『チェインクロニクル ~絆の新大陸~』 TVCM会話編

Saw this on TV over the weekend — super cute!

Chain Chronicle Radio #21 (excerpt)
  • Chain Chronicle Radio #21 (excerpt)
  • Iguchi Yuka, Hanazawa Kana, Sakura Ayane

Here’s a clip from this week’s episode of Chain Chronicle Radio. The show features Iguchi Yuka and Hanazawa Kana as personalities and this week’s guest was Sakura Ayane (Ayaneru).

Just a small bit of background here:

Ayaneru has a reputation for having a huge crush on Hanazawa Kana.

The discussion here is about 壁ドン (kabe don) which is a highly-charged romantic situation, often seen in shoujo manga, where a guy slams his arm against a wall to prevent a girl from getting away from him. It’s been a popular topic on-line lately and has been discussed by a lot of different seiyuu on radio shows. Ayaneru, however, has her own peculiar spin on it….

Yukachi: OK, I choose this letter!

Kana: I was wondering about that one too….

Yukachi: ‘Pinned to the wall - from behind!’ This is a letter from SNOW. “On an earlier broadcast, Yukachi and Kana were getting all excited while talking about ‘pinned to the wall’ situations. As it turns out, today’s guest, Ayaneru, has made it known that she’s also a fan of these ‘pinned to the wall’ situations!”

Kana: Really!?!

Yukachi: “However, Ayaneru’s tastes are a bit different from others as she prefers a ‘pinned to the wall - from behind’ situation.”

Kana: Whaaaaat!? That sounds kind of dirty!

Ayaneru: Nooo! It’s not like that!!

Yukachi: “I wonder if Yukachi & Kana have heard of this before - if not, maybe you can have Ayaneru explain it for you.” Wow, we’re learning a lot of good things on today’s show!!

Kana: Show us! Show us!

Yukachi: Why don’t the two of you try it out as a demonstration!

Ayaneru: What?! Hold on!!!! You really want me to do it!?!

Kana: Well then, I guess I’ll be the one against the wall, OK?

Ayaneru: YES.

Kana: What’s with that reaction!!!??

Ayaneru: Sorry, but this is almost a dream come true….

Yukachi: Before that, could you explain what your preferred setting is for this type of situation?

Ayaneru: Well… that would be…

Yukachi: Wait, is this going to be something dirty?

Ayaneru: Can I take a minute to explain? Let’s say…. there happened to be an explosion nearby-

Yukachi: Hold on!

Kana: What kind of situation is this!?

Ayaneru: There’s an explosion and someone is leading a girl away to safety hand-in-hand. They can’t get away in time, so they say ‘look out!’ and press the girl against the wall, shielding her from the blast with their body.

Kana: Ahhh!

Yukachi: Now I get it.

Ayaneru: And since you’re facing the wall, the blast from the explosion doesn’t get in your face-

Kana: That’s what you’re worried about?!

Yukachi: It seems like you’re even closer to the other person when you’re approaching them from behind.

Ayaneru: Yeah!

Kana: That’s right!!

Yukachi: Why are you so pleased about that?!

Kana: But wait - if the person pinning you to the wall from behind is a girl, wouldn’t you also feel her chest against your back? That’s a big plus!

Yukachi: That softness… good thinking!

Ayaneru: On top of that, the person pressing from behind should put their elbows all the way against the wall.

Yukachi: Whoa! That gets you even closer!!

Kana: Sounds good to me!

Yukachi: Well, with that in mind, let’s get started. Kana, take off your earphones.

Ayaneru: Really! We’re really going to do it!?

Yukachi: I guess we need an explosion; OK, I’ll take care of that!

Ayaneru: Whaaa?!

Yukachi: Ah good, I get to participate too!!

Ayaneru: Where are we escaping to…?

Yukachi: Don’t worry about it! Let’s begin! ***Ka-boom!!!!!!***

Kana: Aaaaah! An explosion!!! Kyaa!

Yukachi: Wow, you really went for it. You two are so close! Way closer than I expected!!

Kana: WOW.

Ayaneru: Are you alright?

Kana: Yes. This is nice, but…. Ayaneru’s glasses are kind of pushing against my head.

Yukachi: Just a little bit of discomfort to add overall pleasure, I guess! You two are REALLY close right now.

Ayaneru: And my glasses are really pinching my nose….

Yukachi: You two are really going all out! I didn’t quite hear the “DON!” sound effect when you hit the wall, though.

Kana: Ahhh, that was fun - and smelled good too!

Yukachi: OK, the two of you are just pervs! Anyway, we’re looking forward to more viewer mail. Thanks!

LOL, I can’t get over how happy / excited Ayaneru sounds during this clip! Kana seemed to enjoy herself as well…. And GJ to Yukachi for playing instigator for these two.


No Game No Life - Special episode 4

Now the girls team need to try and figure out Matsuoka’s Yoshitsugu’s answer towards the given question!

Question: She likes me eh… Thinking about that what will happen? (From a male’s point of view)

Ai Kayano & Hikasa Yoko: EHHH!!!

Iguchi Yuka: Matsuoka-kun! Matsuoka-kun! Has that ever happened to you before?

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu: Never! 

Ai Kayano: EHH!!