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!!! Christy, do you think we can do another RPer day kinda thing sometime this weekend? I said "kinda thing", bc I think it'd be hilarious if some of you guys asked each other stuff too which can be simple but more extreme too (such as, tape yourself/record your voice saying something or idk things like that) if you want? :P Or actually whenever you want/can?

Absolutely! This weekend should be fine. Now that I’m done with most of my schoolwork (I don’t graduate until June 18th but once June starts everyone just kinda gives up) and now that prom is done (my boyfriend and I had a lovely time at prom last night, and if we have an RPer day y’all can ask me all about that :P) my life will pretty much consist of Tumblr and Netflix. So yeah, if this weekend works for everyone else, then we’ll have another RPer day.

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what is your name? megan

when’s your birthday? april 22

zodiac: taurus

nickname? meg

where are you from? usa / louisiana

have a crush? yesss

favourite anime: uh it changes a lot tbh i’m gonna say dragon ball tho

what’s your favourite colour(s)? blue atm


got a favourite band or artist? rn it’s sleeping at last 

favourite quote:  i literally can’t think of one at all rn sorry

favourite season: spring

favourite drink: cherry coke

favourite number: UH. 5? idk

movies i’m waiting for: inside out

tag 8 people: ummm be-y, arisweetiiee, deisaku,  she-jo, protectalois2k15, and anyone else who wants to do this??? literally if u see this feel free to say i tagged u. i cant think of 8 ppl who i talk to and who havent been tagged already. 


H A P P Y  belated  B I R T H D A Y , whitewitchnamine ! ! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

i was too lazy and uninspired to draw anything for like… 2 weeks?? ? idk why but i had to fight it off and start drawing b4 i get any more late with ur birf so have three drawings, bby!!! dont ask me whats going on in the middle i hope you like it <3 click at the pics for silly captions

+ also im p sure that solon thinks its valentine’s day rip that nerd

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I'm a 22 year old virgin. That's it, that's the joke.

awwww baby that’s okay!! that’s nothing to be ashamed of! honestly i wish i had waited for my first time. my first time was really rushed and idk, it wasn’t what i wanted it to be, y’know? you have the power to create your first time the way you want it though, i’m so jealous

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I don't understand. Why do black people say white people don't season their food?

Here’s a little story of the first time I experienced white cooking.
In 7th grade I had this white neighbor Shannon who was cool af to hang out with when she wasn’t threatening to kill her parents for walking into her room without knocking first.
Anyways, one day Shannon invited me to have dinner at her house because they were having spaghetti. I could have sworn she had pasta for 2 months straight (idk what it is with white people and pasta but they eat that shit faithfully). I asked my parents if I could have dinner and Shannon’s house and they just started busting out laughing and my dad was like, “what are y'all gon eat? fresh grass with a hint of lemon for flavor?“And they just started laughing again. Now at this point I’m confused so I just give them the wtf are you talking about look and took that as a yes(I haven’t forgiven them to this day for that shit and not warning me).
Fast forward to the dinner, I sit at the table and I kid you not the spaghetti was half cooked with a dab of what looked like freshly squeezed tomato paste as the sauce. Now I’m confused af because Shannon, her three siblings and dad are eating this shit with pure joy. I take a bite of the spaghetti and all I taste is uncooked disappointment with a dash of failure. I was pissed but I had no way out I had to do it for Lil Saint.
Shannon was like, "oh mom this is delicious, is this a new recipe?”
Her mom happy af that someone noticed was like, “yes honey I decided to try something new from the cookbook so I added a pinch of salt to the spaghetti. And I decided to cook it only halfway so it could contain it’s original flavor and crunch.”
In my head I’m like, “YOOOO WHAT THE HELL, there are so many things wrong with this. Crunch and flavor? What type of shit…it’s spaghetti not baked chicken (which she didn’t even have the decency of making to fucking balance out the meal with protein) and a pinch of salt? Bitch you made spaghetti for 7 people and all you added was a pinch of salt? (Someone tell me what’s up with white people cookbooks and this pinch of salt shit. They could be making a platter for a party of people and they would still just "sprinkle a pinch of salt"😒)
White people went around stealing all these herbs and spices from different countries but couldn’t even have the decency to learn how to use them properly😒
White parents so quick to call a black parent whooping their child for misbehaving abuse when the real abuse is them feeding their children that bland ass shit they call food.

if i were to be a person who had a majority white friends

i could never be the only black friend.there would at least have to be one other black person so that when the white folk act a fool, i could look at them with that face that says “white people are crazy”

first you hear some thing like 

“what are wash cloths?”

