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From today’s interview with actress Carey Mulligan:

“An Education happened and it was the first time I got lots of attention and that was weird and wonderful and very lucky. Then I did Never Let Me Go which was an adaption of an [Kazo] Ishiguro novel that I loved. I had read the book the minute it came out … I said to myself then and there [that] if they ever make a film of this I have to play Kathy; it was just my complete dream.

So when I was filming that my agent who has been representing me since I was 18, … we had lunch one day and she said, “You know, you’re in this incredibly fortunate position at the moment and this happens in actors’ lives and it’s brief and it’s wonderful but whilst you’re in it, you should only take a job if you can’t bear the idea of anybody else doing it.” And that became sort of my way of working–that if I read something and I felt the next day I hadn’t given it any thought or a week later I hadn’t thought about it or I could read and think well, “That’s really cool but probably I wouldn’t be sad to see somebody else in that film,” then I don’t do it. If I read it and I can’t stop thinking about it and I think, “God, it would kill me if I saw so-and-so play this part and I didn’t get to do it,” then I tend to do it, if I can.”

Film stills from left: Inside Llewyn Davis, Shame, Gatsby, Never Let Me Go


Come on

Can we like, have a scene like this? Please?

I mean, like. Come on. Just imagine it.


“Eren. Eren! Get out of there!” Levi’s shouted at the Titan laying on the floor. He put his trust in his only soldier left alive. Eren had asked him two things. One, trust him. He had. And Eren did his job well.

Two. Don’t try to cut him out. He wanted to do it himself. Hanji said if someone tried to get him out manually, he wouldn’t heal properly, and he had to do it himself, even if it took a while. Otherwise, when someone ripped him out, any body parts connected to the TItan’s body would stay there, and he wouldn’t heal.

But now, he couldn’t get out. He was going to die inside the body if he didn’t.

“Oi, you brat! I’m putting my trust in you, get out! You’ll suffocate!” Levi jumped onto his neck, glaring at it.

Eren barely opened his eyes. He heard the voice.


He needed to get out. He was going to suffocate and die. Levi bit his lip and shouted at the TItan neck again.

“You idiot! Get the hell out of the there or I’m getting you out, whether you lose your an arm or not!” Levi’s voice became angered, but there was also a hint of… Fear?

Eren tried. He struggled. He felt so weak, and he was losing his sense of reality. He just wanted to sleep.

Levi clenched his fists.

“Eren get OUT!” the captain shrieked, slicing the neck open. Barely, by an inch of a hair, he missed Eren’s arms. He was laying there, face down, and it looked like he was dead. Levi’s pupils became tiny  and his eyes widened in absolute terror.

“Eren!” the captain shouted, leaping down to Eren.

“Eren get the hell out,” Levi growled, “Don’t fucking joke, you wanna die?” Eren didn’t make a move and Levi instantly bent down, trying to rip Eren out. Exactly what he was asked not to do.

But Levi was afraid. Eren is what he had left of his squad. He was what was left of his sanity. The stubborn, determined boy kept Levi going. His will to kill all Titans, no matter what. That’s what Levi needed to see sometimes after a day of countless deaths. 

Eren was also under his watch. Eren was Levi’s. Eren belonged to LEVI.

Finally, he felt the young boy’s body get loose. He hauled the boy’s body up, and Eren suddenly gasped, eyes widening as he gulped in the air, as if he just ran a marathon. He gulped in the air, and ever so slowly, he got enough air to slow down to mini pants. He opened his eyes, which he had closed as he tried to gather his air. He looked weakly at Levi.

“H…Heichou?” Levi’s wide eyes narrowed in anger, but relief.

“You IDIOT. Are you ok?” Levi grabbed Eren’s fae, twisting and turning it.

“Is every part of you here? Can you breath?” Levi looked at Eren in the eyes. Uncharacteristic worry and anxiousness swam in the man’s grey eyes. If Eren didn’t feel so weak, he would’ve laughed.

“I-I’m fine heichou… Thank you…” Eren whispered. Levi refused to tear up right now. Refused.

“Brat. You scared the shit out of me.”

“I didn’t think humanity’s strongest got scared,” Eren said half jokingly. Levi only shook his head.

“When it comes to something I want to protect, I have every right to.”

