• Dad:I don't think you're as uncomfortable in social situations as you say you are
  • Dad:You aren't qualified to decide what your symptoms are
  • Dad:All this research you're doing is just going to make you tell the doctor stuff to make him give the diagnosis you want
  • Dad:I don't buy this diagnosis because I knew exactly one guy who had and you don't act the exact same way he does
  • Dad:*basically refuses to listen to me describe my own experiences, thoughts, or symptoms unless they line up with what he already thinks*
  • Me:*Looks at camera like I'm in the Office*
Honestly I am quite disappointed with Roxy ever since she and John entered the new timeline.

First it started with Jake. I mean sure she had a little talk with him but she has literally been ignoring one of her closest friends who was actually there and not somewhere else or asleep. Jane wasn’t awake but suddenly she(Roxy) and Dave are discussing how ‘hot’ Jane is and ‘how much ass’ she has (This is another thing that had been gnawing at me a lot. I love all the alphas, don’t get me wrong. But just both her and Dave’s behavior while Jane was asleep and had no consent was something that was putting me way off). Now that Jane’s awake Roxy is again all over Jane. They are the best of besties but it’s like ‘haha let’s forget about Jake forever’. I really need a reason for why she is ignoring Jake’s existence because this is another thing that has been putting me off.

Then there’s this shit:

I have no idea why, but all of this just seems like pure selfishness by now.
Yes we know the Lalondes love cats and all, and that Roxy loved Fefetasprite, but really??? This is just stupid. I don’t know why but Rosesprite and Jaspersprite merging has just been bothering me so much! And the fact that Roxy thinks this is wonderful is just outright ridiculous. THIS IS NOT WONDERFUL AT ALL. Like puppy-eater​ said: Rose didn’t want the prototyping and she is just seen as an “extra”.

I dunno. I just hate this Jasprosesprite^2 debacle and I hate the fact that Roxy is actually happy about it and ignoring Jake.

@ppl who don’t like black hermione headcanons

alright so here’s the thing-i grew up quiet and shy and unpopular and always felt like i stood out as the one mixed kid with crazy puffy curly hair and as young as 3rd or 4th grade i remember straightening it and liking myself so much more with my hair that way.

so when i say that i saw hermione granger as black, i mean that i needed to see her that way. hermione was the only character i knew that looked like me. i was hermione for halloween maybe 4 years in a row and it was the one night of the year when i would feel like my curls made me better, not worse.

and then the movies came out, and hermione was this gorgeous pale girl with wavy hair, and that was how i started to see her, and i started to identify less with hermione, even though i still love her and the books.

the point is, kids of colour will see characters and identify with them if the race is ambiguous. we will hold on to them like crazy, and feel beautiful in a way that the books we read and the movies we see do not allow us to feel. when you take a character that can be read as PoC and cast a white actress (ie hunger games or harry potter), it takes away one more source of self esteem.

Someone brought up a really interesting point to me about the whole Josh Duggar problem is that this man is someone who grew up in a very isolated, insolated environment, without much access to the outside world. He was 14 or so when the first attack took place – if he was so cut off from everything and every outside influence, how did he know what he was doing? I think that there’s something deeper going on within the family - that Josh learned those things - from a family member or a family friend. And that’s scary too, because I personally think Jim Bob is tied in somehow.