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Teasing Exo when they’re busy

Hi, could you please do how exo would react to their gf (you) trying to get their attention when they are busy doing something, but in a sexual way? E.g. Strip tease, touching yourself, sexy dance, just by teasing I guess. Ahaha sorry, you have horny anon here ☺️

Well here you go my dear! I hope you like my horny anon ;)

(I think I love the idea of teasing Exo tooooo much x_x)


Suho: He would try his very best to ignore you but the exo members are so much easier to ignore than you. When you start stripping in front of him he won’t be able to help himself. I see him growling and lifting you up bridal style and carrying you to the bedroom.

Baekhyun: he would think about how annoying you are and how you must have gotten that from him. Every time you start touching yourself he would have to use every ounce of willpower to stop himself. In the end he will realise he just can’t help himself and give in to you.

Chanyeol: he is really going to love a strip show and that is all he will need. He is going to be so distracted now and no matter what you do it is only a matter of time before he moans really loudly and chases you to bed. 

D.O: he will give you that look to stop because you are getting him horny and he needs to focus. When you start touching yourself and moaning his name he is going to lose it and angrily stomp over to you and pin you against a wall. He will probably just have you then and there-yes on the wall.

Kai: When you start dancing really sexy in front of him is when he is going to smirk to himself because somehow you got him really horny. dance would be such a turn on for him. he would not be able to hold it in as long as his hyungs and end up grabbing your hand and pushing you onto the bed.

Sehun: Activate horny Sehun in 0.23 seconds. When you start to dance in a sexy way whilst stripping he will lose his shit and train of focus. he is going to try so hard but still give up the quickest of exo. When he can’t take it he is going to look you in the eyes and say “You need a hand taking off those panties baby?” he will smirk and proceed to take your clothes off with you ;)

Xiumin: When you start kissing him around his neck and slightly sucking on his neck he is going to try and ignore you so badly. This he can handle but when you start to touch yourself is when he loses it. being your daddy he just can’t handle you pleasuring yourself and will tell you to stop right now or daddy will punish you. When you don’t stop he is going to sigh and pick you up and flip you over his shoulders and smack your butt as he carries you to the bedroom with you giggling like a school girl. “You think that’s funny princess?”

Lay: Dance would be his weakness so when you start grinding against the furniture and for lack of a better work slut drop he is going to start breathing heavily. You have to admit a turned on Yixing is so fuckin hot tho. When you start running your hands over him as you sing to the sexy song and then continue your sexy dance he will go crazy but hold it in. Finally when you start to strip and whisper his name he will stop what he is doing and pull you into the bedroom pinning you under him.

Chen: he is going to laugh because he is so fucking turned on but is still busy. When you try all different methods of teasing him and nothing works you will walk out in a new set of lingerie and call his name. he won’t be able to resist. He is going to bit his lip and throw down his pen and chase you into the bedroom and out of that underwear.

Tao: This kid has zero will power and no matter what you do it is going to turn him on. He is going to let you know to. he will whine and beg you to put some clothes on. poor baby won’t be able to help it. When you start touching yourself or stripping or anything he is going to stomp over to you and pick you up and carry you to the bed telling you how naughty you have been ;)

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If I remember correctly, you've written about your personal experiences with depression and how that eventually lead you to taking breaks in your schooling (unless I'm getting you and another blogger mixed up, in which case just ignore me) I'm in a similar position, except I've already taken one year off for financial reasons, and now I'm supposed to be starting school in the fall. My depression has gotten a lot worse, and I'd like to wait to go, but my friends&family are pressuring me to go.

I feel like I’m not only disappointing them if I don’t go, but also myself. I worked really hard in high school, and I have always looked forward to going to college. The idea of waiting another year is crushing to me, but I know I won’t be able succeed if I’m not healthy mentally. I guess I just feel kind of like a failure, because I know everyone expected me to already be in college and now I’m thinking of taking another year off. Do you have any advice?

Yes, that was me! 

If you feel you’re not ready, you’re not ready. But do take a little time to determine whether or not it’s your self-doubt saying that or if you think the pressure may really be too much for you. 

You’re not a failure for making the decision to take another year off, if that’s what you decide to do. In fact, that’s the mature and responsible decision if you think you could end up failing classes or otherwise hurting your academic record/finances by attempting university when you’re not ready for it. 