My girlfriend Ema and I are in a long distance relationship, they live in Ontario, Canada and I live on the East Coast of America. We have been best friends for the past three years and recently started dating, however we don’t get to see each other very often, and we’re trying our very hardest to save up enough to me able to see each other at least a few times a year. We are doing the best we can, however, as we’re both college students/entering college, that has become increasingly more difficult over the past several months. We have only met two times before over the course of three years, and we’re really hoping to be able to spend a couple weeks with each other at the end of the summer, since it is one of our last opportunity before school starts for the both of us again. Anything can help, and every cent that is donated will go towards Ema’s plane ticket to come see me in August and is extremely appreciated. Even if you can’t donate, please share this if you can. It really will mean the world to us if this is made possible. 

  • Korra:Mr. President. Unalaq wants to take over and potentially destroy the entire world. There is a specific day and time where he will seek to accomplish this and to stop him there is a portal that is being guarded that we could easily get to with the United Forces. I only have to close one, and I can probably do it from the outside, so it won't be a problem with an army behind me. Will you send aid?
  • Raiko:No...that's just what they'll be expecting us to do.

It’s not the fact that ONLY Black girls can have big booties (wE FUCKING KNOW PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES CAN HAVE A LIL JUNK TOO YOU FUCKIN CRY BABIES)

It’s that fact that when we have one, we’re overly sexualized and are regarded as being “ghetto” AND this has been toxic in our environment since Black girl/women slaves were used as bedwarmers. We were shamed for it, many [white] people looking down on us, looking at their own and adoring its small shape and constantly asking the question “Do these make my butt look big?” and when approved were disgusted. But as always, as soon as Black women have made it loud and clear we are so in love with our shapes and for many of us, our booties, is when these generations of [mainly white] people, start paying for surgery to make themselves look more like us.

We were cute and we knew that and we knew in our individuality we were cute, and they didn’t like that.

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Why do Scorpios get all the bad stuff? Every other sign get something rly nice while Scorpio be like "DEATH AND DEPRESSION" I don't understand. #StopScorpioShaming2k15

I can only be accountable for what I’ve said, not what others have said.

Check my mental illness post for that depression bit. And regarding death, I may not be the person to ask, seeing as how I’m pretty chill with the post mortems myself. BTW, it’s nearly Halloween.

I think Scorpios are fantastically interesting and complex. Everybody tries to pick apart every sign. Really, no sun sign is more positive/negative than any other.  We can all be rays of sunshine one day, then hot piles of garbage the next.

I like the idea of Foggy being strong in that you don’t have to be thin and ripped in order to be strong. 

That being said I’m not a huge fan of the way some fics try to use to hand wave away Foggy’s side. I’m not comfortable with fanfiction authors pretending like he’s not fat. It sends the message that Foggy must be thin because we’re all attracted to him and the only people we can be attracted to is thin people. 

Foggy’s not thin and he’s amazing. One does not negate the other. 

Hello one and all! I’m working on an eruri themed CAH (cards against humanity) deck and am looking for help to fill up some cards! feel free to send me asks with your ideas for black or white cards! The cool thing is that you can add the deck when you play online! When you use Pretend You’re Xyzzy, in the chat paste /addcardcast QX4MK (only the host can do this) and that will add the deck! Right  now there’s not enough cards to play eruri on it’s own so you’ll have to add at least one of the decks in the options until we reach 50 calls (black) and 200 responses (white)

Also I’ve tried my best but if you spot any spelling or grammatical errors, feel free to send me an ask to correct it! 

I’ve already fixed the blatant errors here >_<


At Home With Charles and Erik

E: You cant keep shutting me down Charles.

C: I did what I believed to be right.

E: It’s called the danger room because the students are supposed to be in danger! You cant just coddle them.

C: I would like to agree with you except for the part where you actually almost killed someone.

E: I didn’t

C: He was turning blue

E: I thought that was his mutant gift!

C: Erik… *small laugh* Just No… Ok.

E: Then I guess we need a Safe word. Come here and lets see if we can’t come up with one.

C: * immediately turned on* This is why people can’t talk to you.

E: Why?

C: Because the only way to win arguments with you is to have sex with you.

E: I concede, now come here.

Fiction By: Bitten892

Gifs not mine. 

