that-was-pretty-fuckin-ninja tagged me in some 20 beautiful ppl thing?? so i whipped these out of my convenient selfie-filled phone ! 

i tag galpaling (sry i tag you in everything today but the world needs more of your face) toughlittlelady drtsonis passionatefor314 idk who else?? if you want to fill my dash with your lovely faces please do but if you don’t want to i feel u

Lmao since I had to remake my account thrice
I’m looking for blogs to follow because my dash is dead
So like/Reblog if you post
The man who fell to earth
Led zepplin
David Bowie in general
The Beatles
The smiths
Velvet underground
The cramps
American horror story
Lana del Rey Marina and the diamonds Idk what else oops

prettypurpleflower asked:

Reesie, I have not seen you talking enough about Eddie and Thallen on my dash lately. Imagine that, poor Eddie got kidnapped by his tantrum throwing grandson right after he proposed to Barry, so heartbreaking. But who is really surprised about that proposal? Just last week they were so into each other that they couldn't sit on a couch together in front of an old lady because if their thighs touched one second longer they couldn't have guaranteed anything. (That's totally what happened isn't it?)

Omg I just saw this!!!! And um yeah that’s exactly what happened?? Like idk what anyone else was seeing tbh.

Honestly it didn’t even occur to me how hilarious that proposal scene was until the second time a watched it (i was legit too distracted with how fucking huge that rock was), but seeing it in gifsets I’m just?? They’re engaged??? Obviously??

Gotta love it.

anonymous asked:

wonderful. What happened THIS time?

I dont see anyhting on my dash yet so idk

probably someone else being a fucking dumbass as per usual

i wish we could vote people out of the community who start the same shit over and over again

but tumblr doesnt give us that power platform

anonymous asked:

can u recommend some olicity blogs for me to follow? my dash needs more olicity in it and idk who else to really follow cus im kinda new to the fandom

Sure!! First and foremost, olicitersunited

and then my follow forever WHICH IS OLD btw (ngl there are some people in it that I dont follow anymore) and not all of them olicity shippers either so I recommend checking out their blogs to decide whether or not you want to follow them :)

but here it is (x)

this morning when i was waking up i had the covers pulled over my head and i was feeling like i couldnt breathe and i needed to pull the covers away but i couldnt move and im not sure how long this lasted but i was frozen and felt like i was suffocating and for a few moments there in the haze of having just woken up i felt like there was a real possibility i was gonna die. idk if it was like some kinda sleep paralysis or what but its never happened to me before

i thought about this right now because, oddly enough, someone else on my dash just made a post about an extremely similiar experience this morning, who had also never had that happen to them before

There is a lovely gifset going around of Cas stealing an angel’s grace… but it shows a close up of him slitting a throat, and the whole thing is very bloody, and no one is tagging it… I’ve seen it three times in the last 5 mins on my dash. Please guys… if not for me, then for someone else who is too shy to ask - tag that kind of thing.