This week I handed in the rough draft script for my new graphic novel, based on my first two-ish years of high school, when I switched schools four times. It’s great/exciting/terrifying/cool to have a script, even in rough form. I’m excited for this book. Writing it out was a very cathartic and weird. It’s amazing how being a teenager, it seems like control over your life is very far off. But you get up every day, go to school, socialize, play sports, make art, struggle over assignments you don’t understand, puzzle through emotional entanglements you don’t understand, and hope for a snow day.

Making art for a living, being an adult, navigating crazy changes and moves and decisions— it can be a struggle, but compared to the queasy dread with which I woke up almost every morning of high school, being a grown up is like a permanent snow day.


Gay rights are equal Rights. Believe in equality. Believe in humanity.

I support the gay rights movement. I support humanity.