“why can’t people just understand that there’s only one race. the human race!”

“my hair is in such an afro today”

and then you both like

to each other. 

idk how y’all cope with being the only black friend. because i could not.


Hey all so idk if you’ve clued in from the past couple weeks of NO ARTS and NO STREAMS but my computer had a little dance with death. A DANSE MACABRE. A SWING WITH SATAN. IT IS ON THE MEND the poor thing, but yeah I’ve been mobile-only.

For y'all who’ve used mobile Tumblr ever, you know the pain I’m currently in. That’s why I haven’t been posting much.

FORTUNATELY, Instagram and Twitter are way less painful on mobile by comparison. If you’re SUFFERING FROM THE LACK OF OX IN YA LIFE, I’m bisonfisticuffs on Twitter, and oxboxer on Instagram.

AS FOR STREAMS: as you know tomorrow is Thursday, my usual stream day. I’m gonna TRY to get something up and running then but I can’t make promises. Watch this space, or like, the other spaces I just told you about.

I MISS Y'ALL! And almost more than that, I miss being able to read tags. Send help and beer. ;-;


So i did a thing and idk how well it’s written or if it makes any sense bc it’s 3am but yeah

#6 I hate you and #7 i love you


(Y/N) stepped out of the bar, her eyes darting up and down the street like she was looking for someone and Pietro had a feeling he knew whom. It made him nervous with anticipation but, at the same time, he found he didn’t care all that much. He’d been reckless that night and now she was aware of his presence in her life. She was never meant to find out, not this way. And yet, somehow, he was relieved because hiding from her was getting harder and harder to manage, especially when she was out on her own in the middle of the night oblivious to the wandering eyes of slimy men. His eyes darted around the dark street as he subconsciously clenched and unclenched his right fist, slinking deeper into his hidden alcove in the alley across the road.

He watched the wide eyed girl drop her head down in disappointment before she quickly rushed past the group of intoxicated men outside the bar. It was clear from her quick, precise steps that she was trying to avoid drawing any attention to herself. It was no use though, because as her heels quietly clacked against the pavement, all eyes were instantly drawn to her.

(Y/N) could feel their calculating gazes and wrapped her arms around herself. She lowered her head further to allow her hair to fall in front of her face like a curtain, creating a false sense of security from their prying eyes and quickened her pace silently; all the while praying to get home safe. She knew this had been a bad idea the moment she’d left the house so late and on her own…and yet she had to know. She had to know if he was real. She had to know if he was back.

“Hey hot stuff.” One of the men called out his eyes eagerly trailing up the (Y/N)’s stocking clad legs. She held back a shiver, glaring over at the man.

Pietro’s fingers tightened on the phone he was gripping in his right hand as his spine stiffened with the urge to blind the man – which suddenly seemed rather appealing.

“Where are you off to, baby? Come have a drink with us,” one of his friends grinned suggestively, and this time Pietro didn’t hold back the growl that slipped past his lips as the guy took an exaggerated step towards (Y/N), his (Y/N).

“Yeah we’ll keep you safe.” Another one spoke, the tone of his voice completely contradicting his words.

Pietro’s normally pretty blue eyes were now dilated with rage, seeming to be pitch back in colour and his vision became hazy over the tone these men were using. He knew that with one more disrespecting word out of their mouths, he would snap. He was almost hoping they’d say something so he could have the satisfaction of pummeling into their faces, the thought of the crunch of their bones snapping bringing a sadistic smile to his face.  

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"Why no, I didn't."

A/N: So I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now, and idk I just felt the need to let it free, so please enjoy

Warnings: Cursing, disability?


It had been a few weeks since the battle of Ultron, and much to the relief of everyone in the tower things had been rather quiet on the super villain front. Of course it was still Avengers Tower and with 12 superheroes under one roof things were bound to get loud.

