#MIRAME: things to notice

#BlackOut inspired #Mirame
While #BlackOut is more about fighting the white standard of beauty, and acceptance and celebration in unity, #mirame is shining a light on all the fighting between ourselves, and accepting ourselves for our history, and our diversity.
Still, both of us are fighting for something.

Some Latin Americans are dark.
Some Latin Americans are light.

If your cultural language is derived from Latin, you are Latin.
If you are from, or a descendent of someone from, the Americas, you are American.

Latin American = Latina/Latino = Latinx Hispanic = of Spanish descent. Latinx is not always interchangeable with Hispanic.

Some of us have deep resentment towards the invaders of our indigenous ancestors.
Some of us are descendants of the invaders.
Some of us are both.

Some of us are indigenous.
Some of us are oppressed.
Some of us are oppressors!
Some of us are a combination of the three.

Latin Americans are not a race of people.
We are all one race, Homo sapiens.
If you INSIST on dividing us, the human race, there are only 3-4 human races: white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid (some consider this race to be a part of the Negroid/Black race).
A Latin American, however, can be of any of these races.

As for the date… That was just bad…
Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle in the state of Puebla that occurred on May 5th, 1862 between 2,000 Mexicans and 5,000 French soldiers.
Most of Mexico doesn’t celebrate it.
It has become commercialized in the US.

There is a lot of ignorance surrounding this date and celebration, maybe, in that sense, it is a fitting date for this movement.

I wrote this on the bus

Body language is interesting.

 I make sure of being “big”/not small/not closed up. These days, or more so the old days but it still exists to this day, it’s interpreted as manly/not feminine to have this sort of body language. Confidence/assertion is taken as masculine almost… isn’t that sort of absurd? A lot of people that I meet lately, and I say lately because never in my life has this been a re occurring phenomenon, people say that they get a “dikey” vibe from me. Lately, I feel so much happier, i carry myself differently, and it must be because I’m gay. THAT HAS TO BE THE ANSWER RIGHT?? It’s not that this woman just may be confident, happy, independent, strong, no. No this must mean this woman is gay.

anonymous asked:

My gf has gained a lot of weight during our first year at university. I don't like fat girls, they actually repulse me. She went from being 140 and athletic to basically lazy elephant in the course of the year. She even stopped going out and being all different and emo. How would you go about dumping someone like this??

“ So, I need to tell you something…
I am not a supportive girl/boyfriend. Instead of being concerned about you, and worrying if you were alright after stopping all your favorite activities, and becoming more reclusive and sad - I decided I should instead look at you with disgust because you’ve gained weight. I obviously can’t see how that could be attributed to any possible stress or depression you’re going through. So, instead of helping you and loving you, I am going to leave you more alone, because the insignificance of a number on a scale means more to my shallow ass than you do. 
You can do WAY better than me. So don’t spent a single second crying. 
The only weight you really need to lose are of those like me who act like you’re something to be ashamed of.”


QAC 36 - What Acephobia & Asexual Erasure Looks Like

today some ace friends and i went to Tokyo Rainbow Pride where we were approached by a smug as fuck acephobic asshat. this video is dedicated to those who do not believe that acephobia and/or asexual erasure are a thing and to those who struggle dealing with people belittling the shit you deal with.

let there be video of acephobia & asexual erasure in action for the world to see.

※ what is acephobia?
fear, prejudice or discrimination against people within the asexual (ace) spectrum; the belief that asexuality is “unnatural”, “wrong” and/or a health issue that needs “correcting”.

※ what is asexual erasure?
denying the existence of asexuality, asexuals and/or other sexualities and people within the asexual spectrum; the lack of representation and misrepresentation of  asexual spectrum people in the media.