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I think in the past one of y'all said you have aspergers. I found out that I have mild aspergers this summer and I still struggling to come to terms with it. Mainly in telling people about it and how to address the topic since I am currently 22. I was wondering if y'all had any advice on how to tell people or my college about it? Thank you and I love this blog!

I was not much younger than you when I was diagnosed (which makes me sound older than I am) and I think the important thing to realize is that you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. If you don’t want to tell someone and it doesn’t affect your relationship with them in any way, then you don’t have to tell them. But if you want to tell someone, go ahead. Talk to them about it and let them ask questions. Explain to them the ways in which you need them to adjust their behavior with you so you can better understand them. Maybe it would help if they were more explicit in their words and didn’t use so much body language to convey things, or maybe you need a little less physical contact.

The same goes for your college. If ASD doesn’t affect your abilities in school and you don’t want to tell people, then you don’t have to. But if you want something on file in case something comes up, that’s fine too.

It’s entirely up to you whom you tell and how, because this is about you.

I think Zayn is BIPOLAR, this is the only explanation. And I’m freaking tired of those fans who think everything happens is a stunt. Like, ok I’ve always supported the theory that Zayn leaving 1D is a stunt (maybe just because I want more ziam moments so badly and asap), but how can you be so 100% sure of that?! It can happen to any friends to quarrel, even to zouis, why can’t it be happened for real? And those people saying that Louis and Naughtyboy aren’t following each other on twitter so they weren’t supposed to see eachother’s untagged tweets and zaughty’s selfie, like WTF! Internet is an open space, they probably saw eachothers posts the same way you did! everywhere! I’m not 100% sure it’s a stunt, and I’m not 100% it isn’t, same you do. So I’m just commenting what I read, I read Zayn telling Louis to get a life. I see Zayn being mute when Naughtyboy called us fake, wannabes, and dumbasses! I know we all want to keep a good memory of Zayn, thinking of him as a nice and shy boy, but you also should start to deal with the fact that he’s probably not so.

Too Far Away

My explanations are a broken bird,
Words worthless noise spent,
What is is not what we want,
A glimmered glance not enough
The truth of can’t is acid on my heart,
Resignation too much to achieve tonight,
You speak and never say it aloud,
But still I hear the hidden echoing,
Of all that is untouchable for us,
There is no salve in our memories,
No poultice can drain this aching,
You know that I know my darling,
But what can I say tonight,
That might hold more than maybe?
There is only this place we have,
Not real but at least it’s ours,
Which carries no comfort I know,
But it is all I have to bring,
Should it be too bleak for you to bear,
Slip away into sleep instead my dear,
To meet me in your dreams

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So what's your opinion on this situation of Louis being out last night at a club and the girls in the club saying he was flirting with girls, kissing their cheeks and touching their necks? What's the point if there's no photos? Starting to think maybe he is actually going out to find girls to hook up with. Maybe Larry isn't real. :/

Though I wanted to answer this with sarcasm, I decided to go for an explanation.

You have 3 things to consider:

1) Anyone can write anything, anywhere. So I could tell you that I, am in fact Harry Edward Styles, and give you a solid amount of details to that point. It doesn’t make it the truth. People like to get attention. People tend to embellish on stories to get attention. People tend to make up stories to get attention. 

2) In many cultures, including my husband’s culture, men kiss women on the cheek, and women kiss women on the cheek, as a greeting or a goodbye. Soon after I met my spouse he took me to a party. As we left I kissed over 25 total strangers on the cheek as a farewell because if I hadn’t, it would have looked rude. Until I see Louis Tomlinson with his tongue fully inside a girl’s mouth and his hands desperately grabbing at the girl, I’m not even slightly fazed. He has never, in documented history, looked at any female the way he looks at Harry.

3) I’m here following Harry and Louis’ secret love because I find it fun and interesting. It shouldn’t cause you stress. If it worries you that they might not be a couple (which in my opinion, they are SOOOOOO a couple) then don’t look anymore. Look away. Find other types of things to follow that make you happy. 


