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120905 SSTP - Eunhyuk, Special DJ.

At the start of second hour, Eunhyuk introduced the radio show as “Eunhyuk’s SaShimTaPa" instead of "ShimShimTapa" ㅋㅋ

AOA who was the guest sang a song (Jessie J - Price Tag) and dedicated it to “handsome Eunhyuk DJ” and he liked it a lot. After the girls performed, he read a message sent by a fan “Eunhyuk oppa is so handsome” instead of reading a message about the girls.

When AOA girls said Eunhyuk is handsome, he instantly becomes shy but then asked what they like about him. They said they like his gums, his gummy smile. Eunhyuk was like “ye??” because the boys don’t like it. The girls said Eunhyuk is minam (handsome boy) then a member said he is “보석 미남” (jewel guy). He was surprised and asked how does she know that nickname “jewel guy” ??/he actually introduced himself as jewel guy at start/ She was like “….” and was shy to answer that question so then he asked, who they like in SJ, it’s okay, be honest. The girls mentioned Leeteuk… but then they said they like Eunhyuk sunbae-nim ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The girls discussed the answer of the game and mentioned love confessions, then they randomly sang S.P.Y, again Eunhyuk O_O. One girl answered with “kisseu” with this kind of sexy voice, then Eunhyuk asked her “what’s the voice??

Gangnam Style was playing.. the girls had to dance, then Eunhyuk shouted “sexy dance!!!” The girls: “…….” lolol Eunhyuk told them to do the sexy dance TWICE! and he laughed, clearly enjoying this. (c)


Spooks meets The Almighty Johnsons

During a mission in Auckland Lucas North meets Anders Johnson in a bar. There’s a lot of alcohol and poetry and things happens. Anders cannot forget it and ask to meet him again. There are things they need to talk about.

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Anime Voice Meme

  • Your name
  • Your favorite anime character/your anime husbando/your anime waifu
  • Your least favorite anime character
  • Favorite anime and why?
  • Favorite anime quote
  • Sing a line/verse from an OP/ED from an anime
  • Anime that made you cry a lot
  • Anime that made you laugh a lot

Pronounce the following words: Kawaii, Sugoi, Desu, Kakkoi, Bakemonogatari, Konnichiwa, Ohayou, Onigiri, Sushi, Onegai, Arigatou, Neko, Nyan, Hasubando/Waifu, Ochinchin, Manko, Gomennasai, Sayonara, Naruto, Onii-chan, Musume, Zetsubou shita, Meido, Mahou Shoujo, Hajimete

What do you call an attractive male?
What are you watching this season?
Who’s your favourite touhou?
Why aren’t you kawaii?


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