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hi - i'm still sort of new and have a question about the "harry <3 louis" t-shirt. what was the context that shirt appeared in? i mean, was there a special occasion or did harry just pop up wearing it? thank you for any info!

oh god when ppl asked me really old stuff i get nervous haha bc i joined the fandom last year :/ 

all i know is that a fan gave harry that shirt …. i think it was a signing??? or something like that and of course young harold wore it looking so proud wtf

have u ever seen someone this proud?? i bet louis wears now gross

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Wait, are you pro-mage or templar

Oh no. I think no matter how I answer, someone will get mad at me.

Ok so this may be shocking considering who I cosplay, but

- my first and “canon” playthroughs are always a mage
- one of my very first dialogue choices ever in Origins was the one that’s like “it isn’t right for Templars to do this to mages.”
- I always save the mages in Origins.
- I own a “Team Anders” shirt
- I find it impossible to side with the Templars in 2.
- I lovingly refer to Anders as “My Asshole Mage BF”
- I wish there was a “Highfive Anders” option in 2 after the chantry thing because I would’ve helped if he’d just told me. I had to settle for running off to be apostates together with him.
- I wish there was a “Knee Cullen in the Balls” option in 2 because he was kind of really bad at his job.
- I was legitimately worried that Vivienne was going to fight me in Inquisition because I was so anti Circle, anti Chantry.
- Leliana ended up as my Divine.

So don’t let the Templar armor fool you, I’m completely pro mage trash.

That said though, I do obviously still love Cullen. Obviously. You don’t spend weeks crafting a cosplay of a character unless you love them dearly. Even though he was a dick in 2. I’ve been trying to flirt with him since Origins, his storyline in Origins is terribly sad, and he’s been through protagonist levels of bullshit at this point. And I like his character development, though I do feel like it happened at breakneck speeds off camera and it would’ve been really nice to hear more about exactly what happened in Kirkwall during those years between 2 and Inquisition to bring on that change. And I have sided with the Templars in a playthrough of Inquisition and like that storyline almost as much as the mage one, so Inquisition did a much better job of presenting both sides as being simultaneously batshit insane and a legitimate ally. But I still prefer to side with the mages in Inquisition.


okay so I was at the grocery store with my mom but I was waiting by the entrance for her to pay and i was wearing a tank top that showed a lil bit of cleavage.

so this older guy walks in, looks me up and down and tells me that my shirt is a problem because someone would get the “wrong kind of idea of what kind of girl you are”

and I looked at him and said, fairly loudly, “I think the actual problem is you sexualizing a 14 year old girl”

and this guy who had been restocking stuff and looked like he was going to say something to the guy before I did said “hey, dude. do you need some ice for that burn? because I have some frozen peas here”


Pearl sometimes spits when she yells and I feel like she is unaware of this and would be mortified if someone told her


Btw Tyler at 99% won’t be back on tw. He said for him it was like “a closed chapter in a book”. There will have to be a reeeeally good reason also for a spot appearance. He said “if they told me hey ty go back and just take away your shirt or go back just to say hi to Stiles -he KNOWS GUYS about the baiting- if there is no story behind it, no thanks. ”. And everytime someone mentions past tw to him he gets sad… :-( and for the moment he has no new project. He has only one super secret but it’s only in his head for the moment. He’s hoping in something good after Summer. I kind of really just wanted to hug him tbh because he was so open…
Now going for day 2.


“Do you really think we need these?”
“Last time we went to the zoo I lost you for six hours. So yes.”
“And you found me!”
“After six hours, Taehyung. I’m not going through that again.”
“You’re too much of a worrier, Jungkookie.”
“And you wander away and get lost and then I get terrified that someone’s taken you. So. We’re wearing the damn shirts.”
“You like me, huh~”
“You’re my boyfriend, of course I do, you idiot. But sometimes I wonder why.”
“Aw, Kookie-yah. I like you too.” 
“You’d better.”
(photo credit: EmmaHan)

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"why cant u stand michael hes practically the real life version of that feeling u get when u wake up and realize u still have time to sleep in" I've never read something more accurate in my entire life

tbh theres so many feelings that michael reminds me of like michael is the human embodiment of:

  • that feeling u get when u wake up and realize u still have time to sleep in
  • that feeling u get when u wake up and open the fridge and realize someone got groceries
  • that feeling u get when a cat like, rubs its head against ur hand bc it wants to be pet and it’s chosen u to pet it
  • that feeling u get when u buy a shirt that u have wanted for like 2 months
Let me just think this out right here


Okay. We all know Norman is sick to death of the shipping questions. We’re all sick to death of shipping questions. There is way more to the show than Daryl shacking up with someone, as he so eloquently put it, and I’m sure he wants the fans and interviewers to understand that. Norman has said in multiple interviews that Daryl and Carol are like brother and sister, that’s the bond and love they share. I think the only way he could be more clear is if he wore a shirt that said “Caryl ain’t gonna happen, now leave me alone.” and have Gimple and Nicotero’s signatures on it. That or issue a public warning that the next person who asks gets a punch in the junk.

