“Okay.” Frank relented. “Sure.” He frowned at his fingers, trying to pull them out of the trap. “Uh, how do you—?”

Leo chuckled. “Man, you’ve never seen those before? There’s a simple trick to getting out.”

Frank tugged again with no luck. Even Hazel was trying not to laugh.

Frank grimaced with concentration. Suddenly, he disappeared. On the deck where he’d been standing, a green iguana crouched next to an empty set of Chinese handcuffs.

“Well done, Frank Zhang,” Leo said dryly, doing his impression of Chiron the centaur. “That is exactly how people beat Chinese handcuffs. They turn into iguanas.“

—  From The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan

Special Effects - Iguana Green review



See here: my temporary blondeness, waiting on dye to come in, followed by post-party, post-shower GREEN (Special Effects - Iguana Green. SFX is SF-BEST). It came in the day of, so I slathered it on the second we got back from picking up SUPERIOR HUMAN BEINGS from the bus stop. proceeded to have the bombest ass of new years parties and I am so full of light and love even still so it’s not just the favors talking but bless, bless, bless their sweet chemistry. I am feeling really fucking positive and it’s a good change I’d like to cling on to for as long as possible.

If any tumblr-owning, party-going, RL pals o’ mine see this mess of a post, THANK YOU for your beautiful selves. I just love your guts right out, know that and never fucking forget it !!