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I was tagged by: lolasfanfictions

1. Your name? Loubna

2. Your Country? France

3. Favorite Movie? la liste est trop longue lol 

4. Last Movie you watched? Harry Potter et l’Ordre du Phénix 

5. Two favorite TV shows? Prison Break & New York Unité Spécial (Law & Order SVU)

6. Are you a Madridista ? ¡¡ Por Supuesto !!

7. When did you sign up to Tumblr. ? 1 year ago 

8. Shoe size ? 38 dunno how to say it in English mode idc you’re French lol

9. Pets ? is laptop seen as a pet cuz i really take care of it

10. Can you say a French word ? non 

11. Are you hungry right now ? nope alhamdullilah :))

My questions : 

1) What do you do as a living (work/studies) ? 

2) How do you usually dress ? 

3) Favorite shoes brand ? 

4) Favorite food ? 

5) What was the first  football game you’ve ever seen ?

6) How many football jerseys do you have ? 

7) Your idol/role modele in life ? 

8) Closest person to you ? 

9) iPhone/ BB/HTC/ Samsung ? 

10) Your wish for this year ? 

i tag :

lolasfanfictions (can i tag back lol?) 





Have fun!

rule 1: post the rules

rule 2: answer the questions your tagger set for you and then make 11 new ones.

rule 3: tag 11 people and link them to your post.

rule 4: let them know they’ve been tagged!

I was tagged by listeningtoyouigetthemusic!

1) Favourite players? David Luiz, Torres, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas, Leo Messi, Ronaldo, Mesut Özil, Mario Gomez.
2) Favourite local team? Chelsea :)
3) Favourite bands? Not any bands, but I really like Ed Sheeran, Canelita and Passenger at the moment :)
4) What are you currently studing? Science!
5) Favourite sport (besides football)? To watch, volleyball! To play, netball :)
6) Favourite subjects? Science and history :)
7) An idol? David Luiz!
8) A song? Soñaré - Canelita
9) A crush? This guy at my college :3
10) A fear? Rejection.
11) Say something about yourself. Erm, I’m pretty shy, but when you get to know me I’m annoying as fuck haha :-)

My quiz:
1) something you love?
2) someone you love?
3) 3 favourite footballers?
4) favourite tumblrs?
5) favourite local team?
6) favourite national team?
7) hobbies?
8) favourite musicians?
9) favourite foods?
10) a place to visit?
11) favourite chelsea player?

ziiiilvia asked:

TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favourite blogs and tell them they are it. :)

Silvia! Thank you so much! It means a lot for me♥♥ :’))

I love you♥ :**