However, Y/N could handle loud noises. In fact she welcomed them. Since she lost her vision at a young age she relied on sound rather than sight to clue her in on the world around her. But there was one particular sound that was beginning to get on her last nerve.

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” She heard her boyfriend tease her best friend from a few rooms over.

That. That phrase was starting to become the bane of Y/N’s existence. And while she respected that it was Pietro’s “catchphrase” of sorts- it still left an ache in her chest every time she heard it.

Clint was a different story, he just laughed it off and said something along the lines of, “One day I will see it coming and when I do you’ll be in a world of hurt.”

Y/N had a special connection with Clint. Not only did he convince S.H.I.E.L.D. to give her a shot despite her physical limitations, but he also trained her himself. They had gone on almost every mission together and were almost as close as Clint was with Natasha. They would joke that he was her eyes while she was his ears. So when Y/N wasn’t there to protect Clint in the battle against Ultron she was forever indebted to one Pietro Maximoff for saving her best friend and seeing eye companion. Though Pietro swears the debt was repaid the second she agreed to their first date. And every date after that was him being indebted to her.

Which is why she never said anything about that damn phrase. It made Pietro happy. While she could never actually see the smile on his face Y/N could hear the happy smirk in his voice whenever he got to say it. So she suffered in silence as day-in and day-out her Sokovian boyfriend sassed the rest of the Avengers on their “poor eyesight”.

Y/N was shocked out of her thoughts as a pair of lips pressed softly to her cheek. She had let out a small squeal of surprise which caused a booming laugh to erupt from her two favorite guys in the whole world. The longer they laughed the more upset Y/N got. It wasn’t her fault they came in when she was zoned out and it’s not like she had Clint to tell her who came in!

“Printsessa?” Pietro managed to get out between chuckles, “You did not see that coming?” The room became silent immediately as Pietro realized what he had said. “Wait! Y/N I did not-”

“Why no, I didn’t see that coming.” Honestly it wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been for the fact that he had tried to apologize. Sure he thought he was doing the right thing, but Y/N wanted to feel like everyone else. She was sick of being handled with kid gloves. “You know why Pietro?! Because I’m fucking blind! I’m so damn sick of your fucking catchphrase! And honestly I’m mostly sick because you never say it to me! Yeah it wouldn’t be totally PC but damn am I so freakishly different that you have to censor yourself around me?”

Her rant over, Y/N stormed from the room hoping she didn’t run into anything. Thankfully she got to her and Pietro’s shared bedroom without incident and flopped onto the bed sobbing. Ok so maybe she was overreacting, but damn she was an Avenger and being the only one left out of an inside joke kind of hurt.

A soft knock came on the door a few minutes later. Y/N had since stopped crying and was simply laying on the bed trying to keep her breaths steady.

“Printsessa?” Pietro’s soft voice sounded guilty and heartbroken.


“May I come in?”

“Well yeah,” Y/N answered a small smile tugging at her lips. Man her boyfriend was such a dork sometimes.

In a flash Pietro was sitting beside Y/N, his hang ghosting up and down her back in soothing patterns. “I am truly sorry printsessa. I never meant to make you feel left out and I would understand if you wanted to call things off and-”

“Pietro you goofball,” Y/N snorted, sitting up to face the speedster. “I would never want to end things with you. And I accept your apology. Just stop trying to act different around me ok? I love you for all that you are, stupid catchphrase and all.”

Y/N reached out and wrapped her arms around Pietro’s shoulders as he sat there stiff. “Did you-? Wait. You-? You love me?”

Y/N pulled back with a giggle. “What? You didn’t see that coming?”


Wow that was bad haha! I’ll also take requests if anyone wants something?

figured i’d translate the cheeky nandos meme for anyone living in the american south.

alright so like it’s friday night and you’re chilling with your bros and it’s great life is great you’ve got your cargo shorts and button up on but you’re a little hungry cause like all you’ve had in the past two hours was a protein shake or some shit like that. so you’re like “y’all let’s go down to taco bell for some food i’m starving.” but your friend stacy who’s dating cooter is all like “naw i ain’t about that diarrhea life” so your friend ben (ben’s the shiz man he’s legit) is all like “dudez let’s go to cook out” and all y’all are like “FUCK YES BEN I LOVE YOU NO HOMO” so you jump into cooter’s pimped out truck cause it’s dope and head to the local cook out where you order a tray with two sides and a large sweet tea and you hang with your squad until you go home so your mom can run your camouflage #SWAG snapback through the washing machine before you go hunting tomorrow with the bros for another dope-ass day.