If there’s a good community college in your area and you have some basic credits that still need to be taken care of (assuming you’re American here) then I strongly encourage you to at the very least consider taking a few classes as an alternative to 4-year university. You can take an easy workload and potentially even continue to live at home for a little while. This could be a good opportunity for you to assess your readiness and to put yourself in a better position for when you really are capable of tackling your academic career. 

Just remember that what’s important is making the right decision for you. Also, if your friends/family are pressuring you, you do need to take the time to communicate to them everything that you’re feeling, even if it’s rough. Help them understand that if you’re not mentally ready, this could impact your financial future AND your academic career, and if they’re receptive let them work with you to come up with a solution that does work for you and your needs. 

I’ll also take this opportunity to strongly suggest that if you’re not receiving help already, think about going to a doctor to get some help with your depression, or find a good counselor you can talk to. Sometimes what you need is a neutral third party to help you come to decisions like these.

Best of luck, and remember - you’re never a failure for doing what’s best for you. Everybody’s journey is different. 

My grandmother was just as proud of me for graduating at 26 as she would have been of me for graduating at 21, as was the original plan. And heck, I’m prouder of myself for managing to accomplish getting my degree considering how difficult it was to get there than I think I would have been if it had been smooth sailing the entire time.

             You know what’d be really awesome?
                  A five (or six) way thread with an Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippou ( and a Kirara if someone wants to place her in there unless a Sango wants to rp it ) - where they all have summer fun. It wouldn’t need to be a novella - just a para or so a reply. Just something relaxing and fun!

Among other things I wish to rp:

      ( & ) Little Shippou getting a crush on someone and trying to impress them ( of course it won’t work out though cause he’s a kid )
      ( & ) Getting to know Rin post-series.
      ( & ) A thread post-series where Shippou has the talk with Inuyasha about Kagome ( being a good husband - but still talking about innocent things like taking out the trash and what not )

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(I think) You've only had 2 Kellic fics (IHBNTY & TTOYL) that have been completely set in and based around the characters being in high school. I know you said you have a ton of ideas; are you ever gonna write more (kellic) fics where the characters are around that age? Idk, I always find fics with that whole, "hormonal/angsty teenager" vibe going on, interesting to read. Is that just me? Loving Complexes btw! Keep up the good work;)

After I do the Fransykes, jardougall and the deal sequel I have 2 Kellic stories I wanna do which both have Kellin in high school but Vic won’t be. So that kind of half counts. I don’t really wanna do one with both of them in high school again because idk I just don’t think it’ll do very good because it wouldn’t be very original or much different to others I’ve done I guess.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments though :)

gottischan replied to your post:W Forever: A-to-Z (Movie!)

That was indeed Philip’s actor as young!Eternal. >_> (Which is even more obvious in the Eternal movie. There is one. And an Accel movie. All which should be viewed after finishing the series, which I’m guessing you might have already done…)

We miiiiight have watched Accel’s movie, yes~ I probably won’t be recapping it, though – as glorious as it is, I don’t actually have much I want to say about it. It was good! Lots of cute, lots of punching, did exactly what it needed to do.

… So basically just imagine me making tiny adoring squeaking noises for about an hour, and you’ve got it.

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I feel like I'm not only disappointing them if I don't go, but also myself. I worked really hard in high school, and I have always looked forward to going to college. The idea of waiting another year is crushing to me, but I know I won't be able succeed if I'm not healthy mentally. I guess I just feel kind of like a failure, because I know everyone expected me to already be in college and now I'm thinking of taking another year off. Do you have any advice?

You’re in no way a failure! You’re being smart about this by questioning whether you’re ready.

I know exactly where you’re coming from, honestly. Like I said, I was 16 when I graduated high school and I felt so much pressure to keep being the “smart” one after that. I was hung up on it for a really, really long time. 

But your worth isn’t determined by when you do things or by keeping to some arbitrary schedule. And once you get to college and see how many people are happily going back for their second degree, or getting their first degree at 40 years old, you realize that it really doesn’t matter when it happens. 