Characters: Leo, You, Ken, OC
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: M (not this chapter, tho)
Warnings: swearing, maybe a little crude humor, sexual circumstances, nauseating fluff, Ken, our dumbasses wrote it

Lookie what we got here. It’s summer break. That means free time. Free time means we can type all day if we wanted to (well, not me because I work, but I had today off!). And when we type all day giant chapters of this mess are produced.

- DearlyB :3

If you don’t know who Homeboy is, you can click here for an explanation or click here for the series list in our directory.

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What if the reason Thomas has a rough time season 6, is because he finally gets a letter in the post but it's a death notice for Jimmy?

But nah, I don’t think that’ll happen, Fellowes only kills his characters when the actors want to leave (except Green ‘cause the Bateses need all the drama they can get and William ‘cause William had to die as a martyr). Also, I just saw this interview where he said that it would be a happy ending for everyone… though you never know with Fellowes, for him ‘everyone’ possibly means Mary. 

I want to believe Jimmy won’t die tho, he’ll be back and him and Thomas will leave to America together. As someone said, maybe Jimmy will come back just when Thomas is having bad times, idk. 

*PLUS there’re many things about Jimmy we need an explanation for


The change in url needs some explanation.

So Auferro is a pretty big project. It will take around a year of serial updates to complete. Maybe more.

But Auferro isn’t the only comic i want to make.

You see, I determined that Auferro will be too big to tackle as my first project. It is massive and needs time to develop the narrative before i can begin pages.

So instead a much smaller comic unrelated to Auferro will be released first, lasting about six months. It’s called The Runaways. It’s about some punk kids living on the street after running away from abusive homes. It will be cool, i swear. It has a much simpler storyline, so it should finish development quickly. If it gets popular enough, i may continue The Runaways with another story arc, but who knows if that’ll happen. I am not one to judge how everyone will like the punk kids.

I’ll get around to some concepts for that soon, hopefully. It will be in the style that all of my comics will be drawn in- much cartoony than the other concept art.

As for Auferro character concepts, i may end up making and releasing it before i make the Runaways. There are three more main characters for that yet to show.

Can Town Raffle!

“TL;DR: my goal is to make SdStuck Meetups make a difference in the community by providing meals to San Diego’s starving families. I plan to make it fun, and eventually make it big enough that we can be proud of what we’ve done as a group.

Alright Guys, I kinda realized some of you may not know what the Can Town Project actually is. So I’ll give a quick explanation.

About a year ago (maybe 2) I started cosplaying PM, and got really excited when someone suggested that we make a can-town at our meetups. Then, after creating the can-town, we would take all the cans collected, and donate it to local food-drives.

I plan to usher back in the Can-Town Project. But this time, I want to make it real.

Instead of just creating a measly little can town, and donating a small amount of cans, I want SDStuck to make a difference for San Diego.

SO I am using my own money to bring raffle prizes, music, helpers, and fun so that you guys see not only the benefit of bringing cans to help out the gratuitous amount of starving families in San Diego, but so you can have fun while doing it!

If the can Town Project works out, and I can do more than one that make a difference, it is my goal to eventually create the Can Town Foundation (With permission from Hussie to use his name), and make it a real 501c-3 (A bone-ified Charity).

But little steps first.

How amazing would it be if SanDiego Stuck could make a real difference in San Diego? How our little fun meetups could mean so much more than getting together and enjoying camaraderie. How our events could actually help change the lives of starving families across the county? There are over 700,000 people in San Diego that don’t have enough money to eat 2 meals a day. A Can of food costs, on average, 75 cents. For one Starbucks Latte, at around 5 dollars, you can give a family an entire meal (6-7 cans of food, or one reem of pasta and pasta sauce, that’s a meal for a family of 4, possibly 2 meals). So, even for us who don’t have much to spare, just a small amount can make a difference.

In order to make the Can Town Project a success, I have put a lot of time and money into it. I plan to raffle off two Anime Expo 4-day passes (raffle tickets bought with cans).

I plan to bring a boom-box, and teach ya'all the carapacian way to have fun.