That’s actually a really funny visual. Take a second and think about it and laugh. I sure did. 

And seriously, that’s what I wanted to do with this interviewer. Norman JUST SAID “Daryl and Carol are like brother and sister.” And what does he follow that up with? “Does Daryl get to eat Carol’s cookies?” (or whatever idiotic innuendo he came up with) WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? Did you not listen to anything that man said? Good Lord! Yeah, Because now Daryl is into incestual relationships. Idiot.

I digress. So, the main point of this post…what if…WHAT IF…Norman is sick of the shipping questions, especially those asking about Caryl, because it’s getting harder and harder for him to dodge them? It’s all he can do to keep spewing the same answer over and over so he doesn’t accidentally blurt out, “Meanwhile, Beth and Daryl…”

Remember before Season 5 MSF, he would say, “I get asked that all the time…Daryl and Carol, or Beth or Rick or Glenn or Michonne,” and try to dodge the question that way, so it’s not obvious who he wants to be paired with or where the writers might take the show. But now that everything has to be so darn hush-hush, that’s when he started explaining Caryl as brother/sister love, not romantic at all.

He’s said before that “Once Daryl falls in love with someone, it’s for life.” Uh…I do believe 5x10 proved that Daryl loved Beth, and not in a platonic/brother-sister way. He may not have known it, but he was in LOVE with that girl…and still is (you can see it whenever Aaron brings up the “good people” thing, Daryl gets a look that screams “Beth was good. Beth taught me I was good. Beth taught me to see the good in others.”)

In this recent interview he calls it “shacking up” with someone. Remember how he basically told Beth he wouldn’t mind just living in that house, just the two of them, and they’d make it work? he was all kinds of ready to play house with her, which just further confirms his love for Beth.

But what the hell else can he do (besides junk-punch people…and GOD I want that to be a thing now)? He can’t give any spoilers about “maybe someone will come along” because they’ve already confirmed that he loves Beth and will keep loving her, regardless of whether she comes back or not (she will). He can’t say that Daryl’s still holding out hope for Beth to come back because we’re all supposed to believe she’s dead.

I wish I could end this more eloquently…there’s something else there, but my brain can’t pin it down…not yet anyway. I may be reposting with my addendum.

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To add the morco bodt is dead thing I got your shirt and I was drinking fruit punch and my cat jumped on me it got all over my shirt so there was red spatters all over So it looks like I killed someone and now I can't wear it in public with out getting concerned looks. One time I went to Taco Bell in the middle of the night with my cousin and this little kid (idk why they were at Taco Bell at like 1 in the morning ) and they asked why I killed Marco. I stopped wearing the shirt out.

This is beautiful


Help me get to Nicaragua

Hi my name is Ariel and I’m trying to go on the humanitarian trip to help build a free high school in Nicaragua with Random Acts. Volunteering and helping people out is a huge passion of mine. There is nothing more rewarding knowing you’ve helped someone and put a smile on their faces. It’s always been a dream of mine to do a humanitarian trip and help in other parts of the world. Education is such a privilege that many of us take for granted for these days but these kids dont get to have that. I would love to help these kids and build them a school so that they can learn and have a better future for themselves. That is why with the help of my friend wincestieltrash​ I am now selling these shirts to help me get there! 

*all graphics are made by wincestieltrash

Graduation Cap Shirt 

Flower Princess Shirt

Princess Crest Shirt 

donate directly to me here 


And I’m finally done the shirt! 

Rambles about the photo: Man, I really need a selfie stick or something geeze, it’s really tough to take photos with my short arms, it was so tough to get the letters in the image! And mirror pics often look really awkward, it’s hard not to hide anything?? I didn’t want to wait for someone to be able to take a photo for me, so I’m sorry for the blah pics with not the best background! 

Super super happy with this shirt, I just had to wear it right away <3 

*The third image is the photo I took of it when it was almost done, I just needed to finish the lining on the collar and sleeves. 


imagine mark does what a lot of band members do in the middle of their preformance (take off their shirt while preforming) and the night before a big concert he and jack are doing stuff (if you catch my drift) and when he takes off his shirt in front of probably thousands of people there’s like hickeys all over his neck and lower back and he shares the worlds most suggestive look with jack with everyone watching aND I CANT HANDLE THIS SOMEONE HELP ME

Can we talk about Winnie for a moment? When Mumford came back, like everyone, I noticed how good Win was looking (because how can you not), but then i saw this quote and I felt sad, because I fell in love with that guy who wore adidas sneakers and weirdly coloured shirts and shorts and it makes me sad that he thinks he won’t marry someone just because he wasn’t dressed well. It’s bull****. What I’m trying to say is I really really hope that his change in style was by his own hand and not because he let other people get to him…

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This may sound odd but like how do you handle sleeping with someone new, like at their place. Do you get nervous etc?

