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Shing02 x Laugh = Luv (sic)

me gustaa

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片儿川Jakpot - The Born Winner
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A creation by iE4tBe4tz808 in tribute to Nujabes and the luv(sic) songs he created with Shing02.

As it always is, I miss you, Nujabes.

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in theory - duality (mix)

beautiful… and when the beat drops…

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Tuesday, 13 September, 2011

Music post of the day

Here’s a mashup by <iE4tBe4tz808>, a Youtube user that I’ve been following for quite awhile now (if you like jazz-hop instrumentals, you should subscribe to him; he uploads regularly). He’s been making mashups lately and they’ve all been great so far (you should check out his |Counter Attack| one). This time around, he’s created:

|Perfect Timing| by <C.L. Smooth> ft. <Skyzoo> X <July> || Mixed/Mashed by <iE4tBe4tz808>

I suppose what surprised me was the way he interpreted the track. If you’ve been following me since the beginning or have been browsing through my mashup page (something that I should really update), you’d have heard my own |Perfect Timing| mashup (right here). While mine has an “upbeat” (if that’s even the word to use) take to it, his is smooth and mellow which works great, so props to that. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this track like I did and again, if you need your daily intake of jazzy instumentals, subscribe to the channel linked above. Alright, see you guys around.


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Soundzimage - The Girl With No Curfew feat. Nicholas Wonder & Luvea

question: is Nicholas Wonder the same as Vitium? cuz the voice sounds exactly the same