Vishay introduces the low size of the new, high electric current inductor IHLP device

A few days ago, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. was announced, introduced thin thickness that the new adopted 2020 outer cover measurement, high electric current IHLP inductor — IHLP-2020CZ-01. The area of position occupied of compact IHLP-2020CZ-01 is 5.18mmx5.49mm, the thickness only has 3mm, has inductance quantity of high maximum frequency and 0.10μ H to 15μ H at the same time.

The new IHLP inductor can work under the frequency of 5MHz, as the stabilizator module (VRM) in the terminal products And it is offered the energy-conserving and space-saving solution with high capacity and efficiency that DC-DC converter is employed. These terminal products include the mobile equipment of future generation; Computer of the note, desk-top PC, server, display card, walkie game machine, personal navigation system, personal multimedia apparatus and car system; Ultrathin high-current power and supporting some (POL) Converter; Distributed power system; And field programmable gate array (FPGA) When.

IHLP-2020CZ-01 has 0.10μ H to inductance quantity range of 15μ H, 2.5A to the saturation current range of 27A, from 3.0mΩ to typical DCR of 252.0mΩ, and the maximum DCR of 3.16mΩ to 265.0mΩ.

The high transient current overshoot of processaable of new inductor, but will not present the saturated phenomenon. It accords with RoHS order, 100% of the lead-free shielding combined structure to capsulate that the device is adopted, this encapsulated structure can drop the buzz noise to ultraly and low-levelly, the operating temperature rage specification of the new device is - 55 ℃ to +125 ℃, and have the characteristic of resisting thermal shock, dampproof resisting the mechanical shock and resistance to shock.