Were the World Mine (collab with ihadthisdreamOnce) Chap 1

Niall may look like just a normal blond bloke but really he is a distant descendant of the fairy Puck. For his 18th birthday, he was given a flower that has the power to make people fall in love.

Liam and Zayn are complete opposites. Zayn is a constant skipper who hates everything to do with school while Liam is an academic. The bottom line is: they don’t get along in the slightest. Niall thinks he might have to do something to change this..

Louis and Harry are two best friends who are perfect for each other, they just don’t see it yet. Louis is dating a girl name Eleanor and Niall catches Harry constantly staring at them in jealousy, but with the way Louis and Harry interact when it is just the two of them, Niall can’t see why they aren’t together.

Niall has the power to make both these couples fall in love. The question is: will he use the flower or not?

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