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Here coming at you with a rule breaking album mixing IDM Breakbeats, Synthpop, and the kitchen sink!

This emotional journey tries to take listeners through the realm of loneliness and hope in an overall uplifting way.

As musicians, we drive ourselves to find a way to stay in the fray, but at the same time not got so far as to isolate ourselves. We simply wish to open the minds of the listener, and test the boundaries of where we can go.

We hope you find us enjoyable.

Much love,

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Making Perennial (Panorama Excerpt).

the process of making the physical limited edition for the album “Perennial”, to be released on April 10th. the volume settings folder.


autechre / nth dafuseder.b

i must admit that, pound for pound, oversteps/move of ten is probably my favorite Ae generation.

1000 Followers, Thank You!!!

     Thanks for caring, thanks for following, whether you like my posts, reblogging my post especially if you’re taking time out of your day to actually read these reviews, super thanks to you. For the artist that send me awesome music thanks for sending in you’re stuff. Your music actually really inspires my writing so keeping sending them in(Most of you are ridiculously talented really!) Also, to my fellow bloggers/ biggest fans who’ve of late been really supporting my blog and responding to my opinion pieces and what not, it means a ton.  This blog is a complete passion project I started back in mid 2011 at 19 now 23 I’ve grown up and learned  a lot while keeping this blog updated. I love music so I figure I’d write about in hopes I may put someone on to a artist they don’t know or just possibly spark a thoughtful conversation.  The fact that a thousand people over the years saw my blog and decided to follow is pretty amazing.

    So far I’m working on more reviews, more interviews and think pieces. Also considering  starting a podcast or some sort of google hangout type thing to talk about music there too maybe like once a week or so. I don’t have a partner yet so there’s that. So yeah I’m looking to keep improving and enjoying the music.

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By: Patrick Griffin II


A drummer demonstrating the decency of the beats on various IDM tracks.

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