Fake film: Out of the Dark.

Idris Elba, Sophie Turner & Peter Capaldi. requested by lyonsheart.

Supernatural Horror ►Liana (Sophie Turner) and her father, Christopher (Peter Capaldi), become the victims of a haunting. Convinced it is the spirit of her deceased mother, Liana persuades Christopher to call a paranormal investigator. Adrien (Idris Elba), an experienced but quick tempered P.I., takes on the case, only to discover a disturbing family secret.

Well, it’s a hard question because in our film, the film we did together, there were varying levels of experience, some actors had never been in a film before, and there were some actors that hadn’t, were a bit more experienced, so with the actors that hadn’t been, you know, done it before, he was very hands on, asking them for the truth. He speaks a lot about logic. Just because you’re on camera, he doesn’t want you to make up an expression or fake an emotion, he wants you to think bout it would actually be like to be in that position. With more experienced actors, me especially, he just allowed me to be me and go for it. He wants as much variation, so that when he goes into the edit room, he can do with it what he wants. He expects you as an actor to know what you want to do, and to know your words, know your world, I found him a dream to work with because I hardly noticed he was there, to be honest, and it just allowed me to really take over my character. He was an amazin’ director. He works really hard, he knows everything about filmmaking, and he expects his crew to do that too.
—  Idris Elba on Cary Fukunaga’s directing style in Beasts of no Nation