Do it the right way, whatever the “right” way is for you, and you will be happy with the outcome. 

so like my friend was asking me how i have nice sketchbooks ( which i dont imo ) and i???? guess i had some tips so i figured id share

  • Don’t worry so much about the finished product. Chances are, you won’t really have one. Sketchbooks are used for sketching - ie. warming up, practicing, jotting ideas down, etc. It’s the same principle as doodling – you’re just doing it to do it, you don’t have anything in mind. 
  • Don’t skip a page unless it is absolutely necessary. A lot of sketchbooks are filled with a lot of gestures, quick sketches, etc, and have pages that feel like they have too many drawings in it, and that’s likely because the artist didn’t bother to skip a page. Fill your pages with drawings, notes, etc! 
  • If you DO skip pages, always go back and fill the empty spaces in. It’s a good exercise too in terms of utilizing space and composition, but you also get to develop your skills in association – I have a lot of pages with hands and feet, and when I fill in the spaces I don’t add a head or an eye; I add more feet / hands. 
  • Play with different mediums!! Most sketchbooks can handle pencils, charcoals, markers, watercolors, inks, etc. Experimenting with different mediums on a certain page is a really great way to add variety and color to your sketchbook.
  • Try doing thumbnails for a few scenes or layouts, or stick a reference picture in one page and draw it in the other page. Knowing how to do the human body is great, but try adding variety by drawing other things. Place the human body in a situation, hell, place lots in a situation. 
  • Treat your sketchbook like a journal yo!!! Writing in your sketchbook is rlly fun, and so is pressing flowers between pages or sticking ref pictures or insp pictures on other pages. Have an artist you really like? Have their art pasted in your sketchbook to look back to.

Daily Sketch Project Day 35 - Pope vs. The Underworld  

Today’s suggestion comes from Brian, who wanted a drawing of the Pope fighting the minions of the underworld, and so here he is doing just that!  I guess he must have decided to take the fight to Satan and storm the Plains of Tartarus, because he’s fighting a giant infernal army atop a blasted peak.  This one could definitely use a lot more time, but it helped at least a little that creatures of the pit don’t exactly necessitate nice, smooth, clean lines.  

Hope you like it Brian, and that everyone else does as well!  

Keep watch for my next post calling for submissions at midnight tonight.  In case you didn’t see, I’m keeping all suggestions on file now, and keeping them up for random selection, so if you make one, you won’t have to keep requesting it.  Only one per person at a time, so if you just got your idea drawn, you can submit a new idea, and if you already suggested one, but want another instead, just reply with it and it will replace your former suggestion.  

If there’s any questions, feel free to ask!  

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Same anon who asked the pairing (m/m, f/f) question! It doesn't have to be necessarily crack. I guess to be more clear, are there any character dynamics you like that you'd like to ship, although you know it wouldn't become canon (or the show itself just won't allow it, which is more geared towards gay pairings)? You just enjoy the idea of them being together for whatever reason?

Like I said, I only ship things that have a shot at canon. It doesn’t matter gay or not. xD If the pairing is het/yaoi/yuri but is clearly going to be canon, it’s possible I would ship it. Any pairing that has no development/no chance I don’t care for. Just a preference. Hope that answers your question!

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When your last name turns into a trigger and you start looking into legal changes of name. What reason would I put on the form? How would I tell my family? I hate the idea of making how traumatized I was public or having to confront family but I also hate feeling stuck with this name. [sorry, you probably do not have answer for this. could be vent/confession or question up to you] [I probably won't even do it I just.. am feeling frustrated] [sorry]

Well you could have a read of this post on de-triggering abuser names. Even if you weren’t abused have a read of it anyway because you can still use the basic principles behind it, and you might find it really useful.

I really don’t know what you could put on the form. Each country/state will have different laws about what constitutes as a valid reason for changing your name.

As for your family, if you’re not a minor then I guess they never have to know if they don’t refer to you using your last name. If you want to change your name on facebook you could just make it a name from a fandom or your middle name or something that you can pass off as being for another reason.

I hope this helps, but if anyone has any other ideas then please message in or reply to this post xx

kingofthebookcase asked:

Do you have a specific queue in mind for your By Decade articles? Like perhaps you do X amount of longrunning DC heroes followed up by X amount of longrunning Marvel Heroes?

