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I don't understand what people mean when they say more people see Louis as gay. Like, when I look at Daily Mail articles' comments which are about het stories to do with Louis and Harry, I see a lot more people calling Harry gay on the ones where he's seen with girls than the Louis ones.

Keep in mind that people haven’t been talking about Louis for 3+ years now. The only time he’s been talked about is when he’s attached to his pretty student girlfriend. Louis was essentially completely shut down, and looking back, now it makes sense.

 We saw him stop getting papped, unless he was with Eleanor, we saw him tone himself down a LOT, both onstage and off (how he would talk, how he would act, what he wore etc etc etc. And people can deny that all they want but it happened, it’s a thing). People didn’t have a chance to talk about Louis being gay because no one was talking about him.

But back in the day however, and even now when people pay a bit of attention, his mannerisms are stereotypically gay (that does’t mean he is gay, says nothing about his sexuality at all, but he’s a walking gay stereotype) and people picked up on it quickly. That’s starting to pick up speed again.

You know what, for a pairing that’s basically got no development in the actual manga, Sai/Ino is sure as hell working their canon status. I mean:

Not only that, but the way they’re written in the novels is A+. Pure gold. Looks like they dodged a bullet by not being developed by Kishi’s own hands. 

And yet I have seen people call them a poor-man’s version of SS? Excuse me?? SS wishes it could come close to the way these two are being portrayed.

TIME TO LET OUT MY QUEEN INO FEELS. Spoilers for the novels below!! Including a lot of rambling about SasuIno, SaiIno and mentions of anti-SS.

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i’ve been seeing some discussion of trans visibility today and for a while before now (particularly since the trans day of visibility) and i have some thoughts on that

i’ve seen some people calling for and celebrating the visibility of trans people in online communities, popular culture, and general discourse. i think the general desire behind these posts is for trans people to be included and accepted in mainstream and alternative cultures without having to hide their transness.

part of the response to these posts has been the reminder (mostly from trans women as far as i’ve seen) that visibility can be detrimental, that in a society that hates you visibility is inherently a risk and shouldn’t be pushed on anyone. anyone visibly gender non-conforming is in danger of significant consequences. there’s also the point that trans women in particular are very used to visibility in media, but that visibility comes with ridicule, hate and violence, because it overwhelmingly presents caricatures to be treated as the butt of a joke, or something to be afraid of. the basic point behind these posts is that “awareness/fighting erasure” shouldn’t be treated as an important goal relative to material forms of support, active efforts to reduce the high rates of violence and poverty experienced by trans people. which is a really good and important point!!

both of these arguments have felt a little reductive to me though… i’ve been trying to put my finger on it for a while but i felt like visibility and support weren’t mutually exclusive. in fact i think it’s really hard to get widespread support without visibility - but it has to be visibility that comes with respect, understanding and acceptance, is the thing. just fighting erasure on its own doesn’t do much except for the least materially marginalized of us, and like people have said, being invisible can be much preferable when visibility means violence. it’s also important that visibility isn’t the end in itself, but is used as a means to gather support: visibility not just for the existence of trans bodies, but visibility of the system that exploits and abuses trans people, and the efforts that can be made to change it. it has to be inclusive visibility - inclusive of non-binary people, people of color, non-western people, disabled people, homeless people, people who aren’t conventionally attractive, people who don’t conform to western binary gender norms, people who don’t conform to western ideas of queerness - where everyone included is in control of what’s being said about them.

so i think what it comes down to for me, as i see it, is that the conversation is being unproductively framed as visibility vs. real change, when imo the conversation should be framed as good visibility vs. bad visibility. what forms of trans visibility are actual vehicles of positive change that prioritize the members of our community who are most marginalized and at risk? what forms of trans visibility just play into harmful societal narratives, or lift up some trans people at the expense of others (the sort of “hey we’re not like the weird ones, we’re normal like you!” kind of thing), or fail to deal with actual material issues? i feel like that’s what’s important to work on and seeing people dancing around it is frustrating me.

this is rebloggable + i’m open to discussion, criticism, etc. but i think cis people should stay out of the conversation, though they’re welcome to listen and to ask questions about how they can help.