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Y'all speak on how Kerry and tony are having this world wind love affair or should I say aka terry. Doesn't look like tony is into Kerry down in Columbia. There is no terry and this just proves tony doesn't give to shits about Kerry


lmao wait i had to come back to this, you’re in the wrong inbox babe. i hardly ever speculate about Terry, I just think they have amazing chemistry on screen and off, are great *wink* friends and idk they’re cute as fuck! i don’t go to great lengths to try to figure out if they’re on a “world wind love affair,” or not, so by saying “y’all”.. you’re grouping me into a category and i’m not the one for generalizations. so again i say, you’re in the wrong inbox.

anyway… you’re trying to come for Terries just because Tony is taking photos with women in Colombia? Is he on a leash? Is he not supposed to? Because he takes photos with women who are fans that means that he doesn’t give a shit about Kerry?

please explain your logic and how you came to that conclusion. my first angry anon, I’m flattered x

A Little Too Much (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Nate and Y/N had an argument, Y/N hates arguments so she’ll get quiet when he’ll be still yelling and after while he’ll notice she’s not screaming and get the signal he did something wrong and he’ll try his best to calm her down and apologize like 1oo times and yeah.. Idk, just idea (MASTERLIST)

“You don’t fucking get it!” He screamed in my face.

Not one of these again… Nate and I have been fighting for over an hour now. But it seemed like an eternity to me. “What the hell is there to understand, Nate? I have a life besides you!” I yelled back, trying to hold in the tears. I hated when people yelled at me. Especially when people I genuinely love yelled at me.

“You’re saying I don’t?!” He raised his brows.

“No, I’m not-”

“Then why the hell did you say that?!” I gave up. This was tiring me and I had enough of screaming and yelling at hm. “You seriously think I’m ‘obsessed’ with you? Let me tell you, the reason I’m angry is because I can’t even fucking remember the last time we spend actual quality time together! And what did we even do?! I think we had some kind of lunch and then you fucking bailed on me again! You really think I enjoy that?! Don’t you have any feelings?” I bit the inside of my mouth and stared at the ground. “You’re so fucking pathetic. If you don’t want to be with me, all you have to do is just fucking say it. I don’t get why I got with you in the first place.” I lost my shit at that. But I stopped myself from yelling at him.

Instead I just ignored it and stared at the ground again. I harshly swallowed my tears. There was an awkward silence. I heard Nate’s heavy breathing and that was the only thing I really heard. “W-Why aren’t you yelling at me?” It was rather a demand for me to yell at him than a question. “(Y/N).” I said nothing and continued to focus on the ground again. I heard shuffling and saw Nate standing across me. This time a lot closer.

I couldn’t do this anymore. Slowly but surely I blinked the tears out of my eyes.

“You’re so fucking pathetic.” “I don’t get why I got with you in the first place.”

“(Y/N)?” Nate touched my cheek and wiped the tears away. “I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just got caught in the moment.” I harshly swallowed, refusing to look at Nate. “I swear. I-I’m just so fucking stressed and I shouldn’t be attacking you with my frustration.”

“You can also talk to me instead of yelling at me.” I softly said. I felt so damn weak. I hated it.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry, baby. But please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this.” He gently pulled me into his chest. Oh, hello tears. God, this is why I don’t want to get comforted. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“Stop saying sorry. It’s okay.” I weakly smiled. He returned a smile. I couldn’t stay mad at this cutie.

| I really liked the idea, thanks anon! (God I cri at A Little Too Much)

In my mind
  • She asked me:"Steve, where do you go when you do that?"
  • I asked:"... What?"
  • She said:"Where do you go when you stare, when you look like that?"
  • I said:"into my head; away from it all"
  • She asked me:"... so that's how you escape then?"
  • I told her:"Actually... I'm trapped!"