All my Disneybounds that i got to do on my Disney cruise and parks vacation back in July 2013! Thanks to my job at Delia*s  i got a nice discount and most of my outfits came from there, some also from Target and the accessories were from a bunch of places.  The BOWS are from Magical Ribbons.

Disneybounds: Pocahontas, Slave Jasmine, Jane Porter, Pirates of the Carribbean, Park Ariel, Little Town Belle, and Ellie from Up.

once upon a time theories
  • Wendy and the darling children have something to do with the anti magic organization
  • Neal isn’t dead: he lands in the Enchanted Forest, and that’s where Mulan and Aurora come into play in the finale (heard spoilers that they come back for the finale
  • Hook warns the town about the destruction of Storybrooke (that scene in the Charmings apartment) and he gets them out of town and on his ship (BTS photos)
  • Someone still has some magic beans and in the finale they travel to other worlds
  • Hook is going to be on the “good” side…hopefully
  • Peter Pan isn’t evil that’s just his mischievous shadow
  • Tamara is going to be the character that dies…or Greg. HOPEFULLY BOTH BECAUSE I HATE THEM AND THEIR STORYLINE IS SO RIDICULOUS
  • I just want Hook and Emma to be friends and have scenes together (MEANT TO BE- ABCs true love commercial featured them!) no hate
  • This is more of a hope rather than a theory but I hope they end up going back to the Enchanted Forest for season 3. How much more can they really do in Storybrooke?

My Beauty and the Beast nails in honor of it coming out in 3D!

My pinkies are the magic rose

my left ring finger is Belles Gold Dress

my middle left is BELLE! :) handpainted!

my left index is her blue dress

both thumbs are just a design from my stamp plates lol

my right ring finger is Beasts ballroom outfit

my right middle is Gaston ahaha complete with his chest hair ahaha

my right index is Chip!

I got my Pocahontus disneybound for vacation completed! This necklace MAKES it. The dress is a simple tan, strapless sun dress. I also got a red lacey dress for graduation that can double as “Slave jasmine”. 2 cruise disneybounds done, 2 to go! Also my Ellie is complete too so now I just need my Jane outfit. :)


All these pictures are of everything her and Jack were going to do together and she did them anyway BECAUSE SHE PROMISED HIM SHE WOULD.

but it makes me sad because its was supposed to be them together…


I am emotional…and Titanic is on and that is not a good combination.

My New Years Nails!

Pinkie- black base with multi colored, sparkley fireworks

Ring- Purple and blue Sparkles

Middle- Champagne base, with multicolored/some sparkley confetti

Index- Sparkley cheetah print, (gold sparkley base)

Thumb- Black base, the New Year 2012, with multicolored and gold sparkle confetti

If youd like to know the specifics of anything just send me a message!

Let's talk about my Disney Vacation

I am very fortunate enough that my family is able to be involved with Disney’s Vacation club.  I’ve been going to Disney since I was 3 years old, I grew up watching the movies (I still do obvs) and Disney Channel (HANNAH MONTANA, LIZZIE MCQUIRE AND RAVEN FOREVER), and have always been immersed in this world of dreams and magic. 

I didnt grow up with a lot of the friends and most of the friends i had as a kid, I no longer know.  But the ones that matter stuck around and they are the best friends i could ever ask for.  Disney helped me through a lot of things.  And I dont think I would be the person I am today, without it.

I will never understand why people attack it so much.

"You’re 20 years old, you’re too old for Disney!"

"Haven’t you been there a million times?"

"Whats so special about it?"

I don’t think i will ever understand it.  Disney is something that teaches people of all ages.  Its a place i can go and be happy and escape for a while, and interact with characters i looked up to as a child.  It makes me happy.

It makes me sad to think that some people just dont understand that.  And to think that they dont have something like that in their lives is very sad.

For them…

Anyway, this year has been crazy.  I graduated community college, got accepted into my top school, and have been dealing with a lot of family issues.  So many issues, that vacation almost didnt happen.  For some people its such a trivial thing.  But in my family, its the one time a year we are all together and we’ve done it my whole life.  After some bumps in the road, my mom and I decided to go ourselves.  We booked a 4 night disney cruise and a few days in the parks.

I was so excited.  We were able to pay for the cruise and our resort stay entirely in vacation points! AMAZING.

Now, when you’re in a small group, say 2 people, on the cruise you are put with other families at dinner.  I wasnt nervous about who we’d be sitting with, more curious than anything.  And it couldn’t have been better.

We were sat with 2 other moms and daughers.  One set from missouri and the other from Germany.

It turned out the mom and daughter from Germany were our stateroom neighbors! We talked on the balcony everyday, and spent the days together on the ship and beach on Castaway Cay.  We never even made plans, we just kept running into eachother!

They were the nicest people i’ve ever met.  Both just so happy and having fun every moment of every day.  After talking we found out that we both love the same shows (VAMPIRE DIARIES) and music (RON POPE- i’ve never met ANYONE else randomly like this who knows Ron Pope), and movies and such. 

We were meant to be friends!

We spent dinner laughing our asses off at everything, talking about the randomest things, and went to the movies together on the ship.  On our last morning when we had to say our goodbyes, we all started crying.  They would be going back to Germany that night, and my mom and I would still have a few more days of vacation but it wasnt the same.  We already talk on facebook like everyday, and plan on sending each other care packages.

Its crazy to think how some things work out, how you are just meant to meet certain people, and they change your life forever.  And you know in that moment of meeting and being around them that they came into your life for a reason.  And to think, if it wasn’t for Disney, we would never have met them.  I miss them so much and hope one day i can visit them in Germany.

So I guess what Im trying to say is, thank you Disney.  You have shaped my life and continue to do so.  Thank you for teaching me, and letting me dream and believe, and giving me the opportunity to escape and create, and to meet people from all corners of the world.  Without you, this trip, and this year…and I, would be completely different.

And even if some people just dont understand, it doesnt matter.  Because I do.  I know what Disney means to me and other people all around the world.  And that’s all that matters.