I plan to have a real Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. A Mayor of the town. An official name for the town. Pictures of the town. A Page for the town. (Facebook.com/cantownproject (it’s kinda empty right now)

stories shared about the journey from a simple meet-up to a difference-making impact.

I believe that the smallest things in the world can make a huge impact on people’s lives. I believe that giving, whether it be for a raffle, or just to empty your pantry, or from the bottom of your heart, all provide not only a mental healing and un-rivaled sense of accomplishment and joy, but it also brings people together under a banner of equality and righteousness, where differences can be set aside for the better of humanity, and not only can you love everyone around you, but you can also see a light in Humanity that reminds us just how amazing we really are, and gives us all hope for a shining future.” [Facebook Post]

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you totally do not owe any kind of explanation for your triggers and you can ignore this ask if you want, but i was just wondering why you need glitter tagged :O is it a trypophobia type of thing?

its ok! im not sure tbh..? its been a thing since i was a little kid u know…it makes me really sick just seeing it and i get nauseous for some reason i just cant stand it! idk how to explain it further :^

#emetophobia maybe

Guys guys, I had this idea just now… I am not writing anything where I can use this (at the moment) but I really like this idea and wanted to share it with you

A reason why a raiding party or crew on a ship could be all female:

It has something to do with believes, like lore and maybe religion and krakens.
We know Krakens, so giant squids, are “known” for attacking ships (or at least that’s what they do in most stories, that and wresteling sperm wales).

And I just basically thought of a reason why they could be doing that. Well kind of a reason… more an explanation based on folklore.

So the story goes like this:

We all know that sailors were mostly men (of course there were women but we don’t know a lot about them) and that to have a woman on a ship could be seen as bad luck.

So what if the women who disguised as men or snuck onto ships in secret and were found, were not only trown over board but were mayyyyyyybe decapitated? (because lets face it humans are not nice. this also applies to most fantasy species in one way or another.)

Now an octopus basically looks like a head with arms. Or maybe a head with sentient, very aggressive hair.

So what if people believed that octopuses and squids were these heads of the women who snuck onto ships. These heads would still feel anger towards the men who killed them and more in generall ALL MEN who dared to cross the ocean.

(A giant squid could be the head of a giantress or godess whose head was thrown into the ocean…)

And that could be the reason why the people who believe in this lore only send out all female raiding parties or why only females are allowed to fish in the open ocean or even swim there.

This was just a little brain fart of mine. If you like it and want to do something with it feel free to do so but please tell me, so I can marvel at your interpretation of it.
If this believe actually exists and you know stuff about it inform me.
I would love to read about something like this.

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I know you still haven't posted the 5th baby novella so you won't be up for this. But I wanted to tell you this before I forget. Maybe in the near future you can write about George coming out to his parents & explaining it to the baby as well.

Oh, definitely, my love! That’s definitely in my to-dos! And now that he’ll have a baby sister, I’m sure I’ll write some kind of explanation to her too! xx.


replied to your



i’m sorry for not posting anything lately! i’ve…

wait what? i’ve been slacking with rg lately, she’s in the group now? what happened?

i haven’t seen any videos or pictures from Holon yet. but, apparently, Deriuginas were preparing her for the group routine(s) and are planning to keep her there at least until Baku Games.

Rizatdinova and Romanova were in Individuals. and Mulmina have participated in the other part of the competition. [UPD]

the only explanation i can think of is Deriuginas are not having high hopes for Mazur in Individuals + want to make the group stronger. or maybe they just want to push Vika somehow. like “girl, anyone can be replaced. you gotta do something about it or you’ll be in the group at the Olympics again… if you’re lucky“.

something like that. if anyone knows more about the situation, please, enlighten me. i really need to catch up with all the news.

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Hey its me again, I just wanted to thank you for going through all that trouble to explain mods for me, I really really really really appreciate it. I managed to get a couple mods in game for now.. I'm hoping to add more later but that sounds even more complex than doing it the first time, so maybe not lol. Either way, thank you so much for being so helpful. Seriously. You're awesome. Thanks. A lot. <333

aww i’m sorry my explanation sucked so hard omg but i’m glad you managed to get the mods working?

now here let me try to explain how you can add more mods:

Keep reading

simple life

when asked about myself, I immediately feel flustered.  ‘oh wow, someone wants to know!’,
I stopped and thought about it for awhile, trying to relay just who I am; what I am, my aims an goals, how I’ve gotten to where I am, Why I am what I am.

