Ѧᵱᵱɭҽ} Yep this wasn’t at all normal. That was pretty obvious as the tall dark clothed man walked around Jisang’s apartment, looking over the place, as he wanted for him to return home.

Why was he there? Simple, he wanted to know what Rushifa was doing coming back here all the time. He knew he hadn’t gotten a contract with the person here so why did he visit so much? It made him curious and so he walked around awaiting Jisang’s return home so he could see just what it was that had caught his attention.


datelovesoden said:

"Oh I know what you name is Anko." Date then gave Ankh a confused look. "Yeah I am a friend oh Hino and somewhat yours. I’m Date Akira, the first Kamen Rider Birth? Do you forget that or eat to much Aisu?"

ⓜⓔⓓⓐⓛⓢ} "Kamen Rider.. Birth huh? Never heard of it." Ankh replied simply before raising an eyebrow. "I never eat too much, but seriously what the fuck are you talking about. I never met you before. You have to have the wrong guy." He looked up at the sky before cringing. "Dammit breaks take too long I want to get back to work.."


"…I guess if your Eiji’s friend I should.. be nicer. Sorry." Sighing a bit he did a tiny bow of his head. "Hi…"