Right now the plan is just to do the feature through the end of April, meaning there are two more. I won’t spoil what they are, but you can probably guess, as there are really only two other characters that have notable stories in every decade since the 1940s.

Whether the feature continues with other characters, specifically Marvel characters, is something for Andrew Wheeler and the secret Shadow Cabinet that owns Comics Alliance to decide. I literally have no idea how much traffic these articles have been generating, so it may not be worth it for them, I’unno.

Marvel characters have, generally speaking, been around less long than the major DC characters, so theoretically that would mean less work for me, which I am in favor of.

But Marvel characters seem like kind of a no-brainer to me. Does anyone need me to tell them Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut is the best Spider-Man story of the ‘80s (also: of all time)? Or that Man Without a Country is the best Captain America story of the ‘90s? People know that already, right?

I want to do stuff on this website because boredom. Well, that and the fact that I just finished reading an amazing fanfic, and I’ve been in tear-jerking/heart-warming fanfic withdrawal since then that I should get my mind off of. Thing is, I’m honestly in a writer’s block situation at the moment.

Best idea I’ve had so far is posting old things I’ve written just to show how bad they are. Maybe I’ll even highlight/underline the unintentional innuendos just for the hex of it. Why do I want to expose my old shame? Nostalgia? Fame? Probably boredom, but I won’t joss anybody’s headcanons on the matter.

Anyone out there have any better ideas? Or would you, like, totally adore seeing the puke I wrote in elementary and middle school, maybe annotated with current-me’s thoughts on what went wrong?

omg these two people in this bakery are talking about nutrition and they have literally no idea what they’re saying and I’m just like no

like they’re talking about how “fruit should only be an occasional dessert it’s very high in calories” like… fruit doesn’t have a lot of calories at all?? and how you shouldn’t eat beets because they’re apparently “packed with sugar” and super unhealthy 

and they were talking about how they have to be careful about the supplements they’re taking which, okay, yeah, that’s true, you probably should

but then one of them starts going “yeah I don’t trust these vitamin pills. you need to take herbs. I take arnica every day it’s wonderful. it’s so healthy for you!!”

like yeah i guess it is if you like helenalin poisoning??? you are definitely not supposed to take arnica every day omg like you take it occasionally when you really need it

like these people are too much. like they won’t eat beets because they’re apparently horrible for you but they’ll take an actual poisonous herb daily because it’s *so healthy*

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do you let people write under your art? like to go with it

Suuure?  I mean, I would never ever ever be upset by that!  I would be so flattered.  I’m actually really flattered the idea would occur to anyone ever?  like, gosh, let me just hug you! 

A lot of my artwork has my original characters in it, so I would hope if you did do that, they would be in character?  If that makes sense?  I do have a few friends who know my children well enough that they have the ‘all clear’ stamp of trust to do as they will because I trust that they know those characters personalities well enough.

It would prob be best to come off anon and chat with me about your idea? :D  I won’t get weirded out if you want to be vague and ask odd questions about my OCs.  Thats totally cool.  I don’t publish private messages unless its a FAQ a meme or a character related question and I will def. not publish if you put a (p) in front of it.  Promise!

I am not ok with it being done with like, someone else’s character when I drew it of one of mine.  Like, um… if I draw Hadynne and Cullen and someone writes about their Trevelyan and Cullen?  (*EDIT*  Rys is also not a default Shepard, so referring to her that way or someone else taking ownership of her is still not cool.  she is RYS and not Jane even tho she has the bright red hair.) 

You can totally tag me in things you may write inspired by a piece tho (say you see a pic of Hadynne and think of an idea for your OC?  totally cool with that as long as its a separate post.  Own your ideas :) ) and if you tag me in something I will try to get around to reading them.  Sometimes it takes me a while because of school.   But summer is coming soon!  I do track rayeliann and rayelian.

Wow, sorry, babbled a bit on that one.  I am tired.  

I <3 you anon.

OC’s playing a horror game: Alice

Inspired by this

“I-I really don’t want you to film me, Thriye…”

“It’s cool, Alice, I promise I won’t post it.”

“Uh… Alright…”

“Introduce yourself and the game.”

