesting about this is that it is the 3rd assault on Qo’noS the Iconians have orchestrated. (At least I assume it is the work of the Iconians, the link above doesn’t really name who it invading.) We know they are responsible for the Fek’Ihri invasion and that they have been manipulating the Undine into attacking making it easy to assume they planned the events of the mission “Surface Tension”. Also the Iconians finally revealed themselves on Qo’noS, which honestly was kind of a really dumb thing to do. And now they are attacking again.


I mean the obvious answer is “Klingons are the mightiest warriors in the galaxy and are naturally the largest threat!” but really that just doesn’t work for a motivation for the Iconians. I mean think about it, they have waited millennia to return to power over the galaxy. They have carefully orchestrated Everything we have been dealing with in STO, minus the Borg invasion and likely the Breen attack on Defera. The True Way I’m not sure about. There is no evidence of Iconian involvement with them but I wouldn’t be surprised. Then there’s all the races we know to serve them: The Elachi, the Bluegill (the bugs), the Harvesters from the Solanae Dyson Sphere (not really sure what they are called), the Tal Shiar. 

These guys have been doing everything to keep themselves secret and controlling events for a long damn time. So why step back into the light now and in such a big way? Launching assault after assault after assault on the Klingon homeworld? They can’t seriously fear the Klingons’ ferocity in battle that much. So what gives?

What if it isn’t the Klingons they fear but something on Qo’noS? What if the key to defeating them a couple hundred thousand years ago was left on Qo’noS? What if there is a weapon there that is so devestating to the Iconians physiology, or even just to their gateways, that locating it is enough to draw them from the shadows to try to destroy it? 

I know, I know. All speculation. But it seems fairly plausible, right?

Only thing I know for certain is that if the multiple assaults on this one world are just because “The KDF represents a bigger threat” then I’ll be severely disappointed.


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