I got tagged for questions by ifoundyoulivingateenagedream (sorry! I don’t get on my computer until after work on Mondays and my phone app doesn’t give me my asks). Not gonna ask/tag anyone because you all have probably done this already lol.

What was the last song that played?

currently I’m listening to an amazing mashup of Faith, We Are Young, and Some Nights by Kris Allen

Why did you join tumblr?

because I was bored and wanted to see what it was all about

What’s your favourite song of all time?

I actually said this earlier today! Baba O’Riley by The Who

What would be your theme song of your life?(if that makes sense lol)


Who’s your favourite character?from any TV show that you watch

Blaine fucking Anderson

Where do you live?

about ten minutes outside of Dayton, OH

What’s your favourite lyric in any song that you love?

"So take a minute just to breathe and think of everything you wanted, and what you got instead"

What’s your OTP?

Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Puck, Blaine/mic stands. And Darren/glasses

Favourite YouTuber?

I don’t watch much Youtube…I should though…at least the Greens

How many followers do you have?


Who’s your favourite tweeter?

my favorites right now are sports satire/parody accounts, along with Chris, Darren, and my hilarious friends


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1. If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? hugging Jay

2. Favourite book? i don’t have one (im a fanfic person)

3. One thing you can’t live without? The Wanted

4. What is your favourite TW quote? Success is the best form of revenge -Jay McGuiness

5. Why do you follow me? (h a h a)  because you’re amazing 

6. Favorite TW ship? i have 3 Jiva/Jaythan/Tomax

7. Favorite ship of any fandom? ^^^^^

8. What TV shows do you watch? i dont even watch TV anymore

9. Favorite artist other than TW? hmmm… Cher Lloyd 

10. How do you do your hair everyday? i just brush it

11. Do you like tea? If so, what is your favorite flavour? sorry, im not much of a tea person


12. If you could go on a date with only one of the TW lads, who would you pick? ;) Jay!!! 


i just cant resist this bastard

my questions:  

  1. are you following me? if you are, why?
  2. favorite fruit?
  3. any crushes at the moment?
  4. if you could sleep with anyone, who would it be?
  5. any phobias? 
  6. favorite subject?
  7. tumblr crushes?
  8. favorite color?
  9. where are you at the moment?
  10. favorite book?

tag game thing idk

was tagged by: ifoundyoulivingateenagedream

what’s your favourite and least favourite song?
My favourite song at the moment is What About Us by The Saturdays.
My least favourite song would have to be Troublemaker by Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida, only because it is played on the radio every 10 minutes hadbjg

do you have any pets?if you do how many?
nope, not much of an animal person

what’s your favourite colour?

do you have favourite and least favourite episode?(of any TV show you watch)
I couldn’t choose a favourite and least favourite episode of Dexter because they are all fab

who’s your favourite character?(could be TV or book)
hmm probably Aphrodite from the House of Night books. I don’t really know how to describe her, she can be an outright bitch sometimes but she’s hilarious

if you were stranded on an a deserted island,who would you want to have with you and why?
Bear Grylls because he could build a raft out of trees and sail us to safety

who’s your favourite band?(could be boyband or normal band e.i Billy Talent,My Chemical Romance,Emblem3,AC/DC etc)
don’t mind me while I write a whole list..
The Wanted, The Collective, Beside Lights, A Day To Remember, Bring Me To The Horizon, Anberlin, Every Avenue, McFly, We The Kings, Capture The Crown, The Summer Set, Lost Prophets, Rise Against, VersaEmerge, Flyleaf and I’ll stop there haha

what youtuber do you always look forward to see upload a new video?
idk everyone that I am subscribed to!

who do you fangirl/fanboy over the most?
just boy bands in general

if you’re following me,then,why are you?if you aren’t,would you?
I’m not following you, but I will after I post this :)

what’s your favourite movie?
anything Batman

becausedanisworthit said:

hello lovely!:) ♖,►,卐 and 유 :D

ooh yay thank you!

top 5 quality blogs i follow (omg i follow so many i’ll just pick 5 random ones) -

  • dearparker
  • jaysblueeyes
  • whackfrost
  • thevirginharry
  • thewantedblog hehe

shuffled song on itunes for you -  well i’m listening to my ipod on shuffle and it’s currently on can’t have you by the jonas brothers so

i fangirl over - the wanted duh

current opened tabs websites - omfg i have so many okay: tumblr, facebook, twitter, 1dxrated, that mr x tumblr, pca voting site, mcfly memory lane on amazon, and like 5 youtube videos hehe