“Uh… Hello… I’m Alice Braids and this is just a quick little game called “Five Nights at Freddie’s. I…. I have idea why I’m even playing it… Thriye said it would be fun and I guess I believed her… It looks kind creepy more then anything. They say it’s a horror game but I don’t think it’s really horrifying from the title screen. But covers can be misleading. Just look at paranormal activity it was portrayed as scary, but I still wasn’t scared.”

“She’s a movie critic.”

“Heh… Lets just play…”

“Oh. Thank you helpful telephone guy… They seem… Kinda mean, don’t you think?”


A jump scare some at her, it’s Bonnie. “Oh….” She jumped a bit. “I guess that was a bit scary… I guess the animatronics are creepy looking… But is jump scares and creepy animatronics the only way it’ll get me?”

“Pretty much.”

She turns off the game. “No thanks. It seems too repetitive and it will eventually just get annoying. Though I like the concept, I like the phone guy- no- person, I don’t know what they identify as. So… End the video Thriye.”

“You heard it here with the SHSL Movie Critic herself, this game sucks. Thriye out.” End video. 

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Lemme hear your advice

Okay okay there’s two things you can do, well…two things that I’ve done:
1. Just keep having the crush on her. It’s gonna sting bc she’s gonna talk about guys constantly and that’s gonna suck. I guess my advice for this one is you can still have the crush but, one day you’re just gonna realize (or you’ll have to realize) that she’s not gonna like you back. It’s just not happening.
2. Tell her. I know what you’re thinking, this idea is idiotic.
It’s not. (It might be if they’re homophobic….) (but if they’re cool and accepting, everything will be fine). Just tell her you like her. There’s a 99% chance she won’t like you back. But hey that’s alright!! Now you can move on, find some other cool lady, develop a crush, get married idk. I think communicating your feelings is the best way. It’s scary as hell but, you’ll feel better afterwards and your feelings will go away eventually.

Idk if this sounded harsh but I didn’t mean for it to be. Overall I think you just have to realize, maybe not right away but you will realize, that she’s just not gonna like you back. And that’s okay bc someone will.

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1st of all long time follower, LOVE the blog, the graphic and the meta. I'm asking this anon bc I don't know if this is a silly request but Could you make a gifset with parallels of Coulson and the sinister Tahiti massages &Skye and the sinister Inhuman acupunture. just thought it was funny the both had disturbing experiences with relaxing methods lmao

Don’t you dare second-guess your wonderful request, anon! We won’t let you! But seriously, we hadn’t thought about doing something like that yet and it’s unforgivable, because as you said Afterlife and Coulson’s memories of Tahiti give off some seriously similar creepy vibes. Damn right, “disturbing experiences with relaxing methods.”

So here you have it, I really hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks for the great idea, and also thanks so much for the nice words!

umbralhorrors asked:

toumaki & 10 :)

[I hate you and I have no idea what to do with this so whatever comes I guess. Rip toumaki.]

10. things you said that made me feel like shit

“I’m sorry.”

Jinpachi has to put the phone down - he doesn’t end the call, even in these situations he can’t bring himself to do it first - and curl up even more under the blanket fortress he’s built. Yuusuke’s voice calls him over from the other side of the line, but he won’t listen.

Sorry. That hurts more than if she would’ve said ‘no, I just didn’t want to see you’ or ‘don’t talk to me anymore’, but it has to be stabbing and sincere sorry, doesn’t it. He can’t be mad like that as much as he wants to, he can’t scream or question or ask why didn’t she tell him before that she was leaving.

Or already gone, or whatever.

He picks his phone up again and silences the small voice telling him this is his fault; it’s only the future, and moving on, something he doesn’t have any sort of power over, so he’s still hopefull that even with her away whatever it is they have is still there.

Call ended 3:05 AM.

His phone remains untouched for three whole weeks.

Wow...Fan Favorite? Me?

(Chuckles) Wow! I don’t know what to say! I’m really shocked and at a loss for words. I can’t believe I won that! I guess something good did come out of a Veggie Survivor after all!
Thank you all for your votes and support. I never would’ve won without you. I love you guys so much; you have no idea!! If I could, I’d treat every voter to Burger Bell! Um, just one burger each, though. There’s like, over 9000 of you…