Cindy Moon is the second third (thanks, guys!) ever Asian American female to get her own title series in Marvel history, which is huge, but there’s a surprising lack of her on my dashboard.  Let’s change that!

There’s a lot of things I love about this series already, but I love Cindy Moon and staceyleephillips​ / iherring​ most of all.

So viel Menschen die keinen anderren Ausweg mehr gefunden haben…
Und warum ? Weil sie denken das sie nicht für das Leben bestimmt sind aber das ist nicht wahr jeder hat eine Bestimmung in seinem Leben und wird sie früher oder später finden.
Menschen die selbst Nord begehen sind nicht schwach NEIN im gegen Teil sie haben verzweifelt nach iher Bestimmung gesucht mit aller Kraft so lange bis sie nicht mehr konnten.
Höre nie auf zu suchen den eines Tages wird’s du wissen warum du auf der Welt bist

berserk-al asked:

16, 45, 83, 91, 92

16. What is your Favorite Movie?

Uh. I think the Losers what pretty good.

45. What’s my Favorite Accent?

Irish, and Italian.

83.How fast can I run?

 The Break neck speed of 17 MPH.

91.Do I like my own name?

Yes and No.

92.Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?

Well I have. I plan to name my first son Isaac and if it happens to be a girl I’ll name iher after my Grandma. Arloween maybe.

ihere กูเกลียดมึงe sus มึงชอบทำให้แม่ร้องไห้ กูอยากจะถามจริงๆมึงมีจิตใต้สำนึกบ้างมั้ย ไอเลว

Dog thoughts

Her thoughts came like that of heavy rain and thunderstorm. Her mind ran wild with anticipation as she waited oh so patiently by the door. Iher master would get up early in the morning and leave and herself being the good obedient pet that she was she waited for her master to return never knowing if this would be the day the sad day that all pets must face the day that her master would not walk through her front door all pets instinctively know that in any given time at any given moment that the life of luxury that is given to us can be easily taken from us stripped of our knowing. But like always she heard the sound of her master run down car. Her patients had proven to be worth the wait. Her master would reward her..

The door opened.. my eyes grow with anticipation to see my master face. But today my master didnt come though our door way but a man with a black coat came inside Worry hit me hard. Who was this man why was he even hear were was my master did this man do something to her.. his voice was deep as he called to me “Come here girl” I sat where I was. He wasnt my master. I wouldn’t be mored so easily. Again he spoke. Come here girl. I mean no harm. I’ve been sent. Dont you know who you are? Was this man foolish? He spoke to me as though I were human. Im a pet not a person. I cannot speak. I have but thoughts with no words Again he callee only this time he walked closer to me. Not knowing what to do, I stayed put.. I only had two choices at this point bite or run. “Girl.come please. .. please come I swear you won’t be hurt. I want to help you.” .. I gave him a puzzled looked.. help me? Why.help. my master would be home right.. my heart shank farther into my chest.. today was that sad day. . My master would not be coming for me.. he would be taking me to the place where all pets go when their masters never come home… I slowly but cautiously began to walk towards the man. He gave a puzzled looked. Why.. don’t all pets walk on all fours? He spoke softly ” do you not know how to walk on your feet?” Again I gave a puzzled looked. I gave a low bark. The man looked at me. . A sad look.. why sad. What had my bark meant to him.. “you really think your a dog? You don’t know your a girl..no..a women..she’s trained you well.” Me a girl. A bitch yes. . A female dog.. not a girl.. girl meant human. .I want not that. .