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We got over 1.000.000 tweets! This is insane!

Man this is WILD!

So get ready for some serious fangirling here as my insane shipper can’t be restrained now lol

We are still a fandom that for the last two years had only one scene that lasted for less than 5′ minutes (and was basically a quickie in the woods that was meant to be closure while was against the nature of our ship and a big fuck you to the fandom) and for more than a year we had NO scenes! None! No references! Nothing, nada! Not a thing! Let that sink it! We should be having no numbers now! We should be a dead ship! And the fact that we are not makes people annoyed with us and makes them ready to irrationally tear us down simply because we ship out fictional favorite tv couple and we are not letting go.

We are determined, devoted, passionate. And we are still here.

We had to deal with a lot of hate and disrespect and we can compete with DELENA!

I mean Delena is a monster of a ship! They are the flagship of TVD and they have had endless scenes and attention and screentime while Klaroline was a ship that was made by secondary characters from which one of them was the villain. A ship that even in TVD’s S3 and S4 had limited screentime (only meant for the sweeps) compared with Elena’s ships. A ship that now has its characters divided by different shows while the writers keep everything considering it in ice.

And here we are. Live and kicking and raising hell!


The devotion and the dedication this fandom has is awe worthy. And it is not just the ship guys. It is the fandom itself. We created a whole society basically that stands for its members and keeps fighting. The incredible fanon world, the KC projects, each fangirl and each person that keeps on shipping.

It is amazing.

And I am willing to bet that Plec is now hitting her head on a wall LOL.

I mean these writers are extremely prideful and resentful and the only reason they have not backed down from their weird attitude has been their personal agenda considering certain actors and interests but that aside it is definitely their misguided pride. They aggressively went against their fans (for no reason dude!) and now they feel that if they back down their pride will take a hit (as if it hasn’t lmao) and they are baptizing their failures as artistic integrity! I mean it is hilarious at this point!

But truth is that they miscalculated big time!

They thought that the KC ship was a passing fancy and they hadn’t paid attention to its numbers.

They have milked Delena for everything it got. If Delena was not so big and wild and intense and passionate and with a scary huge fanbase they would have gone for Stelena probably or they would have dragged the triangle even longer.

If they had ORIGINALLY realized that the Klaroline fandom had potentially the same range of power as the Delena fandom had back in their prime I assure you things would be extremely different now.

I mean check our numbers right now. We are like a monster fandom. Check out TO’s number and presence in the media. They are literally nowhere to be found. Klaus’s name nowadays is only heard by Klaroline while he has his own show that has bombed hard.

This is a mess…a hot mess lol.

I have seen some KC shippers saying with sadness that we could have had it all. But in reality it is Plec that could have had it all. She could have had one more Delena monster sized fandom backing her up. If only she has had some insight and she had paid attention to her fans.

Klaroline has been like catching a lightning in a bottle and Plec thought she could replicate the miracle and she thought that the KC fans would be her scapegoat for her failures and would eventually bleed into the TO’s ships and forget KC.

It is like saying that Delena fans will simply start shipping Bamon because Dobrev has left the show. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

If Julie had paid some closer attention to her fans things would have been extremely different right now and ironically her pride would have been saved because she would have had the media at her side. Maybe not the ratings if she kept writing the stuff she writers now (because bullshit writing cannot attract people) but she could have at least had some favorable media attention directed at her even if it would just be targeted to crossovers.

Now it is too late. She wasted all the potential and the success she could have had. I am sure she knows it now. It is painfully obvious.

And in the meantime check out how our fandom still thrives!

I am definitely proud of being part of the KC family. That’s for sure!

This fandom is a force to be reckoned with!

automaticdata asked:

Hey, I'm a lurker in the fandom but I feel the need to de-lurk for a quick moment to say THANK YOU for the posts you have about Heather. The hatred for her just does not make any sense to me (we're ... complaining about the TV show adding more female characters? Why? It's nice to have more than two female main characters!) and it is a huge relief to see someone in the fandom defending her. Thanks for that.

You get it. You get it. Heather’s entire arc ended with her and Astrid becoming friends and her gaining admiration of Astrid. Astrid is, literally, the only person on Berk Heather has a legit emotional attachment to, and, yet, the only thing people can seem to focus on is that she, at one time, when you squint really hard and are up-side-down while concussed, posed a threat to “hiccstrid” (when, no, she didn’t).

