"The Catalyst"

"Maybe if I had been born a boy, I wouldn’t have these days where I feel like my stomach has been cut off."

The prologue to the storybook (no title yet).  It’s certainly not the start of the story by any means, but as I lay in bed one night feeling distressed, this thought came into my head and it made me want to start this project.  First, I want to say that by no means is the text in the image a perfect reflection of my rational thoughts.  Anyone can be insecure—it’s not just girls—but in these moments of distress I feel that there are certain pressures on young women that are more aimed toward physical appearance and especially eating, pressures that are different from the appearance/eating pressures placed on young men, and that it is these pressures that I am familiar with and have affected me.

Second, I’m in part inspired by Khale McHurst (misspixnmix)’s comic IDNHAED.  But the way the story is presented and the story itself are very different from hers.  Anyway, I’ll probably be posting each page every few days or something like that.

One of these days, I’ll learn not to catch up on the archives of I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder in the middle of the night. That always seems to increase the likelihood of being triggered tenfold.