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Cathartic realization while doing a re-watch of The X-files season 1 for the first time since it originally aired during my pre-teen years - icon Dana Scully had a hell of a time finding engaging men to date. 

Overcommitted with a specialized set of interests, what’s a lady to do? 

While reflecting on this question…a very exciting parallel popped into my head - Peggy Carter (another of my favorite fictional icons) has to deal with the same relational challenge! 

You know what neither of these women do? Question their value based on the challenge of finding someone compatible or interested in them/their lives. They continue living and pursuing what is interesting and challenges them personally/professionally. Ladies have more important things to do than sit around trying to pick through the “whys” of it being hard to find a partner.

I find that empowering. It’s absolutely not something I would have appreciated about Scully as a pre-teen. It’s something I haven’t overtly appreciated about Carter as an adult, but I can see now that it’s an underlying part of why I respect her character so much. They are simply themselves - driven, committed, and diligent. 

Japanese Rude/Swear Words & Insults

ぶす (busu) - ugly
でぶ  (debu)  - fatty
貴様 (kisama)  - rude way of saying ‘you’
てめえ(temee) - another rude way of saying ‘you’

あま  (ama)  - bitch
やりまん (yariman) - slut
ばいた (baida) - whore
馬鹿  (baka)  - idiot
くそがき (kusogaki)  - unpleasant brat
嘘つき (usotsuki) - liar
弱虫 (yowamushi) - coward

うるさい (urusai) - shut up
うぜんだよ (uzendayo) - fuck off
死ね (shine) - die!

どけ (doke) - get out of the way
あほか (aho ka) - are you an idiot?
だまれこのやろう (damare konoyarou)  - shut up you bastard!
地獄へいけ (jigoku he ike) - go to hell
くそくらえ (kusokurae)  - eat shit
ふざけるな (fuzakeruna) - don’t mess with me