ifind it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad, the dreams in which im dying aare the best ive ever had

negorakaijus asked:


in terms of blog content yr like one of my fav blogs like it’s all rly good and funny and also seein your text posts is really comforting ifind like seein lil snippets of your daily life as i scroll is so sweet i love it, and meeting you irl was so fun too you are really fun to be with! i remember when we first met lol

`aassomebody sent me a candle on my shrine that saaid “may you ifind money nin your pockets you forgot aboutt” and even though i didnt forget i ththink it still applies to that we ccan sell our house and i can leave my abusive household 

early morning and ifind an inspired painter. very pleasant to have spotted this. everything around is beauty. remember ugly dont catch eye.

freljord-riven asked:

I ship Syndrazar. I find it very enticing. I know of another Syndra who ship it too, and I really like it. I hope you ifind a Malz who you could interact with.

[ I hope I find one too! So far I have only two Xeraths, one who is an Ascended Xerath (who is currently something like Syndra’s teacher) and the other one is a human!Xerath that I plan to ship with (romantically possibly?), so interactions with Malzahar could be pretty neat in my opinion. Mostly because I see Malzahar as Void’s victim. ]