In the face of a bad situation, Heather uses wiles and wit where Astrid uses brawn and aggression. Like, yes, some people value some traits over other, some people really dislike some traits. Disliking Astrid because she gets violent is a perfectly acceptable reason for disliking someone, though taking in the situation should count for something. Disliking Heather because she uses deceit is a perfectly acceptable reason for disliking someone, though taking in the situation should count for something

And, really? Complaining about more female characters? How about we add a little Heather and take away some Hiccup time? (le gasp!) Or some Tuffnut time? I mean, Ruffnut already got no screen time in ROB and Heather wasn’t even in that one. How do people even… 

Thank you for sharing your sentiments. We’ll just be over here like


Okay… Am I the only one who thinks this scene was ultra CANON for these 2??

First off, let us look at these screencaps. We know for sure that this is in fact a fake motorcycle, right? Yes? 


Look at the first screencap… We know that Howard can easily sit here holding on to little to nothing. (AKA, Randy’s shoulder)

Look at the second one… He wrapped his arms around Randy’s waist. But… is there truly a reason to do this? He doesn’t HAVE to, right? So why is he.

Don’t even get me started on the 3rd one… THEIR FACEs ARE TOUchING, cheek to cheek. Notice how Randy is pretty neutral to this. If this wasn’t an everyday thing (contact wise) wouldn’t he be nervous, blushing, trying to pull away, etc? And don’t just say: “Oh, maybe he’s the kind of guy who just doesn’t have personal space?”

Ahem… notice he seems angry/pissed. However, we know he was already slightly peeved in this scene. Like, he wasn’t all happy and up-beat… He wasn’t in the previous screencap either, though… I’m rambling, now, i’m so sorry. ;V;

Weinerham is already at LEAST 85% canon, imo, tbh–

*flies away*

Still feeling the aftershocks from Season 10? Are your freaking out about Spn Season 11?  Then have we got news for you!

Welcome to Supernatural Recovery Network!

What is this?

This Network will be a place we can all freak out about the upcoming season, seek refuge from weekly episodes, and talk about our beloved show with other Spn Fans across tumblr!


I’m so glad you asked…

  1. It’d be nice if you were following me, since this is in celebration for my lovely bumblees!
  2. Reblog this post and spread the word! Likes will not count as entries, only bookmarks.
  3. It would be great if you run an SPN Blog. Multi-fandom is fine too, but have SPN as at least one of your main fandoms ^_^
  4. Gotta be a hate-free blogger. I want this net to be positive and fun for all fans of the show.
  5. Notes don’t really matter, but the more the merrier I always say!
If you're accepted:
  1. You’ll get a message from me saying you’re accepted!
  2. A follow from mio, plus all other members currently in the network ^~^
  3. Track the tag #spnrecoverynet
  4. A place in the network page
  5. Have a link somewhere on your blog to the network page
  6. Follow other members
  7. Make new friends!
  8. Cry about the new season….

That’s about it! I’ll choose the next wave of members at the end of the week!

Dear #SPNFamily

I’ve begun writing this post a number of times, but I’m having difficulty finding the words to express the gratitude I feel for all the love, support, and encouragement I’ve gotten the past few days.

I am grateful for every kind word and every donation that’s been made. I do see the messages along with donations, and thank you. I’m overwhelmed by the out-pouring of friendship I’ve experienced. I cannot begin to tell you all how much it means to me.

We all hear about SPNFamily and how it comes through for those members who are in need. Having now experienced it myself, I can tell you it is both humbling and incredibly touching.

There are a few people I have to single out. Number one is Vennstiel who not only conceived the idea of the gofundme campaign, but put it together herself. I can’t thank you enough, my friend. You have been there since the beginning of this with encouragement and advice and unwavering support.

I’d like to thank everyone involved in the Fanworks Auction over at LJ, which was spearheaded by alycat. As a fic writer myself, I know the kind of time and effort that goes into creating fanworks. Thank you so much to everyone who has committed to putting their creative juices into this endeavor on my behalf.

Thanks also to my fellow members of T.O.E. – meus_venator, anniespinkhouse and fufaraw who have kept tabs on me and sent so much love my way since this started – and before.

