Soo.. I always look at the petshop piggies because they’re so adorable but few days ago I went and.. I saw a familiar face~
Horrible impulsive buy but
now have a new baby piggie!

so here are a few pictures of her with my adult pig Moose. Her head is darker and her eyes are lighter, but they both have a chocolate-y colored face with a white beard and red eyes. white/brown/orange bodies.

So cute.
I wanted to name her something to match Moose but I haven’t come up with anything good or fitting yet.

also sorry for any of the new followers who don’t know I occasionally post things about my life. Not often, just sometimes. I enjoy sharing my pigs especially.

does anyone know where people are getting the ‘everyone in urbance is gay except the hetero couple and the gay people are bad’ thing?  like the premise is sort of eh…but it doesnt really say anything about that and idk. spreading misinfo is kinda uncool.  plus the poc representation is really stellar

I first found out about Area 11 when I was in 5th grade. My family thought that it was going to be some ten minute phase of mine and wouldn’t let me buy Blackline or even ATLITS when it came out a year later. I sure proved them fucking wrong because three years later I’m still a massive fan. While Area 11 is a relatively small band they’ve had a profound impact on me. For one finding all this cool anime was a gateway into making friends at my new school. Another is that it opened my eyes to a world beyond the boring reality I faced every day. There were people on the internet willing and eager to be friends with me if I just said I’m a fan of Area 11. I didn’t truly find these people until a year later when I was in seventh grade. I met my current best friend, rachelbrooooo, through Area 11 fanfiction, something that isn’t very common on most sites. We struck up a conversation about the weirdest shit and nearly a year later it still makes me laugh.

Not to mention the hellish horror that is the Area 11 tinychat. I was nervous when I found out about it. I had started to drift away from Area 11, I still loved them but they had been slightly inactive lately. However it was a large reminder why I loved them in the first place. Loud, sarcastic, misfits like me who seeked refuge in the internet greeted me and I’ve loved them for more than 8 months. I felt at home instantly, no matter how much shit I pulled on people or how anxious and depressed I got every Saturday was a shining beacon of hope in my week.  There’s a certain person in particular who had the ability to brighten my day instantly, his url’s gameromk and he is one of the greatest fucking people I’ve ever met. We met through our interest in Area 11 but it only got better from there. For me the band was my starting point for everything that I have right now in my life and I will forever be grateful to these children with instruments. Area 11 has the single best, most enthusiastic fanbase ever and they fucking deserve it.