The Blecha Brothers, Justin and Jake (aka “the totally hot plaid-wearing bearded carpenters from Cupcake Wars”)

If you watch Cupcake Wars, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, allow me to elucidate. The final battle of the cupcake war requires each contestant to design a display that is thematically relevant, stylish, and able to hold a thousand cupcakes. In two hours.

That’s where Jake and Justin come in. Using hastily scribbled outlines of grandiose concepts from the minds of bakers whose understanding of carpentry seems at times barely equal to the task of building a rectangle out of squares, Jake and Justin build miracles. Ever encouraging and optimistic in the face of even the most unreasonable of requests, they listen patiently to what people say they want, glean from it the truth of what people really want, take that truth to the place where what you want meets what you can have, and not only make if happen but make it happen in time for the paint to dry. In two hours.

This is like the workshop equivalent of a guy asking you what’s wrong, you saying “nothing”, and him figuring out on his own what is actually wrong, saying all the right things without being prompted, repeatedly refilling your wineglass without being asked, stenciling Hello Kitty graphics on your bathroom walls to cheer you up, doing the dishes, picking up the dry cleaning, feeding the cat, screening calls from your mother and bringing you Chinese food, all the while reassuring you that absolutely nothing about anything in your life is making your ass look fat. And all the while continuing to wear plaid, have a beard, and be totally hot.

In two hours.

Skulduggery Pleasent 30 day challenge

Day 2: What is your least favorite character?

Ohhhh, rrrrrrrrrr. *thinks fast* akshgfkasdhgispdgshkdgh I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!

*pauses and contemplates for a moment, pursing lips*

Those psychos from the 7th book, the murderous kids who tore people apart with their magic and that girl who stole Valkyries jacket, evil B*tch….

ihatethatchick reblogged your post:Louden Swain

ok, what is Stagelt? I bought the latest Louden Swain cd at vegascon and listen to it every day on my way to work, would… is a web site that broadcasts concerts over the Internet.  Louden Swain and Jason Manns use it a lot.  You need an account and a way to make electronic payments.  This concert is “pay what you can” so the minimum is “10 notes” which is $1 I think.

I don’t know if you can buy a ticket after it starts though.

I would just like to send out some props to my most faithful followers on this most lovely Follow Friday...

There are a shockingly large number of you, right now 116.  While I love you all equally, I would really like to tip my cleverly stylish hat to the ten blogs that reblog me the most.  And while I love all oh my 116 followers as a parent loves all 116 of his or her children, obviously these ten love me the most (in alphabetical order):

I highly recommend these ten gorgeous people, because if they are obviously quality if they love me.


ihatethatchick said:

Hiya, I searched the "Tuesdae" tag as a shortcut to find my daughter's page, if it isn't clear I named her Tuesdae, and have always accounted myself (smugly) original and clever for the spelling. Just wondering if you have always been a Tuesdae, or if you have claimed the name for yourself in later years (which is a legitimate lifestyle choice) At any rate, cool name, bro.

Oh thats hella cool, I’ve never met anyone with the same name as me. it is my name, Tuesdae, tho my middle, but its the name I’ve gone by since i was born really, didnt know my first name til the 6th grade really!! hahah I hope your kiddo doesnt get the same questions i got for our name hahah (“Were you born on a Tuesday?”) 

Thank you!