For a long while now, it felt like trying to describe a colour. You don’t have reasons for liking reptiles over mammals, or surprises over routine;  people simply like different things, which most can’t be outright explained.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; Not everything needs an explanation, especially when it comes to the heart. 


I live a simple life. I get up in the early afternoon, about 9 or 10:30 if I’m feeling lazy, and wander into the kitchen. Toast and water wake me up a bit before I head on up the worn stairs to my landladies place to take her dog, Loki,for his walk.
I offered to do so a week ago for moral support and a good solid reason to get out of bed in the morning. 
Depending on the day, my hoodie will either be worn (on the bad, uncomfortable days) or left behind (On the good, warm days);  It’s become my signature, wearing this oversize batman hoodie when I’m feeling down. It also does wonders to hide my curves and bottom, both of which catch a little too much attention in my own eyes.
Walking Loki is about a 30 minute venture, sometimes longer if I doddle and let him sniff and snort over every piece of grass we go past. I coo or grumble, either milling about beside him or tugging him along to keep up. 
The vegetation never changes, but its always calming to look at. It tunnels the cement bike path, enclosing the damp, cool smell of grass and earth, up until the reservoir stream..
That stream smells rather raunchy sometimes; too many dogs, or too many people with too many leavings. My nose always twitches when I walk by it.
The smell always ebbs away as the walk continues; its a short shot of shit, but it doesn’t follow through the tunnel of trees. 
About this time, Loki feels the need to add to the smell; that’s fine, I have small bags specifically for his own stool, and its a quick pick up before we’e on our way. 
Towards the bridge, more and more people begin passing us by. Some on bikes, others walking, some by themselves, others in pairs. There have been a couple pairs in wheelchairs, some old,  and a couple mentally battered. Its a popular trail, even with its  goofy name, ‘galloping goose’.
On the right, the tunnel eases open its size, and turns into a flat line of thick trees. On the left, apartment buildings begin to rise just beyond the slope of grass. Lots more people mill around in this area, most heading towards the board walkway towards the towns restaurants and lookout points. 
I walked down to the water once; It smelt bad. The view was gorgeous, with sparkling gentle laps of water, boats and canoes coasting on the top;  the sun reflecting in yellow and orange, no matter the time of day. If only it didn’t smell.
Luckily, the wind picks up quite a bit, and the smell never lingers. Its tolerable enough to sit in the shade and relax for a minute.

I tried to bing my notebook this last time, figuring I could make a web of my inner thoughts. No matter how thoroughly I’ve unpacked everything, it doesn’t mean jack-shit if you either can’t remember, or aren’t 100% certain about what you thought before. So I figured, hey, ‘ll start with the basics’
Somewhere along the trail, I lost my one solitary pen.

farthingfilthingfarking fucking fuck.


So much for that idea.

so the time is spent just watching. Looking around, taking in the scene of the water, feeling the wind, the grass, the sun; I haven’t people-watched in a long time, as it can get too over-whelming; I’ve gotten to the point where I, rather than getting in someone else’s shoes, jump right into their skin, and their days life of worries and happiness, going on’s and troubles, fill my head and I have to shake off their presence. 
Back to nature and the plants; if Loki isn’t trying to eat something.
The need to move gets me up and heading back home after about 5-10 minutes, and the walk back is pretty much the same as the walk there.

Those are my mornings; the rest of the day is all draw-of-the-hat; sometimes one activity falls into the next, from cleaning to cooking to outdoor activities to visiting with friends, and other times its a whole hell of a lot of nothing.
I draw, but its halfheartedly done. I don’t have the passion these days for it, using my energy on doing the small, simplistic day-to-day rites. 
Sometimes I sit out in the sun, meditating and soaking up the warmth. It makes me feel good for a little while, but rarely can I find things to keep myself busy with. 

