I know that (with good reason) a lot of fic writers/fan artists don’t like unsolicited crits of their work, because for them this is stress relief or they aren’t really looking for someone to come breathe all over the thing they just slaved over 

And that’s very cool and understandable and I’m like that with a few of the things I write (Two Weeks comes to mind, that thing is such a train wreck I don’t give a shit about it)

but generally speaking if you read one of my fics or original stories and notice an internal inconsistency or a typo or even just a phrase that you think reads weird, or you are confused, or you want to submit a crit or you just want to ask a question, PLEASE FEEL FREE I LOVE THAT SHIT 

if your crit happens to be for a story I don’t really care to improve on then I’ll politely just tell you thanks, but I’m not looking to polish that fic right now

I’m rude about a lot of things (like people being rude to me, or memes in my inbox, or ten people in a row submitting their unsolicited headcanons and ship names and aus and asking me my opinion on OOC rwby shenanigans like omg what if Blake KILLED ZWEI)

but constructive crit is not one of these things

marina and the diamonds songs for the signs

aries - radioactive
taurus - how to be a heartbreaker
gemini - power and control
cancer - valley of the dolls
leo - primadonna
virgo - obsessions
libra - e.v.o.l
scorpio - fear and loathing
sagittaurius - home wrecker
capricorn - oh no !
aquarius - im not a robot
pisces - teen idle

When will people learn that twitter isn’t the way to change someone’s views on things? It’s a very limited medium, and words are just that, words. They pale in comparison to sitting someone down and explaining what you think your issues and gripes are with a show or pairing. They pale in comparison to pointing out actual things that still happen in the real world as we speak and how OUAT writes in those exact same problematic storylines without a clue in the world.

Actors aren’t going to speak out against the people who provide them work. And often enough the people behind the show are very closed-off to criticism on their work. (Plus these are two white privileged men running the show)

Until a popular media outlet with decent reach picks up on the issues in a show, no amount of shouting or pushing is going to do anything but paint the very same fandom that already struggles with so many issues, in a bad light because of it.

A little musing from the mun - Would love your thoughts and maybe feedback here! <: )

I love Azir, I love his theme, his lore, his design, most everything about him (save for the lack of consistency in places…)

What I don’t love though, is his current state in game. Now I will happily admit I am not the greatest player ever, I make crap ton’s of mistakes and some champs are just not easy for me to pick up.

But i’ve been trying to play him like crazy lately so I could learn this rather difficult champion.

And what have I learnt in that time? That he isn’t that good, at least, not in my opinion. He can zone people sure, but, trying to actually kill anyone in lane is rather difficult, his abilities are good for whittling your opponent down but never finishing them off.

Late game his damage is good, but early to mid it’s just, too hard to actually have a chance at even reaching his late game potential. His early attack speed is so slow, so so VERY slow, it makes trying to last hit a nightmare let alone actually harass your enemy.

I’m not alone in this belief, I’ve a friend who I play with very regularly in my 5-man ranked team (our team name = “Nicolas cage”, because why not.) who is in master 1, so it’s safe to say he’s a damn good player.

What was his verdict of Azir? Same as mine, that Azir just isn’t that good, and has issues that need solving.

Not to mention all the actual Pro’s that have played him and also thought that he kinda sucked.

So eh, love the character, hate the champ, xD

Edit: there’s a lot more to Azir that I could ramble about, but, I don’t want this post to be THAT long.

Though I don’t always like to admit it, and I don’t believe it to be 100% true, my life becomes easier when I belive in a karmic system of luck. 

Good luck, and bad luck, it all evens out.

So I’m just due for a really good month soon.