noshuga asked:

your Icon makes me happy hahhaha and I really love your blog <3

OMG ! Thank you sooo much ! you have no idea how happy i am to have someone that admires my blog eventhough it have flaws and not perfect . Thank youu again \(^0^)/ xoxoxo

ifiwasbettie replied to your post: school 2013 it’s so gay i’m loving it

is it good? I’m watching Flower boy next door , but since theres only two ep per week I want to start another drama XD

honestly, the first 5 episodes i was kind of boring… i was like “ugh i shouldn’t keep watching this drama, is so boring” but i kept watching it anyway and is more interesting if you think that the main character is gay haha in my opinion, everything makes more sense if i think he is gay… but now in episode 8 it’s a little more interesting and not that boring, but it’s just my opinion, there are other people who loves this drama

how is flower boy next door?