To every one of you who has sent me encouraging words, signal boosted the gofundme post on Tumblr, LJ, facebook or Twitter, donated however small or large – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve got a long year ahead of me, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I’ve got y’all in my corner.


Marlene McKinnon & Blackinnon Hate

Okay, so this has been bugging me for a while because every time I go into the Marlene or Blackinnon tag, I come across hate of some sort and I feel the need to address this issue.

  1. Firstly, people who hate on Marlene because of how much Blackinnon is in her tag. Yes, okay, I am very aware that a lot of people see Marlene as only one half of a ship, but a lot of us don’t. What I love about Marlene is that she’s practically an OC but she’s not, she’s canon! She was there but we know absolutely nothing about her which means we can play her whatever way we want. Personally, I don’t play Marlene solely for Blackinnon and I feel like a lot of people think that’s the only reason why most people play her. I play Marlene because I enjoy writing her. I have several headcanons for her, for her relationship with her friends and family, with the Order, etc. If I was in an RP and the Sirius wanted to pursue a different ship, I’m not going to care because I play Marlene because I like writing her. Anyway, I don’t think hating on Marlene because a lot of the stuff about her is written with Sirius is a good enough reason.
  2. Secondly, people who hate on Blackinnon just because of the ship. Now, I would just like to state that I ship both Blackinnon and Wolfstar, however, Blackinnon is my main ship. I don’t think anyone should hate on Marlene or Blackinnon just because they don’t ship it. Sure, I have ships I don’t like, but I’m not going to go into a tag that ship’s tag and write negative posts. People don’t want to go into their otp’s tag and see hate so keep it to yourself. Everyone has their own ships and their own ideas and no one has the right to hate on anyone else’s ship. It is rude and unnecessary, it only tears fandoms apart. Yes, I am aware that it was never stated that Sirius dated Marlene but it was also never stated that Sirius dated Remus. Yes, I am aware that there is no links between Marlene and Sirius but isn’t the point of shipping and fandoms and roleplaying to explore these different characters and their relationships? Nothing is set in stone with the marauders bar a few things and that is what makes them so interesting!
  3. And thirdly, people who hate on Blackinnon simply because it is a straight Sirius Black ship. I don’t know if some people are aware, but hating on a ship because it is straight is just as bad as hating on a ship because it is gay/lesbian. Except there’s a difference, if you hate on a straight ship, no one cares. If you hate on a gay/lesbian ship, you’re homophobic. I am not homophobic in the slightest, but this isn’t fair. The sexuality of a ship or character does not give you the right to hate on them. Basically, the point I’m trying to make is that nothing is said about Sirius Black’s sexuality in the Harry Potter series, therefore it is totally okay to make him straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc.

I hope I’ve gotten my point across. I don’t want any trouble, I just don’t want to feel attacked when I go into Marlene and/or Blackinnon’s tag. If you want to openly hate on the character or the ship, please tag it as ‘marlene mckinnon hate’ or ‘blackinnon hate’ so it doesn’t show up in our tags. Thank you. 

But more than anything, Abby makes things happen, which is kind of what you’d expect from the leading international goal scorer in the history of soccer, men and women. It doesn’t matter if she has a rod in her leg. It doesn’t matter if she’s in pain or has stitches or staples in her head from hitting heads with another player. It doesn’t really matter how she’s feeling on that particular day. Abby thrives under pressure, and whenever we have needed her in the past, she has been there. Once this World Cup begins in Canada, she will be there for us again.

And just having someone like that on our team inspires all of us. Because when everything is on the line, when the final minutes of a game are ticking away and hope seems lost, when the only thing that can save us is a miracle, we know.

All it takes is one more chance. All it takes is one more shot. All it takes is one.

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I’ve been thinking, I’ve seen so much anonymous hate lately and it makes me sad. So many people are so nasty and hateful on here, and hide behind ANON with their cowardly hate.
I was thinking that maybe we could try a HATELESS ANON WEEK!!! One week. Let’s just say today until Sunday 6/7/2015. Spread this like wildfire and let’s see if we can have a week without ANY hate. Only love. Just keep comments to yourself and let’s see what happens. If you don’t reblog this, I’m assuming you’re part of the hate! Let’s get this going just for a few days!!!
taylorswift help get it moving!