Abhyangam means ‘oil massage’ in Sanskrit and that is exactly what it does. Experts have defined it as an intense deep tissue holistic treatment of the body. It can either be performed individually or as a part of the Panchkarma therapy of eliminating toxic elements from the body.


Indian Ayurveda has been for a long time considered an alternative to modern medicine and Abhyangam is an ayurvedic procedure. The oils used during the treatment are prepared according to the needs of individual recipients and are pre medicated with various herbs.

This ayurvedic massage is used for healing and detoxifying the body. The use of natural substances for the treatment is much appreciated by people and thus is one of the favorites when it comes to choosing. It is distinguished from traditional or western massage as it is seen by practitioners as a holistic medicinal treatment rather than an actual massage.

So i got curious on this little bottle called "BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE" a.k.a MARTA-IOLET..

ung pang lagay sa kuko.. kasi ang cute ng kulay.. COLOR orange. i thought na wala naman mangyayari kung gagalawin ko.. KASO GANUN PALA XA.. OMG! kumalat sya sa bong legs ko…

AKO NA NOOB! hahahah

good morning tumblr! <3

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Fanshawe College iExperience

Went to iExperience today at 4:15pm when I’m supposed to be there at 1pm (who cares?). The guided tour for my class starts at 1pm. I’m there for an assignment. And I somewhat got a 1:1 guided tour instead of a 1:25 tour. The guide was very nice and he provided me with lots of info. Yay! And some of the things there are interesting. Found out that he was an aerospace student from a local uni. Didn’t get to know his name but ah, wanna thank him for explaining the exhibits thoroughly just now.

Career Seminar Day!

For our post-prelims activity, we had another series of career talks from many different people representing IDA, United World College, Temasek poly, Maritime Industry(SP) and Chemical Industry. Some talks were interesting, while others, due to the fact that we already went through similar talks made it mundane, adding on the fact that we had the talks all one after another doesn’t help the situation  much, but it was still fruitful despite being tiring. So, we literally spent the whole day listening to all this talks until the afternoon, whereby we got ready for our separate learning journeys.

Suyi and me were supposed to go Microsoft together but she ended up signing up too late and went to iExperience instead sigh oh well, but i still enjoyed the time at Microsoft where I got to hang out with Kelly(my partner from lower sec), Samantha, Charmaine, Shawnia and Hui wen which wasn’t actually so bad afterall, they were really great company! We were amazed not only by how Microsoft is run, but also by the culture there. It was really an eye-opener and we learnt many new things there. It was a great experience that I wouldn’t want to forget(:

Sinisipag ako magkwento ngayun..

 edi kahapon nagsimba kami tapus dapat maggracery kami pagkatapos magsimba ehh nagpapark pa si dade edi nag aya muna ako sa penshoppe para mamili ng wallet .. tapus pagkatapos namen dun punta na kami sa grocery tapus nag grocery na tapus habang nakapila sila mame dun ako namili muna ng buko shake dalawa.. tapus pila pila .. pag baba ko ng elevator parang may tumatawag saken hinde ko muna pinansin tapus nung may tumawag ulit inikot ko na paningin ko nakita ko sa baba sila Tin dianne at mayel .. tapus inisnatch nila Tin yung isa kong buko shake natira na lang tuloy yung kay dade .. nakakaisang higop pa lang ako dun eeh tapus kinuha na .. tapus punta kami 4th floor tapus nakita ko na naman sila Tin papalapit silang dalawa sa amin ..ehh kasama ko si dade bigla silang nagtatakbo palayu  ewan ko sa dalawang yun kung bakit sila tumakbo ..