(disclaimers: i’m nonbinary + transfeminine, medically and socially pre-transition, i’ve been out on tumblr and to a few friends for almost a year, just recently came out to my parents who have been awkward or difficult a lot of the time but are trying to be supportive. i’m white, american, abled, and a 21 year old college student in a pretty good financial situation. my experiences of transphobia/transmisogyny are mostly indirect, caused by living in a transphobic culture rather than being directly identified as trans and mistreated for it. so that’s the perspective i’m coming from right now. i won’t pretend to have experiences i don’t have, but i do think i have plenty of reason to worry about myself for the future, and to worry about my friends and community right now.)

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In the new update Michael looked so cute I was dying

Do you mean the update where he almost punches a hole in Natalie’s face?? Lmaoo. I can’t not agree with you though, this kid’s attractiveness level is dangerously high. 

To this day the only anime I regret watching is Madoka Magica. Every main character except Madoka and including Kyubey had such a superiority complex that it made me hate their guts. The persistent shock value plot twists and heaps of melodrama got exhausting super-fast and Madoka’s progression as a protagonist was the most unsatisfying thing I’ve ever seen in a so-called magical girl show.

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Day 23: The Great Escape

You jolt forward at the rap on your cell, and quickly follow the orders of the young Sword who calls you over. You have seen this a few times over the past few hours - prisoners being escorted out by officers, either in chains for interview or begrudgingly free to go. Your heart sinks when he produces a pair of handcuffs for your wrists, but skips a beat when he doesn’t fully fasten them, although he makes a great show of locking you up.

“Come with me.” He says, loudly for the benefit of his audience of guards, and you are nearly embarrassed for him. You trail him out of the holding room and into a stark hallway of more bare offices, then into an interrogation room. As you start to sit down, he goes for a private entrance across from where you walked in and turns himself so you can see him fiddling with the lock.  

“It is very noble,” He announces to you, “to protect compromised companions in need when you could have easily had your freedom. An excellent way of paying favors forward.”

After the door is sufficiently unlocked and a little more, he starts for the first door. “I will be back with a detective momentarily.”

Within seconds after he has left, you have shed the handcuffs and raced for the unlocked door. The hallway you find yourself in is decked out in ornate purple tile and is far more pleasant on the eyes than the jail, but your motion sets off automated lights and you too exposed to stay for long. You rush down the way, feeling rather like a child daring to run inside the house, and try to decide what door to gamble on - the one labeled Locker Room seems like an excellent bet, and you slip inside.

The large, sunny spa with a great glass ceiling is a far cry from any stoic military changing room you might have imagined. A sauna and steam room are to your left, while rows and rows of towering showers line the right wall - the centerpiece is, of course, several circles of lockers. You hear voices from the sauna and you immediately duck into the first shower you can get to, running the water for noise as you tap your earpiece.

“Smith! I got out!”

“Did you like Waite’s ex?” Smith sounds like she can barely contain her giggling. “You should have heard them on the phone sweet-talking him. They were all out of other Swords to call. How far did he get you?”

You find yourself wishing that Waite had maybe slept with someone a little higher up in rank. But after saving their life and hearing their reveal about their motives, it is nice to finally feel like you and Waite are finally starting to get even.

“I’m in a locker room. I don’t know whether I’m being searched for or not.”

“Well, be careful. If you’re still dressed like Marseilles did you, you’ll get nabbed in a heartbeat.” You look down and wince at your tattered street clothes, quickly discarding them on the floor in favor of a plushy purple towel off the rack. “You’re going to have to blend in as much as you can. Can you steal a uniform?”

“Does this sound like a spy novel to you?” You aren’t fully convinced it isn’t, honestly. The people in the sauna emerge, change, chat endlessly about work and finally leave you in peace. Slipping out of the curtain, you start to search the lockers.

There are no police clothes lying around, of course, and you are not particularly capable of picking any locks with only a towel on. You start tearing through closets and closets of towels and bath supplies and just as you have started to contemplate pulling the fire alarm and making a break for an exit bare as the day you were born, you open one last door and find treasure.

