If Found, Please Return to... || the-elemental-alchemist

He’d been on his way back to the Nest after another annoying-as-hell food run. As usual, finding food for every individual in the Nest was more of a chore than anything. Everyone had their needs or preferences or things they absolutely refused to fucking eat, which… was understandable, but, still made it obnoxious for whoever’s turn it was to nab some take out. And, it was his turn. The smells from his and Axel’s orders were slowly torturing him. About half way down the street to the third take-out stop, he quickly learned that he wasn’t the only one almost drooling at the scent. 

Dolcetto had turned his head at the soft padding of paws behind him and discovered a white husky trailing him. The dog was far too clean to be one of the usual strays in the area, but she didn’t have any tags on her, either. She also seemed friendly, approaching him almost immediately as he spotted her, tail wagging and tongue half-way out of her mouth. But given most dogs reacted this way to him nowadays—and that he was carrying freshly cooked meat—might have been part of that reason. The way she whined softly and tilted her head didn’t exactly make it easier to just walk away, either. 

The chimera allowed her to tag along as he made the rest of his stops, only gently nudging her away with his heel when she got too close to the bags he was carrying. That was another thing: she was pretty well behaved for a stray… he was beginning to think she was more of a runaway. But without tags, finding her owners and home would not only be harder but…awkward. What was he supposed to say? Hey, I found your dog and brought her home ‘cause she smells like this area? …no. 

Finally, he reached the street not far from the alley that would eventually take him back to the Nest and he paused a moment, finding a bench to put the bags on. “Alright, girl, this’s far as you can probably follow me,” he muttered, digging into one of the bags. “The boss is home t’night, and I’m not sure he’d be happy to see you after, uh… the last one… heh. —but.” He pulled out a few leaner pieces of meat, setting them close to her. “Here. For keepin’ me company.”