Because of the excess skin? It’s terrifying. I haven’t had sex in months because I’m uncomfortable with it and a few months ago when I almost had sex with someone, the woman took my shirt off, looked disgusted and told me to leave.

Always Keep Fighting2 T-SHIRT EXCHANGE

Hey, everyone! After being inspired by what samprincesschester did, I really wanted to keep the Always Keep Fighting T-Shirt exchange going. I’d also like to give her extreme credit for this entire post, 

Do you want a shirt, but can’t afford one? Send me a message. Or do you want to do something nice for someone who can’t afford a shirt? Send me a message.


1. To Receive a Shirt:

  • First come, first serve. The sooner you send me a message, the more likely you are to get matched up.
  • ONE shirt per tumblr account. Please don’t abuse the system and take advantage of people’s generosity!
  • Be respectful of the buyer’s conditions. If they can only afford to get you a t-shirt, don’t demand a sweatshirt.
  • Include the country of your shipping address in your message to me. International shipping charges are a factor buyers want to be aware of.

Example: Hi! I live in ____ and I can’t afford a shirt and would like to be put on the list to receive one.

2. To Buy a Shirt for Someone:

  • Specify how many shirts you’re willing to purchase, and if you are okay with paying international shipping for any of them.
  • It’s okay if you need to rescind your offer! Just please message meASAP to let me know. I don’t want to promise someone a shirt if I can’t follow through.

Example: Hi! I’d like to buy shirts for 3 fans who want one. OR for 2 fans if one or both need international shipping.

3. For Both Parties:

  • HAVE YOUR ASKBOX TURNED ON. There can be no two-way communication without it.
  • Your message should be comprehensible. I’m a busy girl (i.e. I’m in the middle of midterms) and I don’t have time to track down people to clarify their messages.
  • I’m just the middle man! I’ll match up givers and receivers by responding to your messages with the other’s URL. It’s your obligation to hash out the details between the two of you.
  • That means: If you want a shirt, do not tell me what style/size you want, and your shipping address. That information only needs to be exchanged between the buyer and the receiver.
  • Tumblr’s messaging system isn’t always reliable, so make sure you don’t include any links and, just to be safe, feel free to send me your message twice.

I was one of the lucky people who was matched up with a donor, and I can tell you it really helps on the bad days. I really want to be able to pass this feeling on to other who need it. 

I have faith in this fandom’s generosity, but due to the nature of this endeavor, please don’t be disappointed if you want a shirt and we don’t have enough donors to get you one! Remember, this is all in the spirit of raising awareness about very important issues and supporting a good cause!

Since the boy’s campaign ends on April 29th, I’ll accept messages from people who want to receive a shirt until Tuesday April 28th, 9pm AEST and messages from people who want to buy someone a shirt until midnight. 

Even if you can’t donate, or already have a shirt, please signal boost.


Good people want to help others. It’s in their nature, the very essence of their soul. And usually, everything works out. Sometimes though, you get burned.

My older brother is a great person. He’s loving, kind, hilarious and extremely generous, even when he has little to spare. He’ll make you cry laughing, or give you the shirt off his back if you’re cold. I’d say our parents did a pretty great job.

Remember when I told you that sometimes good people get burned? Well my brother got fried to a crisp. Someone in his life took him - and his wallet - for a very expensive ride.

When he asked me for help, I answered. On April 1st, my fiancé and I moved in with him and this person to help relieve the stress of all the bills. We gave rent to this person, as they were the only one on the lease and in communication with the landlord. When I asked this person if everything was okay for us living there, they told me that they had an agreement with the landlord that we could stay.

Then, in the early afternoon of Sunday, April 12th, my fiancé and I heard a loud banging on the door followed by someone opening it with a key. It was the landlord. As it turns out, the landlord knew nothing about us. At all. The landlord did not even know that my brother had moved in, nor that he was paying all the bills. Since we were not pre-approved, which is needed in accordance with the lease agreement, we had until the evening to be completely out. I do not blame the landlord. This was not their fault at all. It’s their house.

When the landlord told me why they had simply walked in without giving any notice, I thought I was going to be sick.

The landlord had thought the place was abandoned because not only had they not heard anything from the person on the lease in a long time, they had also not received rent for a month and a half. This person stole our rent money from April - as well as my brother’s rent money from March - and ran.

With a mere few hours to vacate and no money to find a new place, we had nowhere to go. Thankfully, our parents were able to set us up with (very) temporary housing but we cannot stay for long.

The three of us can cover rent and utilities no problem, but we need help with the damage deposit for our new place. At the latest, we need to be out of where we’re at by May 1st and in my city, the damage deposit for a townhouse costs around $1200.

That’s why we need your help. With limited time to come up with the rent and utility money, we humbly ask for your assistance with the damage deposit for our new place.

Even if you can only afford to give a small amount, every penny (or nickel now, I should say) would be appreciated so much.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you have a fantastic day.



Click here to donate on GoFundMe.