We as humans have the right to worship,love,care and grieve over whomever and whatever we please right?
Well, essentially in our own minds we may do so, but to the public that would be a no.
As we carry on in our day to day lives,we live as robots,the way society has intended.
Bound by the tightest of ropes being taught what is right and what is wrong.
But will we ever really know that unless we find out on our own?
We are not allowed to worship gods,heroes,musicians,legends,without being judged.
Our minds race with constant thoughts of questioning what life really is because we cannot speak what we think aloud.
You could say what is on your mind,
Within minutes,hours, seconds, someone will judge you.
Even that person questions what society has brought us up in.
A world where the outspoken are the crazy,
the violence is so well know our child’s first word will be murder.
Where love and passion, trust and honesty are only seen in movies.
A culture where the word “rape” is posted on billboards where everyone can see and think about.
The terrible thoughts being plastered in our heads, we are falling.
We function as robots because society wants us, needs us to.
We are the robots that society has intended us to be.
—  An unfinished thought-Kendra