“Smith.” You whisper, as you paw through the thick white and purple garb for one that could fit. “Is there somewhere to fence around here?”

The fencing gear, unlike the police uniforms, appear to be loaners and free for the taking. You try to wrestle yourself into the strappy wrap-around clothes. There is a notice in the gear closet about sensors in the uniforms and a strict warning that they cannot be removed from the building, and you swear to yourself before she chimes in again. Smith talks back.

“You could take the underground passage to the Fencing League. We’ve got a map up. Can you find the northern walkway?”

You take off with Smith’s instructions and find yourself in a massive hall with police everywhere - it takes all of you to breathe and not panic, and while you get an occasional look for being in gear, no one seems to pay you much heed beyond that. You stare straight ahead and force yourself to concentrate on Smith’s voice as you walk for a few miles, chased by your heartbeat and nothing else.The last door has two crossed swords pointing downwards at you as you enter, and you can’t help but feel like they will skewer you any moment.

The League is, in a word, extraordinary. You force yourself not to gawk too much as you come up the escalator and see the old spiraling architecture sprawl out across windows and walls. The marbling and pillars and paintings on the domed ceiling are either reproductions or an incredible salvage from the days before the destruction - either way, it is a sight rarely seen in the city.

Lost for intention, you find another, far more crowded equipment room and help yourself to a pistol-grip foil and a helmet - the helmet to better your disguise, the foil for the fact it feels good to have in your hand. Helmet on, you start to wander again throughout the bouting rooms in search of a plan and again pick a door to bet on.

There are several fencers already inside the large room, which appears to be specifically for competing given the risers and stands against the walls, but the group seems to be gathered together in conversation instead of fighting. One looks up at you and grunts.

“We reserved the championship hall! This is a private practice!”

You nod and start to leave when another figure steps forward. “Hold it!”

They remove their helmet and a large puff of dark, curly hair emerges, revealing a woman underneath with stern eyes, a cold smirk, and a face you’ve definitely seen before in papers, usually in photos that Rider angrily jabs his fingers at.

“You’ve already interrupted. It’d be rude to turn you away.”

The Knight of Swords puts out her gloved hand and gestures you forward with two fingers.

“Come on, rookie. Come have a bout with the chief.”

Day 23: On The Run

This challenge can be done either from the perspective of you for yourself, or you as a character. This challenge may be done for someone else if desired.

1: What are you running from?

2: What can you hide behind?

3: What will you have to do to stop running?

#Tarotpocalypse Master Post

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jjong is consistent calling him "jinki"? that's so cute omg. when has he called him jinki? i've only seen it a couple of times tbh. and do you know if the others use his real name too? i'd prefer it, because he has such a lovely name, and it feels way more genuine than calling him "onew".

here’s a post listing all the times i’ve found them calling him ‘jinki’ in public.

every time jonghyun thanked his members during “base” promotions he called him “jinki-hyung” or “lee jinki-ssi”.  every time.  i thought that was absolutely lovely.  ^u^ 

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SO. Me and a very dear friend of mine are going to be doing a Crowley and Cas cosplay very soon... I thought I would ask you because they are my precious babies and dammit if we aren't gonna do it right.. I only need one more piece for my Crowley costume which I canNOT find.... his damn tie. I have looked everywhere and I can't find it or anything similar enough to pass as it. At least to me. Do you happen to have any idea what the print is called or if you've seen one that's similar???

That is so precious! ≧◡≦ You should take pictures and tag me or something, I demand to see your beautiful faces and this cosplay you’re going to do! It’s flattering that you’re asking such an important question to lil’ old me but all I know is that his tie design is paisley. That’s all I know but you’ve come to the right place since I’ve got tons of friends and followers who could lead you in the right direction. Lots of Crowley experts here so we’ve got your back. Anyone out there willing to give some cosplay guidance? ;) Jess? (crowllink)

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hiya tumblr,

those watching the world news would know that there has been a devastating earthquake in Nepal, and those who know me personally would now that I am Nepalese and have many of my relative living in nepal.