Crafts? A next step to get back into…I can make many random things with cardboard alone, and I have my sketchbook as well as tablet for drawing.

Thats where my day almost always winds up going down; drawing, doodling, scribbling. Monsters and chimeras mostly, but sometimes, rarely, I get an idea for a scene. That, is when my muse comes out and spills

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hello! Your selfies gave me an idea because you really look beautiful with a smart, gentle and kind of wise, calm aura. Also I wondered if you could do the signs and the term of beauty that would fit them (charming, beautiful, cute, elegant, (hot?) etc...) with maybe an explanation but just the word is okay. Maybe a pic or a gif can explain your choices too but basically just the word will be okay, just do as you can and want :)

Aw thanks! Yeah, I can start working on that tomorrow morning! :)

I stopped talking to people or hitting them up first. If you want to talk to me so bad ,just do it. It’s like if you’ve talked to me before and we’ve held an interesting conversation then you should know that it’s not that hard to talk to me. You should also know that I’m not ignoring you at all, cause if I was ignoring you ,you would know it.But it’s whatever though cause I’m honestly done with reaching out to people who could give less than two fucks about me. You can call me a bitch or anything just for not replying when you wanted me to but no one owes you shit. I don’t owe you an explanation as to why I waited a couple of hours to reply. Maybe I was busy or forget. Just hop off my clit about it. I’m not going to stress over someone not hitting me up anymore because it’s useless. I’m over it.

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Hi, could I ask you for some advice? So I've recently began dating this boy who I've really liked for three years. And we've only been dating for a few weeks and he and my friends are kind of making me uncomfortable because they emphasize on my relationship a lot. Also, I feel like I lost all my affection towards him when he became affectionate towards me. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I kind of want to break things off.


Umh maybe I’m not the most idoneous person to reply this yet I can give my input (so if somebody else has any other advice to give, feel free to reblog and add your comment).

From what you say, I feel there’s 2 possible explanations for this:

  • What you had for this boy was an infatuation, a romanticized idea of what it would be like to date him, aka you weren’t in love with him for real but with the fantasy of dating him, so once it happened the magic faded away.
  • He came out to be something completely different from what you knew. Like,  for some people (I include myself in that group) it’s always nice to have enough time to know somebody before you start a more intimate relationship, but there’s always things that you never know about the other person till you get really intimate ooooor you’ve seen them at their worst; but you get my point.

As a side note, no one should be pushy about a relationship for anything besides mutual respect (aka the basics, “treat me well” and “don’t cheat on me plz thnks”), but for no reason at all you should allow third parties to have a voice in how your relationship with your partner should be leaded. Things should be discussed and got to a consensus between the two of you only. 

Finally, just take a little time to think deeply about it. Consider what I just said and ask to yourself what’s really happening there, and if it comes out like this just finish the relationship, because you shouldn’t be forced to date somebody you don’t like; it’s not fair for you and neither him.

It’s all I can say, and take it as an advice please. It’s up to you to decide what to do in the end ovobb 

Good luck!

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So I told one of my best guy friends that I identify as a lesbian (I'm bi but I feel more towards females) and he said it was okay but now he is ignoring me. I knew he was kinda homophobic but he purposely walks away from convos with me in it. Help?

If he’s homophobic and won’t accept you, then good riddance. I think that this is a good thing, in a way. You can see the type of person that he really is.. And do you really want that kind of person in your life? I know it’s hard to lose a friend.. But maybe it’s for the best. If you think this is a misunderstanding, try talking to him once more. Explain that you’re feeling ignored. Maybe he has an explanation for his behavior. But don’t get your hopes up too high. Good luck.


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Can yyour girlfriend tell us 5 places you've had sex? she isn't answering me because maybe she don't know it herself?

Let me make it clear for you, not that I own you an explanation but just so you know. My girlfriend made a decision not wanting to know about that stuff so it’s her own choice because if she asked then I’d tell her but she doesn’t want to know and I respect it. Now leave her alone.