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I know you stalk my blog so I know you’ll see this shit
You have no fucking right to call him a selfish asshole. He had every right to leave your crazy ass. You didn’t treat him with respect. Honey, there’s so much more to a healthy relationship than sex and physical admiration. It’s more than I love yous every day and common interests. The worst is using “I love you” instead of I’m so sorry. You weren’t even yourself. For a year and a half basically you molded yourself into him and what you thought he wanted. You shouldn’t stay in a relationship just because you don’t want to be alone. Please find yourself. And leave him be. I’m positive he doesn’t want anything to do with you. You’re so inconsiderate. If you know he’s happy without you stop forcing yourself to him. Stop texting 20 times in a row. Stop trying to make him feel bad for your heart break. All those things he said before, all the promises he broke are justified. I know your heart hurts and you’re so lost but if anything you need to learn to become independent and find another way to get over him rather than calling him hurtful names and saying how he never loved you.

Das hiesse ja, meine BLOSSE EXISTENZ hätte ALLE jungen Damen dieser Welt schon IMMER nur verletzt…. :-O

Das weigere ich mich dann DOCH, zu glauben… :-/

Vor allem, wenn ich bedenke, daß alle ALTEN Frauen es noch NIE nötig hatten, mich zu ignorieren….leider . :-(

Charizard me condujo al Judo

La agencia de noticias Reuters reportó el lunes que el participante británico de los JJOO Ashley Mckenzie comenzó a estudiar judo tras perder una pelea callejera cerca de su casa en Londres por una carta de Charizard a la edad de 11 años.

Mckenzie, quien tiene 23 años ahora, dijo sobre lo ocurrido: “Este Charizard era la mejor carta. Era mi vida en aquel entonces”.

Tras perder la pelea y dicha carta, Mckenzie investigó un poco y se dió cuenta que su agresor lo atacó con movimientos de judo, y fué a un club local para aprender más. En el club, encontró a su atacante y su carta. Mckenzie señaló:“Hablamos,  somos amigos, comencé a practicar judo. Obviamente recuperé mi carta”.

Mckenzie competirá en el evento de judo en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres que comienzan el 27 de Julio.

Y así nació Throh xD