 I have been completely distraught over this. My family and I lost contact with families of both sides for hours. we didn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and were mindlessly waiting for our phones to connect to call through. whatever pain we were in, all the people of nepal were in far worse.Thankfully, only minutes ago we were able to talk to my relatives. My uncle is in hospital, my nine year old cousin has a fractured leg, otherwise they are all alright. God thank you for saving them.

the place i call home is gone. I have seen countless pictures and videos and have helplessly wept. Bhaktapur durbar square, my childhood playground is now nothing but rubble. Our symbolic Dharhara Tower which i had promised to climb with my grandfather on my next visit, now  a mound, still with people trapped under its rubble. Our beautiful stupas and temples, completely disfigured. Sagarmatha (mt Everest) and its surrounding suffered a terrible avalanche, killing 18 mountaineers.

but now the people of Nepal face another struggle. Nepal has always been in poverty, and now more so than ever. there is not electricity, no safe drinking water and little food. Our relatives have said that it has been raining, so it is too wet to stay outside but they are to scared to stay in the little shelter they have. tremors and aftershocks are still being felt. roads have been destroyed beyond repair between towns so little aid has been spread. there are still thousands trapped under the fallen building and rubble. the death toll has now reached 1300 and continues to rise.

i have rarely been in a position to ask for donations, but please please, this is my home and i feel so helpless and lost. australia has seemingly done little to noting, the news is still focused on the birth of the royal baby and its frustrating to know that a whole country is in turmoil and your country has done fucking nothing

so i ask you guys. please please. here are some charities and organisations that I trust to deliver. even if you do not donate please spare a thought to the millions in Nepal struggling. Pray for Nepal. please.







https://secure2.convio.net/seva/site/Donation2;jsessionid=13DA8B424A365601B4BF9DCC69A5BE55.app271a?idb=1763156034&df_id=4800&4800.donation=form1&idb=0 — SEVA 

thank you thank you and please pray nepal

mero desh malai lagcha pyaro

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Ship Meme: Bakshimmons

  1. Their ringtones for each other:  Bakshi’s for Jemma is Stop The World Cause I wanna Get Off With You by Arctic Monkeys while Jemma’s for him is R U Mine by the same band. It was a surprise for them both that they loved Arctic Monkeys so much.   

  2. Their FB relationship status: They don’t have Facebook accounts, no matter how much Skye pressures them into setting up one.

  3. Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: Not really but there were a few occasions where they did take a selfie or two. One might or might not be a wallpaper on Bakshi’s phone.

  4. Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: Skye. She has actually been seen squealing into a pillow when Jemma ended a phone call once with a “I can’t wait for you to be home either”.  

  5. Who overshares intimate relationship details: Jemma talks a lot with the girls about her sex life but there has been a time or two where Hunter pushed Bakshi’s buttons a little more than he should and the things he heard kept him up at night. You just don’t want to hear things like that for the girl that’s like a little sister to you. Jemma punished Bakshi accordingly for the slip ups. 

  6. Who steals the other’s clothes: Bakshi steals Jemma’s socks all the time. He claims that they’re softer than his but they both know he just like the colourful patterns on them. After so many years Jemma has learned to pick a pair or two extra for him.

  7. Who’s the PDA fan: No one of them. Not really. But for what they don’t do in public they more than make up behind the closed doors of their flat. 

  8. Who proposes: Bakshi. A lazy Sunday afternoon when they’re both laying on the couch reading. They’ve been together for years and he’s been carrying the ring Skye helped him pick with him for weeks. His question is quiet but her answers is loud and clear. They celebrate for the rest of the day. 

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i don't think you're a shitty person either! you're very calm and collected when discussing things with others- and when things do get out of hand, your anger/other emotions are justifiable, from what i've seen. Being called rude and calling out a popular problematic ship come hand in hand, from experience. Try not to let it get to you. And if it does, there's nothing wrong with taking time for yourself! - pedophiliapolice

All of you are way too kind to me.

Thank you, all of you.

Trans*girls and Trans*guys

Something I’ve noticed that is really pissing me off is the lack of recognition that trans guys receive from, not only the media, but the community itself. It seems that more and more people are paying attention and giving support to trans girls. Hell, even Tumblr (which shouldn’t be as surprising as it is) is giving more recognition to trans girls; even in their “fight for equality,” trans guys are hardly put into consideration. Trans girls have more tips for passing or being comfortable in their body, more posts and drawings about them, and are glorified to no end. I’m not saying trans girls aren’t important, because everyone is, regardless of gender, sexuality, etc. But I’ve seen many people especially on Tumblr go as far as calling trans guys misogynistic scum. What did we do to deserve that? Everywhere you look, it’s always about the trans girls in the community. No one cares about the trans guys. The blog “transgender” is 97% about trans girls. It’s about damn time that trans guys are recognized as much as trans girls and are treated equal to them. I realize trans girls have it harder, especially trans girls of Color. But that definitely does not, or at least should not, invalidate the struggles that trans guys face. Don’t fight for gender equality if your ‘gender equality’ doesn’t include each (VALID/REAL) gender. (I say valid/real because there have been increasing numbers of transtrenders, which is another post for another time).

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Totally agree. I'd be burnt at the stake if I was famous probably from how many times I've called a guy a fuckboy. Unless that's totes ok because tumblr double standards.

right. i mean. we all say horrible things about characters, especially. i don’t know how many times i’ve seen the likes of clints, deans, etc called whores and sluts. you can’t have double standards. feminism is about equality. males are allowed to make the same jokes as us. if they aren’t. that’s some bullshit. if they had said that about an actual human being, rather than a character. maybe i’d be swayed to be more upset about it. but how many times have you seen jeremy especially (since he was in so many interviews with scarlett) give male reporters an evil glare because they were rude to her. like that guy who asked about what she wore under her suit and it looked like he wanted to punch him in the face. patterns speak louder than a mere joke. if these were men that made other sexist remarks. you’d know it wasn’t a joke and there’d be cause for being upset.

you can’t call people from the past “gay“ because sexuality was seen as behavior rather than innate

you know, unlike today

because bisexuals nowadays aren’t seen as going straight or gay based on their current partner. and if you’re a straight man who has sex with a guy, people will totally accept that you’re straight. corrective rape isn’t a thing. no one thinks that kids can be turned gay. nope.

the to-watch list in a not-exact order:

  • unbreakable kimmy schmidt (I saw 2.5 eps today and it was beautiful but sadly I don’t have the entire season)
  • daredevil (people say so much good shit about it so)
  • steven universe (ditto, also so I can get like 90% of everyone’s references and understand 75% of my dash)
  • better call saul (seen a few eps, but I still need to  catch up)
  • helix (it looks cool though all I really know is that it sounds like an x-files episode)
  • the rest of buffy (seen almost all of s1, but the rest is still looming over me)
  • the entire hoard of star trek tv shows (watch me im gonan do it)
  • merlin maybe (idk, I’ve seen eps here and there, but I haven’t seen it all the way through)

So I’m going to talk about the future of Witch Nerbs.  I’ve been enjoying this comic a lot, and since I’ve been unable to work I have time to work on it and continue it.  If everything stays status quo, I’ll have a small book ready for shortrunseattle this October, either 24 pages, which I could polish off soon, or more if I have more time.  That’s if everything stays status quo.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the Oni Press open call.  While I think it’s a long shot, a big publisher like Oni publishing what’s essentially a silly comic about witch furries, I intent to spend the next month or so preparing a submission for them as a writer.  I think Nerbs has potential.  I love the characters and the story, and I think with an artist who’s actually trained for this sort of thing can help bring out the story better than I can. 

Like I said, this is a long shot, but it’s something I’m excited for.  What this means is you might not see more comic for the next month or so.  I will be posting doodles and concept art as I go, because I do try to draw every day.

Anyways, that’s it.  I’m glad people have been enjoying the nerbs and their adventures, and I hope I can take them to a longer audience.